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CloudCodes – Bridging the Security Gaps between the Enterprises and Cloud


Many organizations have been leveraging cloud-based technologies for agility, flexibility, and scalability advantages. Given this context, cloud security is indispensable for all organizations. By implementing cloud security correctly, organizations can ensure business continuity and unlock many opportunities that the cloud environment offers. The benefits of cloud security amply highlight how cloud security has an edge over on-premise security. It is important to choose the right cloud security provider to ensure the enhanced security of your cloud-hosted assets.

CloudCodes is one such firm that provides cloud solutions allowing the enterprise to open doors for business value regardless of the location. The topnotch CASB solutions from CloudCodes enable the enterprises with operations on the cloud to meet the challenge of cloud security threat with ease. It enables enterprises to implement stringent security policies for better data governance, data security and control over the data and the users. CloudCodes CASB, unlike other CASB vendors, offers multiple cloud security solutions through one single console. Cloud Security solutions like Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Access Control, Single Sign On (SSO), Identity Management, Shadow IT and MDM. All of these solutions are well integrated and are flexible to suit enterprises with varied needs.

A Product Suite That fits All Cloud Needs

Access Control: It is a system with which a company can regulate and monitor permissions, or access to their business data by formulating various policies suited chosen by the company. Access control helps companies gain macro-level visibility into their data and user behavior, which a cloud app may not be able to offer, given their on-demand services and mobility. Today, data is the most valuable asset of a company, safeguarding it is the next thing to do! Access Control in cloud computing gives companies the control to restrict unauthorized user access and, at the same time, give enough access for smooth functioning at work. CloudCodes Access Control in cloud security lets companies formulate policies to restrict access through specific IP addresses, browsers, devices, and during specified time shifts. Here's an in-depth view of the Access Control in cloud computing solution.

CloudCodes DLP: It is a data loss Prevention in cloud computing helps the organization in monitoring, tracking, and preventing business data on the cloud, while in use, in motion or at rest. To avoid data breach or data loss from cloud apps like G Suite, Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc., Data Loss Prevention enables the IT admin of the organization to set up policies through the CloudCodes CASB dashboard. With these policies, businesses can keep a check on the way their data is being used and can track or restrict several functions like sharing, downloading, copying, printing, etc. for a single user, particular OUs, or the entire organization. Data loss prevention in cloud computing also helps businesses adhere to compliances like PII, PHI, PCI, HIPAA, etc. CloudCodes DLP in the cloud is one of the highest demanded solutions by CloudCodes customers. CloudCodes Data Loss Prevention in cloud computing gives complete visibility and control to you to secure any information that may be leaked by any user - intentionally or unintentionally.

Shadow IT: In this modern IT world, most of the enterprise is working on cloud and taken various cloud-based services into account. However, most of these services are authorized by their IT, but access to some of these cloud services is not allowed at all. But still, some unlearned users cannot avoid the use of such unauthorized applications. They might not do it with any malicious intent, but any unauthorized access to the cloud services may pose a threat to the organization's crucial data. Although technically it is possible to block all such services, it is really important to maintain a balance and find any middle way to avail possible benefits from these services without allowing them to have a bad impact on the organization's data security and compliance. CloudCodes Shadow IT solution is one of the most positive approaches that evaluates and reports all types of potential IT risks. The primary role of Shadow IT is to monitor, block, and report the use of any authorized and unauthorized apps within the organization.

CloudCodes Single Sign-On (SSO): Single Sign-On solution from CloudCodes services protects thousands of applications from risks associated with password management and enables users to access mobile, cloud, and on-premises programs on any device. By implementing SSO, users need to enter a single username and password for once and then acquire access to the devices and apps that are based upon policy from the enterprise. It gives support to internal (contractors, employees) as well as external (customers, partners) users.

The Formidable leader

Debasish Pramanik is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of CloudCodes.

“We provide cloud security through the single sign-on solution; we not only offer cost-efficient and integrated solutions, but also give complete control to your data.”