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Circle: Creating an Inclusive Financial Future


Staying competitive means, to embrace new tech that delivers faster and better to do business. Thus, the Circle can be the entry point to the new world of digital finance. The Circle is a global financial technology company helping money move at internet speed. The company’s mission is to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of value.

Q. Why Circle?

They have $43 billion in circulation today. They have 1.6 million holders, a $4 billion 24 hours trading volume, more than 190 supporting countries, and 3.77 trillion in chain transactions in total. They offer unparalleled transactional speed, global interconnectivity, and transparency in cash and data flows. They can securely bridge the gap between traditional banking systems and many of the world’s leading blockchains, without the volatility and many of the risks typically associated with digital currencies. They offer blockchain APIs, Web3 SDKs, and more to help developers use USDC and Euro Coin to accept crypto and fiat payments, store and transact with digital assets securely, on- and off-ramp from fiat to stablecoins and leverage verified identity credentials. Their free Circle Account and leading API suite are the fastest, easiest way to access USD Coin or USDC, the world’s most trusted dollar digital currency. All works together and enable powerful new ways for more customers to start trading faster and help future-proof a business. 

A stack starts with USDC and Euro Coin. With the help of circle, one can build a suite of customizable tools that give fast, easy access to stablecoins, cost-effectively. USDC is available natively on 8 blockchains, with more integration expected. For EVM-compatible chains and Flow, USDC is deployed via smart contract. For non-EVM chains, USDC uses built-in token primitives.

With Circle’s composable APIs and turnkey SDKs, one can take advantage of the enterprise-grade crypto infrastructure that scales with the user. Using Circle Payments, Payouts and Accounts APIs one can build on- and off-ramps into any product. Work with a customizable accounts infrastructure. With a circle, one can access seamless stablecoin liquidity and leverage custody as a service, programmable and secure wallets and more to make money truly move at the owner’s fingertips.

Solution Circle provides

Circle provides a solution for all digital payments. It is a bridge to dollar digital currency. They amplify yields on excess cash, expand the customer base and strengthen supplier relationships. They provide solutions regarding corporate treasuries, NFT platforms, exchange and wallet, crypto-gaming, fintech, and banks. With the help of Circle, one can do stablecoin digital payments to send and receive funds globally. It helps to store funds securely and grow a business on-chain. Get near-instant access to USDC and Euro Coin, straight from the source. The circle is a leading equity crowdfunding platform, opening up access to venture capital and angel investing.

Funds in Circle Yield are overcollateralized, and all collateral is kept safe with BitGo, a third-party custodian with more than 400 institutional clients, for added principal protection. Their partner is Genesis Global Capital, a full-service digital asset trading firm. Their Payments API enables the users to seamlessly accept customer payments denominated in crypto and then sweep them into their bank account in U.S. dollars. Their Payouts API can automate thousands of outbound payments each day in USDC, plus ACH and wire for recipients who prefer traditional methods. USDC is fully backed by cash and short-dated U.S. government obligations, so it is always redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars. Each month, Circle publishes attestation reports by Grant Thornton regarding the reserve balances backing USDC. This company is also a licensed money transmitter in 46 U.S. states, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

The diverse leadership teams in Circle believe in a policy-first approach for financial technology companies, which holds the company to a higher standard of operation and helps build long-term, sustainable growth. Circle’s leadership team brings broad experience across digital currency, tech, fintech, and financial services to the forefront of Circle’s innovation and global technology efforts. With members from some of the world’s most influential companies, including IDG, General Catalyst, Ernst & Young, and Goldman Sachs, our diverse and experienced board fosters stability and growth for Circle and the new economy.

The circle is committed to transparency and stability in everything they do. Thus, they welcome clear regulation and value engagement with regulators and policymakers. They partnered with leading global financial companies and share detailed reports on how their stablecoins are backed. They lead a more responsible and stable future for crypto.

Meet the Leader

Jeremy Allaire is the Co-founder, CEO, and the Chairman of the Board of Circle. Jeremy is responsible for strategy, vision, and operating execution at Circle. He brings more than two decades of experience building and leading global internet software platforms, including founder and CEO of Brightcove, technologist and entrepreneur in residence at General Catalyst, CTO of Macromedia, and co-founder and CTO of Allaire Corporation.

“Circle is transforming the way money moves by making it more accessible, inclusive, and efficient — increasing economic opportunity and prosperity around the globe.”