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Setting the Software Curve for Hospital and Facility-Based Physicians: Claimocity

“We intend to cut out more than 20 hours of administrative, clerical, billing, and charting burdens per week per provider by the end of 2023.” — Jim Jensen, COO of Claimocity

One of the aspects of Claimocity that sets it apart is the continual focus on refining existing solutions, redefining current standards, and innovating the means to achieve future process opportunities.

For example, consider our unique ultra-fast doctor note generator that integrates into hospital and facility EHRs. We merged the progress note workflow into our award-winning charge capture workflow, creating a single streamlined process that enables providers to complete both their medical charting and reimbursement billing requirements in one step while on the go.

But our engineers didn’t stop there. They identified several opportunities to go a step further, so we took the single resulting combined mobile workflow and implemented a blend of smart automation, a personalized rules engine, and some AI-enhanced machine learning to reduce the steps down to just the core essentials necessary for our support teams to fill in the rest.

Essentially, by identifying an opportunity to solve a problem, we created a workflow where none existed, combined it with an existing financial process the doctors were already doing, and then streamlined what originally took a half hour to around 10-15 seconds per patient seen while making it mobile.

The initial source of this solution was generated by monitoring analytic feedback loops on clients with specialties in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as comprehensive revenue intelligence and opportunity analysis for client growth is a fundamental part of our offerings. We noticed that with a new workflow the time savings on existing charting administrative burdens could be cut. But by combining workflows and streamlining both to eliminate redundancies, we could also streamline even further, saving doctors double-digit hours per week that can be allocated elsewhere.

Many of our doctors use the extra time for better work-life balance. Whatever the end use is, we wanted PM&R doctors who used our software to have a choice. To save high-value time, see direct revenue benefits from the reductions in charge lag, increase in capture efficiency, and have the option of what they want to do with the time saved in the reduced administrative workload.

“The goal is optimizing every facet of the rounding workflow for every specialty and systematically streamlining every process utilized for operational, financial, care coordination, and clinical productivity,” states Jim Jensen, COO of Claimocity. “We intend to cut out more than 20 hours of administrative, clerical, billing, and charting burdens per week per provider by the end of 2023.”

This reduction in workload will free doctors to do what they do best, practice medicine and take care of patients. This will increase a patient’s facetime with their caregiver, reduce errors resulting in burnout and rushing through encounters, help indirectly reduce hospital readmission rates by reducing the impact of key variables, and simplify the process of seeing patients in an organized and well-documented manner for hospital and facility-based practices.

One of the keys to making the hospitalist progress note generator work is the two-way integration with Skilled Nursing Facilities or SNFs as they are called. PointClickCare is the premier software used by eight out of 10 of these facilities, with most of the other 20% going to MatrixCare and Sigma Care.

Claimocity developed a proprietary means of syncing data with these software companies, as well as all the top EHRs used in hospitals and other facilities such as Epic, Cerner, Athena, Meditech, and more. Our technology is able to pull and push information in a way that both allows providers and practices to access everything they need at their fingertips such as diagnoses, care notes, medical histories, demographics, and prescriptions, but also to make remote changes that immediately update in the chart for nurses and caregivers to utilize.

What used to take 30 minutes per patient sitting at a computer at home at the end of the day now is done in 30 seconds from a smartphone at the point of care before going in to see the next patient, whose relevant information and changes can be reviewed at a glance from the same phone before going in to provide a more efficient and organized visit.

EHR charting will never be the same and for SNF-based doctors, required Point Click Care charting now takes less than a third of the time.

Plus, Claimocity progress notes templates can be customized to specific needs, copied and pasted then edited in the case of ongoing care for patients who are continuing with the same treatment and diagnoses, to using the previous note as a starting point for the next one in the case of coordinated care or when a new physician is seeing a patient who has been under another provider’s treatment plan. The advanced rules engine settings, endless customizations, AI-enhanced machine learning, and teams of behind-the-scenes concierge support staff following you through your day and fact-checking all your coding, billing, and charting make sure that all the I’s are dotted and all the t’s crossed, point out potential issues, notify you of missing patients or charts, proactively ensure optimal coding to reduce audit risks that come from systemic over coding, point out opportunities to increase revenue from patterns of under coding, and give your claims the highest chance of a clean pass and faster reimbursement.

“Note generators are historically clunky outdated aspects of EHRs that create a heavy administrative weekly burden on providers and require hours of charting either at the facility or from home.” Jim Jensen explains. “We wanted to free up those three hours a night the doctor was spending charting and integrate the solution into their daily rounding so that they could document as they see patients and complete everything needed to get paid at the same time.”

“We believe that being a single platform solution really sets us apart,” Jim Sholeff, CEO of Claimocity adds. “We have an end-to-end intelligence factor that enables much greater levels of efficiency and accuracy and we are constantly pushing the envelope to see how much time we can save for our clients and how much more money we can help them earn.”


When you specialize in hospital and facility physician practices, you can hone in on what other solutions generalize with their office-based counterparts. But what about the vast array of medical specialists who work both in the traditional medical office or clinic setting and also see patients in hospitals and facilities? The good news is that they get the best of both worlds, a modern front desk and patient portal software platform, billing and claim processing functionality that can be done through the app or on the web browser, and the full mobile platform specializing in the rounding aspect.

“We are excited for 2023 and have some amazing things in the works that are going to change the industry.” Jim Jensen concludes with a smile.

“We believe that being a single platform solution really sets us apart.” — Jim Sholeff, CEO of Claimocity