October Special Edition 2020

Clinevo Technologies – Implementing innovative technologies to improve healthcare by reducing the time and cost of clinical trials


Healthcare software development companies serve healthcare software whose purposes include counting calories, tracking workouts, helping to quit smoking, and counting body mass index. Medical practitioners are deploying mobile applications in health care centers to help them research complex medical conditions. The Healthcare sector needed to find alternatives to provide remote care for their patients and offer personalized experiences similar to one they would have under normal circumstances. Healthcare providers are adopting technology-enabled care (TEC), mainly mobile and digitally-enabled technology, due to its potential to decrease costs and provide accurate diagnoses and better outcomes. As technology evolves, there is a growing need to release and deploy new software faster, while improving efficiency and significantly delivering successful patient outcomes. Software testing needs to be top of mind to provide a frictionless, high-quality digital experience. There are zero excuses for functionality, performance or usability issues, or downtime in the healthcare sector.

Clinevo Technologies is a Software Development Company specialized in developing and implementing robust technology solutions for Life Sciences R&D. The firm helps Pharma, Biotech, and CROs in reducing their time and cost in Clinical trials by implementing innovative technologies that involve Data warehousing, Analytics, Collaboration, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. With its unmatched combination of domain experience and technology expertise, the company is committed to delivering the most efficient and practical end-to-end solutions with HIPAA, GXP, CSV, 21 CFR Part 11, and other applicable regulatory guidelines. Their unmatched domain experience and technology expertise enable them to deliver the best solutions.

Revolutionizing the healthcare sector

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS): Clinevo Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is a cloud-based, highly configurable, "end-to-end platform that" helps manage all aspects of clinical trials. Clinevo Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) meets the regulatory guidelines, including security, access control, change controls, audit trails, and system validation. It provides end-user alerts for regulatory documents, milestones, site and subject visits, tasks/action items, and clinical trial training. It ships with an inbuilt Master Data Management module to manage Sites, Investigators, Products, and other master data in a centralized repository that provides higher reusability of the information in different clinical trials. CTMS is a user-friendly web application that can be accessed with internet/intranet using IE, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF): Clinevo electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) is an easy to use electronic Trial Master File in electronic (digital content) format for organizing and storing documents, images, and other digital content of clinical trials. Clinevo electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) has an inbuilt DIA reference model and meets regulatory guidelines. The software comes with a prebuilt DIA reference model & also allows organizations to define their own / Sponsor specific TMF structure. Based on the file plan, the eTMF system tracks the documents' status and monitors the TMF compliance at every level. An extendable System can be used as a focused or general document management system for the clinical trials. It allows users to invite external parties to upload and work collaboratively on documents in a controlled method.

Pharmacovigilance Database: Clinevo Safety is a cloud-based, user-friendly, easy to use, regulatory compliant end-to-end Pharmacovigilance/Drug safety system. The All-in-one system provides PV Intake, Case Processing, Regulatory Submissions / AS2 Gateway, Analytics, and Safety Signals capabilities under one platform. Drug Safety Database includes PV Intake, Case processing, Submissions, AI & Analytics, and Safety signals. It is built on a simplified technology stack that provides a lot of configurations and less customization. Clinevo Pharmacovigilance software provides transparent optimized pricing with no compromise in functionality and high performance and efficiency.

Clinevo Document Management System (DMS): Clinevo Document Management System is a web based, easy-to-use document management system to maintain, review, approve, manage, and publish your organization's documents electronically (including SOPs, work instructions, Contracts, Vendor documents, etc.) in one place. The system allows companies to create a Plan along with the due date for the documents at the Organization or Project level. It provides a configurable classification structure for organizations to manage their Organization Specific or Project Specific Structures for reusability.

The Valiant leader behind the success of Clinevo Technologies

Dr. Mani Vasudevan, Ph.D., is the Chief Executive Officer of Clinevo Technologies. He has an overall experience of 20 years in Clinical Data Management and Pharmacovigilance. Dr. Mani has previously led a team of Managers, General Manager, and Vice Presidents involved in Clinical Trials, Pharmacovigilance, and Data Management Services.

"We develop a unified platform for Clinical Trials Industry that enables Data Warehousing, Analytics, Collaboration, Automation, and AI across the clinical research enterprise."