September Edition 2023

Claroty- Cybersecurity Solutions for Operational Technology Networks


In today's world, where businesses are highly reliant on technology, cyber threats pose a serious danger to firms of all sizes and sectors. Cyber-attacks have the potential to cause massive disruptions, leading to losses in revenue, productivity, and reputation. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, cause damage to critical infrastructure, and steal valuable data, among other things. To mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats, organizations need to implement robust cybersecurity solutions that can protect the systems against unwanted network access, malware, viruses, and other types of cyber-attacks. Claroty is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions specifically designed to protect operational technology (OT) networks. Founded in 2015, Claroty offers a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to different types of cyber threats that can impact the industrial control systems (ICS) networks.

The company's platform provides real-time visibility into networks, communications, and device configurations, which in turn enables better network traffic analysis, threat detection, and vulnerability identification. This, coupled with advanced anomaly detection capabilities, allows organizations to quickly discover, isolate, and remediate cyber threats in the critical networks. Claroty's unique approach to cybersecurity is based on deep expertise in both ICS and IT networks. This, combined with the focus on innovation, has enabled them to build a solution that is tailored to the specific cybersecurity challenges of ICS networks. The company serves customers across a variety of industries, including energy, oil and gas, utilities, and pharmaceuticals, among others.



xDome is one of the many cybersecurity products offered by Claroty to protect organizations against cyber threats. xDome is a robust, multi-tiered solution that provides comprehensive security controls that protect operational technology networks. This product features a secure software-defined perimeter (SDP) that offers in-depth coverage against all categories of threats. xDome was specifically designed to offer businesses the optimal level of security for the operational technology networks. Access controls are delivered via a combination of software agents and virtual machines. What distinguish xDome’s security mechanism from other software-defined perimeter solutions are the additional security layers that are built on top of accessing and managing the network perimeter. This provides xDome users with an all-encompassing protection solution. 

Secure Remote Access (SRA)

Secure Remote Access (SRA) is another cybersecurity product from Claroty that provides secure remote access and advanced control of operational technology networks. The remote access feature is delivered through a combination of software agents and virtual machines. The result is a secure system that safeguards against unwanted network access and cyber attacks. SRA offers several security capabilities, including secure password access, multi-factor authentication, and secure connection encryption. SRA also comes with several useful peripheral features that can be utilized by organizations. For example, an anomaly detection feature that alerts users of any suspicious movements on the network is a powerful security monitoring tool. The feature allows subscribers to detect unusual occurrences under the network perimeter and investigate the source and potential problems of unexpected traffic. Network owners can also use SRA to configure specific thresholds through an intuitive interface while enforcing policies, allowing them to maintain and adjust the security measures according to network usage trends. 

Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) 

Another major security solution that Claroty provides is Continuous Threat Detection (CTD). With deep operational technology expertise, Claroty has developed this product to provide advanced threat detection capabilities. Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) enables the automatic identification of potential threats on the OT network, with a focus on identifying known and unknown cyber threats and vulnerabilities before an attack occurs. CTD is built on a hybrid threat detection model that combines both signature-based and behavioral-based analysis methods to detect deviations in normal network behavior. This model allows potential threats to be identified and classified, providing administrators with actionable intelligence to take appropriate action. CTD also employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide a more accurate assessment of threats. 

Meet the leader behind the success of Claroty

Yaniv Vardi, Chief Executive Officer of Claroty is a dynamic and highly accomplished entrepreneur with more than two decades of global executive leadership experience. He has established a long-standing and impressive track record of developing and executing global business strategies and directing worldwide growth. As Claroty’s Chief Executive Officer, Vardi will lead the company through its next stage of growth and solidify its position as the leader in OT security. Prior to joining Claroty, he recently served as the Global Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions, International, managing 8 countries and expanding the company’s proposition mainly in Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific into a significant business. Prior to joining Centrica, Vardi was the CEO of Panoramic Power, a global pioneer in energy management solutions for global C&I customers, which was acquired by Centrica. Prior to joining Panoramic Power, Vardi was Co-founder and Managing Director of Sparta Systems EMEA, successfully driving its operations to be the leading provider of QMS in the Life Science industry, and leading the company to a successful acquisition. Based on his wealth of experience, Vardi brings vital knowledge of operational direction and strategies as a board director and chairman in different companies in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

“We are on a mission to secure the cyber-physical systems of connected organizations.”