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Software Delivery Management (SDM ) gives everyone in the software development and delivery organization, from developers to engineering managers, product managers to product marketers, doc writers, UI designers, support and business executives a way to easily see not just where product and features are sitting in the value delivery process, but also how the software is driving value. This is more than just extending the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process, but about extending the DevOps philosophy of collaboration and information sharing to the entire company. With Software Delivery Management, all artifacts and data from disparate tools used to move a product or feature from initial idea to max adoption are integrated into a unified common data layer, with the key information connected and easily accessible, giving each individual and team an unprecedented level of insight into bottlenecks and inefficiencies dramatically improving the speed at which better software gets to users safely.

CloudBees is one such company that is enabling the world’s biggest and brightest companies to transition from incoherent, disconnected DevOps to self-service, fast, secure workflows connecting software delivery to business outcomes. With CloudBees Software Delivery Management, the silos between the software organization and other cross-functional stakeholders are broken down, so both can continuously understand what is needed, what is being delivered, and how it is driving business and customer impact. Information about the project is available to all stakeholders in real-time, in the form they need it. No more waiting for an email response or combing through a spreadsheet and hoping it has the relevant data. This makes it possible for the stakeholders to continually and seamlessly collaborate.

From Code to Customer, Continuously Advancing Your Business

CloudBees Analytics: Your analytics needs aren't all the same. Some need DORA and developer metrics, others want to understand the end-to-end software delivery value stream. All need a single source of truth for real-time contextual software delivery insights. Get a consolidated view of multiple dashboards and reporting functions to plan, schedule, audit and track pipelines, releases, and deployments. Get a bird’s-eye view of release statuses, milestone dates, dependencies, pending approvals, test results, progress, environments, and teams involved. See historical workload growth across demand cycles. Infrastructure teams can spot patterns, capacity issues, and unexpected spikes around system/controller health, enabling admins to take preemptive action and prevent unplanned downtime.

CloudBees Compliance: CloudBees Compliance runs continuously alongside the software delivery process, using out-of-the-box regulatory control frameworks, like CIS, CSA, FedRAMP, PCI, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, or your own custom controls to ensure compliance in real-time at every stage. Secure DevOps, at scale, requires automated, real time verification of security and compliance across the organization. CloudBees Compliance enables organizations to set controls and rules centrally, determine compliance issues in software and infrastructure and prioritize action based on the risk / compliance health of the organization. The company's aim is to eliminate the noise, wasted effort and friction that engineering teams typically experience when dealing with security and compliance requirements.

Continuous Delivery: Make releases boring by replacing brittle scripts with powerful, reusable abstract models, with security and compliance by default. Enable predictable deployments for any workload to any environment at any scale. Replace brittle scripts with powerful, reusable abstracted models that enable predictable, repeatable automated deployments for any workload to any environment. Select from a catalog of automation including out-of-the box immutable pipeline components and customizable workflow templates, or easily migrate existing manual scripts into a reusable visual flow. Ops teams easily add compliance measures, creating “governance guardrails” to ensure all pre-approved workflows implement security by default. Generate real-time pipeline analytics to measure deployment success or failure, frequency, throughput, duration, and much more.

Feature Management: Bring more innovation to market faster with less risk using CloudBees Feature Management, an enterprise feature flag management solution integrated across the CloudBees software delivery platform. Easily manage feature flag permissions, automate flag cleanup, and provide feature flag visibility and control across the rest of your CloudBees CI/CD toolchain. Integrate with end user analytics tools to shorten feedback loops and reduce risk by decoupling release from deploy, choosing exactly who sees a new feature and when. Bi-directional configuration as code with Github allows developers to edit flags in their preferred environments without using a dashboard.

Release Orchestration: Get the meta-view and rise above a singular release or deployment pipeline. Orchestrate applications, services, and their related pipelines, releases, release dependencies, environment, and features, for real-time transparency across your DevOps ecosystem. Keeping track of dependencies across software releases is tricky and time consuming. Check out how CloudBees can give you the visibility you need to feel confident in your software releases. Orchestrate multiple interdependent applications or microservices, including any tool, for any app, across any environment.

Anuj Kapur | President and CEO

Anuj Kapur joined CloudBees as President & Chief Executive Officer in August 2022. He brings extensive experience in corporate strategy, product management, go-to-market strategy, and alliances in the enterprise technology sector, having been a C-level executive at Cisco and SAP. Prior to CloudBees, Anuj was President, Corporate Development and Strategy at SAP and was responsible for the company’s growth strategy and execution across the entire product and customer life cycle. Anuj was previously the Chief Strategy Officer at Cisco from 2018 to 2020. In this role, he led a team that worked closely with Cisco’s CEO and other top executives on product and go-to-market strategy and startup investments.

Anuj is a coffee and Seinfeld connoisseur and looks to create synergies between those interests and his professional life. He has a bachelor’s of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo and a master’s degree in business administration from The Wharton School.

"Time moves faster inside the Hive—we’re pushing the possibilities of software at Hi(ve) speed, bringing customers the DevOps transformation journey of the future, now."