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Chalice Network: Where the Strength of We Empowers a Network of Me


When you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, chances are that you have the ideas and perhaps, you also have the resources to establish and run a business. But businesses sometimes need solutions and a support system that can empower them to become truly resurgent and grow. Chalice Network is one such community that is dedicated to the unique challenges that are faced by the wealth advisors and entrepreneurs. Created by industry veterans who understand the needs of today’s independent business owners, Chalice Network is bringing immediate value to a number of businesses.

“Our goals and intentions are to provide our members who are SMBs with economies of scale, operational efficiency, and enhanced enterprise value that are rarely achieved on their own,” says Keith Gregg, Founder and CEO of Chalice Network. He founded the organization with the promise to deliver solutions by leveraging the buying power of Chalice Network’s 54,000 members who get the best discounted pricing on much needed products and services to run their businesses in a better way and best serve their clients. “Having spent 3+ decades in the Financial Services Industry and watching the trends towards independence and the liberation of the employee to entrepreneur due to advancing technology and personal experience; I wanted to create the go-to web-based membership platform that aggregates and integrates everything a SMB needs to run their business,” reflects Keith.

The organization’s members have access to the Chalice Advisor Exchange™, a digital marketplace that aggregates and integrates technology and tools through an SSO FinTech platform. Chalice Network’ platform doesn’t just deliver great discounts and savings to its members but it gives them about 3-4 hours of the day back by providing them with a one-stop shop access and SSO accessibilities. “The name Chalice – represents the Holy Grail for SMBs,” says the CEO.

It helps the business owners find the consumers where they naturally are by helping them take a multi- or omni-channel approach in marketing through its digital marketplace. “As the number of channels continues to rise, the need to embrace multichannel marketing will become not only a good idea, but a critical one. With this approach, it is all about the choice of the consumer and effectively meeting them where they are naturally,” says Melea Guilbault, EVP and COO of Chalice Network.

Chalice Network enables continuous innovation to streamline the operations of a business/organization to make them flawless. It helps patch the internal inefficiencies of businesses too. “We are perpetually doing this day to day by auditing every function, consolidating technology and implementing systematic, repeatable, measurable processes,” says Melea.

Experience, Expertise and Support

When you start a business you are required to make a lot of business choices and decisions around products, services, technology, and tools. While people who begin a business usually have ton of employee experience, they lack experience as business owners and operators. Who can they turn to for experience, expertise, and support has been a real challenge until Chalice came into the picture. The leadership at Chalice Network has over 100 years of combined experience and provides the guidance that new business owners need to succeed.

The organization fully vets and does its due diligence on every vendor, supplier, and product providers. Whether its choosing a CRM, website designers, finance and accounting packages, HR, IT, payroll, and health insurance – Chalice negotiates the best possible prices and secure SLAs (service level agreements) on behalf of its members. “Far too often too many decisions create indecision, and wrong decisions cost you money. We find the best of breed products and services and deliver them to our members and provide white glove service and support to our members,” stated Keith.


Looking ahead, Chalice Network continues to remain focused on delivering the best solutions to empower its members. It is also looking to release a new tool, ChalicePay, for subscriptions-based compensation soon. “ChalicePay will bring increased revenue to small business owners via subscription-based compensation. A business owner can become more appealing to next-gen clients while also becoming more profitable,” says Tim Horton, CTO of Chalice Network. ChalicePay will be released in early Q4 2020.


The Leader Upfront

Keith Gregg, Founder and CEO: He has over three decades of experience in executive leadership and financial services. Prior to founding Chalice Network, he was the founder and CEO of Innovation Equity Partners. He has also been the CEO of Capital Guardian Securities and First Allied Securities. He has also served as a Senior Executive for Wachovia Securities, GE Capital, and Prudential Investments.

He was the founder and Chairman of the Wealth Advisor Institute, past President of the Institute of Investment Management Consultants Association Chapters, and Chairman of the Membership Committee for the Investment Management Consulting Association.

He is also the author of “Do Well by Doing Good: The Complete Guide to Charitable Remainder Trusts” and is a certified planned giving specialist. He holds FINRA Series 7, 24, 63, 65 registrations and is a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.

“Chalice Network enables continuous innovation to streamline the operations of a business/organization to make them flawless.”