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Civitas Learning – Building Data-Activated Student Impact Strategies to Advance Student Success


The shift to remote learning at all levels of education has thrown the challenges of ensuring student success and the student experience into sharp focus. Educational institutions want to guide students throughout their academic careers and improve graduation rates. Students want better remote learning options and ways to collaborate with peers and seek advice from instructors. There is a wealth of data that could drive decisions about these needs. Today, success requires a multi-faceted, data-activated approach that allows institutions to precisely respond to the needs of students when they need it most throughout their college experience.

To enhance students' success, Civitas Learning, an intelligent student success platform offers students with real-time insights and workflow solutions to support the entire student lifecycle and achieve equitable outcomes and build sustainable institutions today and tomorrow. The firm works together to build an individualized plan. Communicate changes to the plan over time to make sure there’s clarity about choices and alignment with advisor recommendations. Students can auto-generate available schedules and compare schedule options based on academic plans, breaks, and preferences to find the best fit for life and logistics and improve students’ likelihood to persist.

Offering State-of-the-Art Student Success Solutions

Advising Analytics and Workflow: Deliver proactive, holistic academic advising and student success services at scale. Coordinate student success efforts across your campus and intervene earlier with certainty around what works. It’s possible to provide each student with the personalized support they need to succeed. With Civitas Learning Advising Analytics and Workflow, your student success teams know the whole student story, can prioritize student engagement efforts, and work together to ensure that students have the support they need throughout their entire college experience. Intelligent case management and communication functionality enable your team with the insights and tools they need to proactively close equity gaps, boost persistence, and increase on-time completion now and into the future. Share information and notes, raise alerts, and coordinate student care across leadership, advisors, faculty, and student success teams with seamless collaboration and communication capabilities. Equip your advising and student success teams to make the highest and best use of their time with intelligent workflow and case management tools to easily complete everyday tasks and organize their workday.

Administrative and Initiative Analytics: Unify data and actionable intelligence to uncover and understand the root cause of barriers and risks while there’s still time to act. Ensure your institution’s long-term success with continuous calibration of programs and investments. Building transformational student success models are essential to create equitable outcomes and sustainable institutions. With Civitas Learning Administrative and Initiative Analytics, you can understand the factors influencing a student’s likelihood of success to address current needs. Leaders can uncover opportunities to better support students and understand which tactics are most effective for particular student groups and individuals. Your team can sustainably improve outcomes by coordinating across campus and investing resources in the combination of initiatives with the highest impact on student success. Efficacy analysis using data-science backed rigorous and statistically significant analysis techniques so you can efficiently understand the true impact of each student’s success initiative and policy and prescribe the most effective support.

Academic Planning and Registration: Remove barriers to completion and put your students in the driver’s seat with a unified, streamlined planning, scheduling and registration experience. Create tailored plans and prescribe personalized interventions to stay on course. To graduate on time and budget, students need a clear plan to help them enroll in required courses when they need them. With Civitas Learning Academic Planning and Registration, you can help students know where they’re going and how to get there. End-to-end planning, scheduling, and registration tools provide accurate insights into course demand, enable advisors to collaborate with students throughout the academic planning process, and empower students to build schedules that support their complex lives and educational goals. Gain holistic view of paths to success with easy-to-see completed, transferred, and remaining course requirements, support for multiple plans, and the ability to add non-course items. Students and advisors can also evaluate the impact of changing a major or degree plan to avoid getting off track. Select and sequence courses in a plan with visibility into requirements, pre-requisite courses, and co-requirements. Plan ahead with alerts for potential issues such as a course not typically offered in the planned term or a later-than-expected completion with current plan.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Will Ballard is the Chief Executive Officer of Civitas Learning. An accomplished technology company executive and engineering leader who first joined Civitas Learning as chief technology officer in 2020, Will has more than twenty years of experience managing large technical and engineering and teams and supporting customer success for enterprise technology customers.

"At Civitas Learning, we seek to help your team achieve exceptional levels of student success and build sustainable institutions for generations."