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Make your organization’s transition to a new change phenomenal with ChangeSync’s exquisite SaaS offerings


Change management is basically a term used to define the approaches taken to support, help, and prepare an organization or an individual for organizational change. Managing people during a change might seem simple, but it is technically much more complex. The financial success of the business also predominantly depends on how individuals in the organization embrace the change. Change management comprises of tools, techniques, and processes that will allow you to achieve the set business goals. Consumer demands are rapidly evolving; this, in turn, creates a need for faster, better, and cheaper products, which also requires a change in work culture to accommodate the requirements.

ChangeSync is a cloud-based SaaS application explicitly built for change management practitioners.  It is designed to manage, track, and report on change management progress with ease. With built-in AI, it helps change practitioners understand how their organization is trending through change, whether at the individual level, and/or rolled up to a department or company level. With real-time information at the click of a mouse, organizations are equipped to address better and lead employees through change.  ChangeSync aggregates disparate systems typically used to manage change into one platform, allowing centralized reporting, tracking, and collaboration. This all helps organizations more successfully implement change, resulting in a greater ROI, increased employee engagement, decreased attrition, faster adoption of change, and the ability to stay ahead of the competition.

ChangeSync was founded in 2017, and it is based in Mesa, Arizona.

In conversation with Kate DeGon, Founder and CEO of ChangeSync

Q. What motivated you to address the challenges regarding change management faced by organizations?

I was struggling to find a software solution that would help me lead major change initiatives for medium to large organizations.  I found myself and teams I was leading, spending so much time aggregating data to determine how the organization was trending through change, that by the time we finalized the collection and analysis, it was stale.  I was also looking for a way to bring greater transparency to the change process by having all change-related activities, documents, and participation reported in one system, providing visibility for stakeholders and leaders to help lead through the change. 

Q. How do you help your clients juggle multiple simultaneous changes?

ChangeSync itself is designed to help organizations juggle multiple changes across an organization.  All change-related projects are managed within ChangeSync, so at a glance, those with access can see all change management projects, associated activities, and who is impacted. This streamlines communication, creates transparency into the change process, allows leaders to help actively manage through the change, eliminates inefficiencies, and provides a platform for active and involved sponsorship.

Q. All the planning, prep work, and impact assessments in the world do not guarantee an effective result of 100% of the time. What do you have to say about reversing a problematic or ineffective change?

ChangeSync has built-in AI to easily identify pockets of resistance across an organization, even down to the individual level. This AI allows an organization to stay ahead of change problems or ineffective change. If an organization is new to utilizing ChangeSync and is looking for it to address a problematic or ineffective change, this AI will also help create a baseline of employee sentiment related to the change and then track progress towards a successful change transformation.

Q. There’s work to be done before you start applying change management. Do you help your clients clearly articulate the change process?

ChangeSync has built-in tools and templates to help customers create a robust change management strategy and plan. We also offer change management consultative services to assist organizations in ensuring they understand the change process and are set-up for success to execute against it.

Q. Do you help your clients patch their internal inefficiencies and streamline their operations towards success?

Yes, ChangeSync is designed to streamline change management inefficiencies and to streamline operations towards success. Again, it brings all disparate systems used to manage change into one software application. ChangeSync has survey capabilities, AI for tracking individual sentiment towards change that is aggregated across an organization, simplifies document organization, repository capabilities to easily and quickly find stored files, has a visual timeline dashboard, tools and templates are available and can be customized, provides configurable security access based on the user profile, and so much more.

Q. How do you market your services?

Most marketing is done through print and online publications, along with being featured in podcasts, professional change management books/guides, and through the close-knit network of change management practitioners via referrals.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes, we are working on relationship mapping so that ChangeSync can produce additional reports that clearly show how many changes are occurring in any given part of an organization, as well as who is impacted and by how many changes.  This will help an organization quickly see and map where change is happening to ensure strategic alignment and to avoid employee change fatigue/saturation.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next five years?

We have been recognized as one of the top 10 change management solutions in 2020, so we hope to continue to see year-over-year growth, allowing us to continue to expand our user base and be the most flexible, adaptable, and comprehensive change management solution in the marketplace. We know organizational change will only increase, so we hope to continue to engage our users in designing future iterations, ensuring we are staying relevant to all customers and the ever-evolving landscape of this field.

Meet the leader behind the success of ChangeSync

Kate DeGon is a certified change management practitioner with over 14 years of experience.  She has provided change-related consultative services to organizations ranging from late stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Kate is also President of the Association of Change Management Professionals in Arizona, as well the Founder and CEO of change a management SaaS solution called ChangeSync.  She is renowned as having pioneered best-in-class change management practices, and ChangeSync has been rated a top change management software solution in 2020. 

“ChangeSync is a new look at change management software, designed & tailored by people like you who needed more of what worked, and less of what didn’t.”