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Delivering transformative talent intelligence solutions to effortlessly improve how organizations hire, grow and develop talent: Censia


Unleash your organization’s potential through transformative talent. Censia’s powerful, AI plug-in solution helps you quickly (and accurately) find, engage and develop the talent you most need. Find the kind of leaders you’ve only dreamed of. Not in months or weeks…but in minutes. Effortlessly build the world-class teams that will drive your organization forward. Instantly access the insights you need to develop your people and fulfill your mission. Censia + Your ATS: Censia is a plug-and-play solution that can be used on its own or quickly integrated into your ATS. It does not require extensive onboarding or training.

Ranked Candidate Slate: Active and Passive talent is instantly ranked for best fit, and can be quickly easily filtered by location, seniority, and other relevant factors. The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform™ provides comprehensive, unparalleled talent profiles, delivered seamlessly through a powerful, yet lightweight solution. Censia’s technology enables you to find, engage, and develop a workforce that will carry your mission forward and unlock opportunities you’ve only dreamed of.

How It Works

The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform(™) leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to aggregate and contextualize billions of data points to enable a data-driven approach to people decisions, powering the future of human resources. Censia works with trusted data source partners to collect a vast amount of public data on people, companies, and industries from more than 2,000 data sources – professional networks, resume database, alumni associations, firmographic databases and more. Censia employs machine learning and system intelligence to analyze and understand these richly-detailed professional profiles, contextualizing the talent landscape and enabling more effective sourcing and engagement.

Once collected, Censia organizes, normalizes, deduplicates and maps thousands of factors to create what it calls the Censia Golden Record. This Golden Record provides a 360-degree talent view of an individual. These insights and intelligence can be accessed through Censia’s robust, highly secure API or SaaS applications, or integrated with leading ATS solutions. Censia aggregates a wide array of public and private information sources, organizing and then anonymizing the information into a secure, proprietary database. Censia is committed to data privacy and security and is GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, enhances OFCCP and EEO compliance, and is ISO 27001 certified.

Executive Intelligence

Good leadership is the difference-maker. It fosters healthy culture, delivers results, encourages innovation and unlocks net new opportunity. At Censia, the team rejects the assertion that it should take months of painful, expensive search to find great leaders. They combine Censia’s powerful AI talent intelligence with world-class executive recruiting expertise to dramatically improve organizational efficiency and quality of recruiting so that their clients hire the best executive leadership in the world. Powered by one of the largest professional data platforms globally, Censia Executive Intelligence is where search and science meet.

Censia’s Executive Intelligence team can support clients as they access its solutions directly, or the technology can easily be deployed in house for use by internal talent teams and leading executive search firms.‚Äč The result is the same, every time: the best candidate shortlist, without demographic, sector or geographic bias. And because Censia’s technology delivers a more comprehensive fit profile, search personnel can more easily convey to a candidate why they are a perfect fit for a given role. Welcome to the modern era of AI-driven executive search.

Talent Acquisition

Organizations need great people. Great people expect great opportunity, culture and support. And great people may not necessarily be who or where you think they ought to be. The war for talent has never been more challenging to understand and manage effectively. To compete, organizations need a far more sophisticated and capable talent intelligence capability.

Censia expands, organizes and then streamlines the talent field, enabling any hiring manager to quickly and easily discover the right people for the mission, uncovering incredible, relevant talent that simply won’t surface in a word search. Censia’s AI technology is extremely capable and nuanced, but it was built with flexibility and usability in mind. Organizations of any size, mission, sector and geography can utilize Censia’s talent acquisition solutions right now. It seamlessly integrates into any HCM system, and can be leveraged via API or directly through Censia. The company knows there’s more to closing top talent than just better, faster identification. Results are delivered with critical context and supporting data, making engagement with short-listed candidates more personal, more targeted and more compelling.

Meet the leader behind the success of Censia

Joanna Riley, Co-Founder and CEO is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, thought leader on the future of work, and a strong supporter of women in technology and female-led startups. Her mission at Censia is to unlock the full potential of the global workforce by giving companies access to sophisticated and ethical system intelligence and the most comprehensive and actionable people data available. Joanna has been named to the Forbes Next 1000 list, received a 2021 Silver Stevie® Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and was awarded the Most Powerful and Influential Women Award by the California Diversity Council. Joanna currently sits on the Board of Directors for Young Presidents Organization (SF Bay Chapter) and is an active angel investor in early stage companies. She sits on the Advisory Boards of CerraCap Ventures, Veterati, Perksy, DroneShield Ltd, and is a mentor at Singularity University and Founder. Joanna has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, NYSE, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and more.

“When we built Censia’s AI technology, we knew it had to be the absolute best at making sense of an organization’s talent landscape.”