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February Edition 2024

Chooch: The most innovative Generative AI


The team has built the world’s best Vision AI platform engineered with the finest human qualities capable of deep understanding and the ability to make decisions. The result is a computer vision AI platform that sees, comprehends, and acts like a human, but without error, fatigue, or distraction. The team envisions a world where humans are free to do the things they do best, and where technology does the things better left to technology. Chooch Vision AI uniquely detects, processes, and instantly analyzes visual elements in video streams but does so in nanoseconds, versus the time it takes a human being. Chooch has engineered the most sophisticated computer vision AI platform that integrates generative AI large vision models to improve the search, review, and analysis of image and video data with greater consistency and accuracy.

The AI Vision Studio allows users to build computer vision solutions in minutes. The low-code platform makes data preparation, model training and evaluation, and deployment easy; even for the most non-technical users. Chooch’s device management application allows the clients to manage self-hosted or edge devices and push the clients’ models into production without Devops. Add streams, add models to the clients’ devices, and create business logic for analytics. Chooch AI Vision Studio allows the clients to manage the entire AI Lifecycle from dataset management, annotation, model training as well as synthetic data creation. Chooch’s inference engine is optimized for low frames per second environments with multiple heavy models on each stream. Chooch offers ReadyNow AI models for commonly used applications like object detection, image recognition, sentiment analysis, and more. This makes deploying computer vision easy.

Best services Chooch provides its clients

Wildfire Detection: Chooch delivers an AI Vision solution uniquely designed for the nation’s fire management agencies using any existing camera infrastructure to provide early smoke and fire detection with best-in-class accuracy. Dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of wildfire detection with computer vision. The Chooch AI Vision platform provides automated monitoring of thousands of existing fire surveillance cameras with computer vision models trained with billions of parameters for immediate and accurate smoke and fire detection with no additional personnel or maintenance. The Chooch platform determines the nature of a smoke and fire threat and sends real-time alerts to the appropriate departments, for faster emergency responses with the right equipment and personnel. Use AI Vision for monitoring terrain anomalies and use the clients’ experienced personnel for verification and deploying responses.

Workplace Safety: The Chooch AI Vision Platform analyzes video streams and detects work hazards and safety risks in as little as 0.2 milliseconds. Real-time alerts can be sent as texts or emails along with video clips for incident management and early action. Address near misses and put corrective measures in place to prevent future incidents. Use AI Vision to analyze camera footage real-time and leverage historical footage to make better informed, proactive decisions. A safe workforce is a productive workforce. Identify potentially dangerous situations and send alerts to the at-risk employees and supervisors to avoid business disruptions and employee injury. Deploy Chooch’s AI Vision platform on the clients’ cameras and edge devices, in the cloud, or hybrid environments. Make use of existing cameras and network technology; no other sensors or hardware required. Real-time monitoring allows the clients to analyze the clients’ workplace and identify potential safety risks or areas before they become systematic.

Geospatial: Chooch’s machine learning and ReadyNow computer vision solutions easily integrate with aircraft, UAVs, and satellites, making image and video analysis faster, more accurate, and more efficient, on the edge, in the cloud, and self-hosted. Chooch’s computer vision platform helps businesses deploy AI quickly using ReadyNow solutions or build their own AI models that eliminate hours of manual video review and analysis work while expediting accurate results. The explosive growth of imagery from satellites and UAVs creates heavy workloads for analysts. Using dense classification, object detection, and rectangular and polygonal segmentation techniques, the Chooch AI Vision platform analyzes millions of images in real time. Governments, militaries, and businesses can easily process, analyze, and benefit from their images and video – putting the data to profitable use.

Healthcare: Safety, speed, and accuracy are vital in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment. Chooch AI Vision makes it easier for healthcare organizations to reduce costs, improve facility safety, and deliver exceptional patient care. AI Vision unlocks smarter healthcare operations – automating administrative tasks and improving medical imaging analysis for faster diagnoses and treatment. The Chooch advanced computer vision platform optimizes workflows, equipping physicians with critical clinical insights to enhance decision making capabilities and deliver exceptional care. Pre-trained ReadyNow models designed for the healthcare industry deploy and scale quickly, so even teams new to AI see immediate benefits.

Manufacturing: For manufacturers, operational downtime impacts the bottom line. Chooch is helping the customers use computer vision solutions to monitor and analyze video streams to predict and detect incidents faster to avoid production interruptions. Chooch helps manufacturers automate manual visual review tasks to not only improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes but also deliver the cost savings and data-driven insights needed to remain competitive in today’s market. Real-time visual inspections are critical in manufacturing operations. Whether monitoring for production defects, unlawful access, or workplace safety hazards, but human workers are human. Chooch’s computer vision solutions automate help automate these manual visual monitoring  and analysis tasks so that human resources can be reallocated to higher value tasks. 

Anubhav Saxena, Chief Executive Officer 

“Chooch has redefined conventional computer vision with Generative AI.” 

“Experience. Vision. Integrity. Each member of the leadership team has uncommon experience in building companies dedicated to customer success.”