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Cherwell Service Management - A powerful IT service management (ITSM) solution


ITSM or IT Service Management refers to all the activities involved in designing, creating, delivering, supporting, and managing IT services. It is a service used for support, maintenance, bug fixing, and maintaining proper uptime of a service. A good ITSM solution ticks all the boxes for the efficient working of an organization, catering to its internal needs as well as for the product it offers. There are a few good ITSM solutions available, but each one is not equally built. It all depends upon the nature of the organization, the needs, the value it provides, scalability, and the cost of operating.

ITSM is required for a variety of reasons. Implementing ITSM can help to regularize processes through structured delivery and documentation. ITSM implementation also helps in cost-cutting by building a proper IT organization. Implementing ITSM has business benefits by bringing actionable IT insights to the business that help in decision making.

Cherwell IT Service Management (ITSM)

Cherwell IT Service Management (ITSM) is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help organizations deliver on the goal of providing powerful employee and customer experiences. With built-in support for 11 Pink Verified ITIL applications, Cherwell ITSM enables clients to rapidly meet the changing and growing demands across your organization. It is a powerful automation engine and an extensive array of out-of-the-box integrations.

Cherwell's low-code design eases the creation of dashboards, service portals, forms, process workflows, task automation, searches, and more. These functions result in faster and less costly initial deployments, the quick roll-out of enhancements, processes and services, and smoother upgrades.

Cherwell Service Management (CSM)

Cherwell Service Management (CSM) is a configurable, scalable, out of the box service desk solution based on IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices and the ITIL framework.

CSM provides clients both CSM Desktop Client and CSM Browser Client support applications to help enhance functionality and also flexibility. The desktop client often requires high-end specifications in the client’s computer, while the Browser is not resource-heavy. The client decides which one is best for them.

CSM provides a variety of configurable features, including Business Objects, Dashboards, One-Step Actions, Searching, Reporting, and Knowledge. CSM also provides powerful Administrative features, such as Blueprints for configuring and test-driving system definitions, comprehensive Security, and automation tools.

CSM provides multiple configurable processes to help clients log and manage service desk records. Examples include Incident/Service Request Management, Service Portfolio/Service Catalog Management, Problem Management, Service Asset, and Configuration Management (CMDB), Change Management, and Knowledge Management. In addition to the core processes, CSM also offers the ability to quickly merge and integrate additional processes through Cherwell mergeable applications (mApp Solutions) (example: IT Project Tracking, Release, etc.) and integrations.

Cherwell Asset Management (CAM)

Cherwell Asset Management (CAM) is a specialized IT asset management solution that tracks and integrates all the data related to the client’s hardware and software inventory, usage, entitlements, and purchases. By consolidating, reconciling, and reporting on all the critical IT asset data, Cherwell Asset Management enables clients to track and manage their organization’s IT assets from purchase through retirement using one straightforward, easy-to-use product.

Cherwell Asset Management gives the information and tools an organization needs to stay compliant with licensing agreements, eliminate spending on unused software, manage hardware assets, track and report on IT assets, Keep unauthorized applications off the network.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) and Multi-Sourcing Service Integration are approaches used to manage the delivery of services using multiple suppliers. Using these approaches, IT Managers can coordinate multiple suppliers, both internal and external, available services, and potential risks, while hiding the complexity of the process from customers by providing a streamlined experience.

Supplier management is the process responsible to ensure value for money from suppliers, ensuring that all contracts and agreements with suppliers support the needs of the business, and all suppliers meet their contractual commitments. CSM Supplier Management is the process that allows organizations to onboard and offboard multiple suppliers both internal and external and manages their lifecycles. It includes information about agreements and performance assessment. Business Objects that support Supplier Management include Scorecard, Supplier, and Agreement.

What differentiates Cherwell from other ITSMs is the ability it provides to customize the dashboard. The client can customize the Dashboard according to their needs and that too without coding. Apart from that Clients can add more than just ITSM to the platform such as HRSM and Facilities Management.