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Helping companies innovate on the AWS cloud platform: ClearScale


ClearScale helps companies grow their business, accelerate time to market, and innovate on the AWS cloud platform. ClearScale leverages deep technical expertise to provide innovative cloud solutions customized for each client. Whether you’re looking to reduce IT expenditures, increase business agility, accelerate innovation, or mitigate risk, ClearScale is your partner. ClearScale is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with 11 AWS Competencies that leverages deep technical expertise to help organizations modernize on the cloud. ClearScale’s teams are experts at designing, implementing, optimizing, and managing customized cloud solutions on AWS that drive the innovation our customers need to achieve their business transformation initiatives.

ClearScale is not just a technical expert. The company comes alongside its clients as a strategic partner to help them take full advantage of the AWS cloud with tailored solutions that drive value and enable innovation. ClearScale will work with you to clarify your business goals and then design the ideal cloud solution to help you achieve them. Your business is unique. A one-size-fits all-solution will never deliver desired results. ClearScale’s team provides a consultative approach to understand your challenges, and then architects custom solutions to achieve your goals. The AWS cloud platform is complex and ever evolving. ClearScale’s team consists of subject matter experts who not only stay abreast of the latest cloud technologies, but apply their knowledge and experience to drive innovation across all stages of the cloud journey.

Data engineering teams have access to a tremendous amount of information. However, collecting and consolidating all this information efficiently is hard, especially as companies add more and more data sources to the mix. This is where having well-designed data ingestion pipelines comes into play. Data ingestion pipelines are a crucial part of the modern big data management ecosystem. They are how businesses pull information from the real world and transform it so that it can create tangible value. What’s exciting is that today’s leading cloud service providers, like AWS, make it easier than ever to build pipelines that are capable of handling big data volumes with incredible efficiency. The key is knowing what tools to use and how to customize data ingestion pipelines to the unique needs of the organization.

Building Data Ingestion Pipeline on AWS

Building data ingestion pipelines in the age of big data can be difficult. Data ingestion pipelines today must be able to extract data from a wide range of sources at scale. Pipelines have to be reliable to prevent data loss and secure enough to thwart cybersecurity attacks. They also need to be quick and cost-efficient. Otherwise, they eat into the ROI of working with big data in the first place.

For these reasons, data ingestion pipelines can take a long time to set up and optimize. Furthermore, data engineers have to monitor data pipeline configurations constantly to ensure they stay aligned with downstream use cases. This is why setting up data ingestion pipelines on a cloud platform like AWS can make sense.

AWS provides a data ingestion pipeline solution, aptly named AWS Data Pipeline, and an ecosystem of related tools to manage big data effectively from source to analysis. AWS Data Pipeline works for moving data between different cloud services, or from on-prem to the cloud.

It’s scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use. The service is also customizable so that data engineering teams can fulfill certain requirements, like running Amazon EMR jobs or performing SQL queries. With AWS Data Pipeline, the biggest pain points of building data ingestion pipelines in-house disappear, replaced by powerful integrations, fault-tolerant infrastructure, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

AWS gives developers everything needed to set up new-age data ingestion pipelines successfully. What’s left is plugging these pipelines into a larger data management system that can scale and evolve with the organization over time. Enter ClearScale

How ClearScale Can Help

ClearScale has helped IT leaders in many industries set up data ingestion pipelines on AWS and fit them into sophisticated cloud data ecosystems. For example, ClearScale worked with an organization in the radiology space that wanted to implement a new data lake solution. The company designed a cloud landing zone, set up a robust data ingestion pipeline, built the data lake, and put the client in a position to execute complex analyses going forward.

“ACR’s focus was to bring speed and agility to end-to-end data pipelines for faster and continuous data delivery for analytics,” said Shree Periakaruppan, Director of Data Engineering and Analytics, ACR. “We were looking for a partner that could work with our team to build a data lake that would allow us to process and add new datasets easily. ClearScale helped in a variety of areas including the creation of a serverless data platform to ingest data from various data sources, automated data cataloging, and the creation of a scalable datastore for business analytics and reporting.”

ClearScale also worked with an innovative geospatial and analytics company that wanted to upgrade an existing data pipeline. The company took a cloud-native approach and implemented AWS Step Functions to automate data exchanges between custom workflows. ClearScale’s team also used tools like AWS Control Tower to keep all data secure and accelerated data velocity by having the client leverage on-demand cloud resources and Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration.

As a long-time AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, ClearScale is all in on AWS’ big data vision and capabilities. The company can help you set up a critical piece of your data ecosystem – your data ingestion pipeline – if you’re struggling to gather the information you need. 

Meet the leader behind the success of ClearScale

Pavel Pragin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ClearScale. He is an innovator in the fields of cloud computing and application development. With over 20 years of industry experience, he has a long track record of working with cutting-edge technologies and helping companies implement new solutions across their AWS cloud journey. Pavel leverages his engineering and leadership experience to ensure that customer business needs are met and that ClearScale continues to lead as one of the top AWS Premier Tier Services Partners.

“Whether you're looking to lower IT costs, improve efficiency, develop new applications, or mitigate risk on the cloud, we've got you covered.”