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Generate more value from the cloud and transform your operations with Cloudaction


The cloud is integral to digital transformation. At Cloudaction, the team is 100% committed to helping their customers transform their IT operations and increase the business value of their cloud technology investment. Cloudaction’s solution offering is laser-focused on the market-leading business applications and IT automation solutions where its expertise, project experience, and solution accelerators can outperform other consulting firms, anywhere, anytime.

Cloudaction is a world-class BMC Helix Remedyforce consulting services provider. Cloudaction has delivered more Remedyforce implementation projects in the United States than any other BMC partner. BMC Helix Remedyforce is a comprehensive ITSM solution built on Salesforce’s industry-leading platform. Used by organizations of all sizes, Remedyforce provides world-class IT service technology, ITIL-based process optimization, and comprehensive service management capabilities, including incident, problem, change, service-level management, and self-service, discovery, and asset management.

Developed by BMC to simplify IT operations and improve the service experience, Remedyforce keeps you a step ahead of changing business needs. And especially when you have a trusted consulting partner on your side.

Accelerate Remedyforce’s value with Cloudaction

Wherever you are in your Remedyforce ITSM journey – whether a new user, existing user, or looking to transition from your current solution – Cloudaction can help you implement, configure, and optimize Remedyforce for maximum IT productivity and innovation.

Remedyforce enables you to support the needs of your dynamic business with the robust IT service management capabilities, including:

  • Incident and Problem Management– Improve your customer satisfaction levels and resolution rates while reducing costs with a best practice-management approach for incidents, problems, service requests, and tasks.
  • Change Management– Track, control, and report on the process of IT change management, with workflows based on your business requirements. Minimize risk through effective process enforcement and approval automation.
  • Configuration Management– Integrated configuration item (CI) inventory maintains accurate CI information in the Remedyforce CMDB, providing visibility into root cause and impact analysis.
  • Asset Management– Proactive management of assets throughout their lifecycle, including advanced features such as data normalization and reconciliation, to drive simplification and automation while optimizing investments and mitigating risks.
  • Discovery and Client Management– Automated discovery for a more complete view of one’s environment and client management capabilities to proactively manage devices while reducing support time and increasing first-call resolutions.
  • Release Management– Process management of planning, scheduling, and controlling the build, test, and deployment of releases and new functionality while protecting the integrity of existing services.
  • Self-Service and Service Catalog– An intuitive portal where employees and customers can resolve their own issues or needs.
  • Mobile Apps for IT and Business– Support for IT and business users on the go. IT agents can perform virtually any task from their mobile devices, leveraging the Salesforce mobile app. Self-service users can perform quick submission of incidents using the Superbox feature, view incidents, and view knowledge articles.
  • Service Level Management, Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics– Instant visual display of key performance indicators with out-of-the-box and customizable reports and dashboards.
  • IT Best Practices– Out-of-the-box access to industry and ITIL best practices for reduced training, speed resolution, and mitigate risk and compliance/governance.
  • Knowledge Management– A robust knowledge base for searching and resolving common issues quickly.
  • Survey– Comprehensive survey tool for increased understanding of customer satisfaction and continual service improvement.

Drive service desk excellence with Helix ITSM.

BMC Helix ITSM is the leading service management platform for delivering intelligent, user-centric experiences. It enables IT leaders to empower their teams with advanced tools and out-of-the-box ITIL processes that support value-added services and delight business users. By transforming the agent experience, Helix ITSM drives increased ROI and measurable improvements in service desk efficiency. Developed by BMC, the world leader in IT automation, Helix ITSM’s industry-leading platform is delivered in the cloud, on-prem, or as a hybrid solution. IT has everything you need to raise your service management game. Selecting the right BMC partner will take you to the next level faster, and with more confidence.

Helix ITSM

Helix ITSM is the engine that drives IT transformation. You can deliver amazing service management. Take advantage of advanced cognitive automation. Quickly enable ITIL-aligned best practices. And precise monitor your performance via smart reporting. Cloudaction can help you install and fine-tune Helix ITSM so that IT sets the service management pace for your organization.

Helix ITSM has everything you need to deliver amazing, predictive and industry-leading service management to your organization. Features include:

  • Modern persona-based UX – Optimized across devices and personalized by role in the organization to maximize effectiveness so that issues are resolved quickly and accurately.
  • Cognitive automation capabilities that transform the agent experience – Predictive service management through autoclassification, assignment, and routing of incidents, tickets, and incoming emails.
  • IT service support functions integration – Intelligent and context-aware integrated support capabilities including change, asset, service-level, service-request, identity, and knowledge management.
  • Comprehensive and intuitive change management capabilities – Provides direct visibility and data driven insights into business priorities.
  • Out-of-the-box ITIL processes – Aligns to ITIL best practices quickly and cost-effectively, along with expert services and training.
  • Comprehensive knowledge management – Built-in knowledge-centered service to help deliver fast and accurate service and support. Life-cycle management of knowledge articles (including multi-media enhanced and external materials) for effective curation and up-to-date information.
  • Multi-cloud service management – Seamless service experience across multi-cloud environments. Flexible and configurable cloud-based multi-service, multi-provider incident, change and problem management brokering including integration with leading agile dev tools.
  • Smart Reporting – Powerful reports and visualizations allowing data-driven insights.

James Ivy, CEO

“From pre-implementation planning to post go-live support, we make the cloud work better for your organization.”