January Monthly Special 2022

Celona – Providing State-of-the-Art 5G LAN Solution That Meets the Connectivity Needs of Edge-Compute Powered Apps


5G LAN (Local Area Network) is one of the most promising technologies in Edge-Compute Powered Apps. It is able to address the three types of needs of enterprise network communication: convenient management, flexible interoperability, and reliable communication. The 5G LAN technology is used to build an enterprise cloud office network for enterprise customers. As enterprises do not need to build a network, it can save network construction and maintenance costs for the campus. The network can also establish an end-to-end tunnel from the wireless to the core network, to the enterprise cloud.

Celona, the enterprise 5G company, is primarily focused on enabling new generation of AI-powered business critical apps in the enterprise and helping organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey. Taking advantage of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum, Celona’s solution architecture is designed to simplify and automate deployment of cellular wireless technology by enterprise IT organizations and managed service providers. The company was born with the idea that a combination of 5G radio technology, edge computing and machine learning software will fundamentally change how organizations work and do business. Its founding team members have been part of companies like Qualcomm, Aruba, and Cisco and have built products spanning technologies from chipsets to systems to cloud based software.

Leveraging Best-in-Class 5G LAN Solutions and Services

Celona MicroSlicing™: Unprecedented integration of cellular wireless with existing enterprise IT infrastructures. Powered by Celona MicroSlicing™, the first enterprise-ready implementation of 5G Network Slicing principles. All resources within Celona's network operating system are built as microservices, designed to scale horizontally with evolving application requirements. Network configuration changes and resource management on cellular wireless are automated to guarantee app service levels such as max latency and min throughput. It offers private LTE access points, SIM cards with 5G ready mobile core, SAS license for CBRS spectrum usage, AIOps platform for KPI centric monitoring and network automation. MicroSlicing metrics keep track of application specific SLAs across the network and all devices.

Celona Assistant: An assistant powered by AI that gives you the insights you need and automates the rest. It is an essential ingredient for a Celona 5G LAN and first of its kind for private mobile networks. Design recommendations for 5G LAN dimensioning based on capacity requirements and changing device densities. Enforcement for each MicroSlicing policy in a Celona 5G LAN, based on real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for app quality.

Celona Orchestrator: Hosting the Celona Assistant, Orchestrator goes beyond traditional network operations. It's the fastest way to manage a fully functional private mobile network. Orchestrator enables automated provisioning of Celona SIM cards, Celona Access Points and Celona Edge software on enterprise premises. It is the first time plug-n-play meets cellular wireless. Activation of Celona SIM cards and client device specific rules for enterprise network access are managed via the Orchestrator. There is no need for a separate identity management system. In just a few clicks using the Orchestrator, you can tie together SLA requirements for enterprise apps to different network segments. Rest is up to the Celona platform to automate policy enforcement.

Celona Edge: As an extension of the Celona Platform, Celona Edge terminates data and control plane traffic from the Celona Access Points. It acts as the LTE/5G mobile core for wireless clients, with each of its functions enabled as horizontally scaleable microservices. One can estimate the number of access points in 5G LAN given a facility type, address and size, active client device density and application performance requirements. It is enabling the highest levels of predictable performance and range ever seen in enterprise wireless, they come integrated with private spectrum access and Celona's self-organizing RF intelligence to maximize network capacity, indoors and outdoors.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Rajeev Shah is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Celona. He brings nearly two decades of product management/marketing experience in enterprise Wi-Fi and service provider markets. Before founding Celona, Rajeev was the VP of product management and marketing for Federated Wireless – a leader in the shared spectrum/CBRS space. In this role, Rajeev launched the industry’s first and leading Spectrum Access System, enabled the CBRS ecosystem while negotiating multiple major Tier 1 operator contracts. Prior to Federated, Rajeev held multiple product management leadership positions at Aruba Networks, including creating its Cloud Wi-Fi business. He holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

“We have turned our vision into reality with an end-to-end 5G LAN solutions that meets the connectivity needs of AI and edge-compute powered apps in the enterprise. They are ultimately the heroes of our story.”