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Clairvoyant – Unlocking the power of data and analytics, and deriving deeper insights to advance humanity


Through the sands of time, humans have always looked for newer ways of advancing their quality of life. Right through the evolution of agriculture through the industrial and internet revolution, we have always changed the center of gravity, steadily and rapidly, to advance humanity. We are living in times of constant change, and looking at a future where the power of technology is harnessed by human innovation. Following the Great Reset of 2020, the center of gravity for data is rapidly shifting from on-premise to the cloud. Enterprise data analytics helps companies gain superior visibility into all of their business processes, the employees involved in those processes and the various uses of capital that fuel those processes. With real-time enterprise analytics guiding key decision-makers, businesses become more resilient and less susceptible to having their market share usurped by a more tech-savvy competitor.

Clairvoyant is a global technology consulting and services company that helps organizations maximize the value of data. The company provides data engineering, analytics, machine learning and user experience consulting and development projects to some of the world’s largest brands. Clairvoyant clients rely on its deep vertical knowledge and best-in-class services to drive revenue growth, boost operational efficiencies, and manage risk and compliance. Industry partners include Cloudera, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Zoomdata, Trifacta, and Streamsets. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Phoenix with offices in the U.S, India, and Canada.

Why Clairvoyant

Building a team with big data and cloud expertise and getting them to work on improving the quality of insight obtained from the data pipelines could be a time-consuming and expensive activity. Their data operations team comes with the experience of managing 300+ large-scale data infrastructures. They ensure a strong data foundation that is always reliable and responsive to meet your internal and external customer’s demands. From setting up to managing day-to-day operations and helping organizations move forward, their dataops services team is capable of all. They build a nimble platform that adapts data engineering solutions to your tasks and functional requirements easily. They ensure that the systems of data engineering process and data engineering tools are brought together effectively, accessible by their lines of businesses in real time with the assurance of accuracy and security of their data engineering solutions.

Faastr: Accelerating AI for Business Success

Faastr, an enterprise-grade AI platform, helps accelerate AI & ML processes so you can deliver improved business outcomes. The platform empowers data scientists and analysts to engineer features, build, and deploy models rapidly. From encoding string values to joining multiple datasets, Faastr allows your team to quickly augment data to enrich models. Faastr provides users with options such as Snowflake, Python, and Pyspark to perform backend transformations. Apart from providing support for versioning of transformation configurations, the Feature Lineage aspect of Faastr helps you keep track of all transformations applied to a dataset.

Embedded into the application, Faastr offers Classical ML as well as Deep Learning models. Users can select the model based on the prediction class. In addition to classical ML algorithms such as Random Forest, Logistic Regression, XG Boost, and Light GBM, Faastr supports Auto ML too. Auto ML runs multiple algorithms and selects the best-performing model. Deep learning models such as Pytorch and Keras are also supported by Faastr. Model deployment can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Faastr takes away the hurdles and shrinks the time to deployment. From creating an end-point to setting up the prediction model, Faastr's robust capability to build the entire pipeline helps users deploy models with confidence and start delivering results fast.

Cloud Services

As a cloud solutions company, Clairvoyant specialize in building end-to-end Modern Data and Analytics Platforms and cloud-Native Products. Their key differentiator is connecting strategy and technology to derive outcomes as cloud computing providers. They provide purpose-built cloud computing services to solve your unique problems and partner with you on your cloud journey. As they build and implement a customized cloud enablement program, you get to measure the impact of cloud transformation and understand your objectives. The company ensures you deliver business value faster through their cloud solution services so that focus is more on innovative use-cases with lesser worry on infrastructure management, scalability, and operational concerns.

Chandra Ambadipudi | Founder & CEO

Chandra co-founded Clairvoyant in 2012 and has driven the company to become a leading data science and engineering company with multiple Fortune 500 customers today. He is a highly-motivated senior leader in software engineering with a proven track record of delivery. He also co-founded BlueCanary Data; a predictive analytics product company focused on higher education, and led it through a successful acquisition in 2015.

"We are on a mission to advance humanity by continually unlocking the true potential of data for all enterprises."