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Industry’s Next Breakthrough Solution: Cloudticity Is Helping Its Clients Unleash Healthcare Ingenuity through the Cloud


In recent times, cloud technology is a part of everyday life. It offers accessibility and storage with just the click of a button. Previously doctors used to rely on conventional methods to share information about patients. But now, cloud technology offers a single access point to patient information. Collaborations regarding treatment plans happen with a single click, and the transfer of this information occurs instantly. The health care environment is rapidly changing than ever before due to the demand for delivering higher quality medical services for less money, and increased competition between health care services providers. Doctors, private health care institutions, research clinics, and hospitals are looking for reliable solutions to enhance daily activities, efficiency, and decrease their spending. If implemented and used appropriately, cloud computing technologies will have a fitting response to all these requirements. To unleash healthcare ingenuity by tapping into the cloud’s full potential, Cloudticity has come-up with HITRUST-certified solutions.

Empower Your Business

Oxygen, managed cloud solutions for healthcare

Cloudticity Oxygen, the next generation of managed cloud solutions for healthcare, allows healthcare IT to unleash healthcare ingenuity through ground-breaking automation and world-class cloud expertise. By offloading infrastructure operations, security, and compliance, IT leaders can free up resources to focus on value-adding activities, resulting in incredible velocity and innovation for healthcare IT. Oxygen is different from other managed cloud solutions on the market because of Cloudticity’s fully automated approach. By automating 98% of managed services delivery, their solution provides unparalleled agility, reliability, performance, and security. Traditional managed services rely on humans to manage IT environments, which leaves room for human error that can result in harmful security, reliability, and performance issues. Cloudticity’s automated solution virtually eliminates that risk of human error and provides incredible efficiency, velocity, security, and agility for healthcare IT.

  • The solution also includes Managed Kubernetes and unified logging. No other competitive solution on the market offers all of that in one bundle
  • Oxygen provides 200+ inheritable and partially inheritable HITRUST controls. This is more than any other provider on the market. This helps clients streamline achieving HITRUST compliance by 10-50%, depending on the company’s unique risk profile. No one else on the market comes close to this level of HITRUST support

Cloudticity Healthcare Data Solutions

Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™ and Healthcare DataView™, the next generation of healthcare data solutions on AWS, empower public health organizations to improve population health management through robust cloud-native data ingestion and real-time analytics.

DataHub and DataView are different from anything else on the market. Traditional healthcare data solutions require expensive hardware, which can take months to scale. Cloudticity’s solution can be deployed and scaled in moments without the need for hardware. Traditional solutions are fickle and struggle to ingest healthcare data. They reject a lot of data when it isn’t a perfect match. It can take months to get the data in the environment. Cloudticity’s ingestion engine is flexible and intelligent. They can get the data in the environment in a matter of hours, allowing public health agents and government officials to implement population health management activities driven by the most relevant surveillance data available.

What is exciting is, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has seen a HUGE surge in demand for Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub, and they are currently solving public health / COVID-19 data challenges for some of the hardest-hit states. While the team is devastated by the state of the world, they are also honored and floored that they have a solution that can actually help. From helping public health organizations manage ventilator inventories at hospitals to identifying co-morbidities and performing contact tracing, Cloudticity’s solution is being used by several states to respond to COVID-19.

Data management system and compliance

For Cloudticity, compliance is not a periodic check-the-box activity. Rather, they see compliance as a measurable, repeatable set of policies and procedures that are proven to reduce risk and improve security. The Oxygen platform uses machine learning to identify drifts in configuration and deviations from baseline performance that represent potential compliance violations, and then remediate those situations automatically and accurately. Not only does this approach keep the system continually in compliance, but it also avoids the inevitable human errors that occur when security staff has to initiate manual remediation tasks. Cloudticity’s high amount of automation makes their compliance solution hyper-secure, since human error is the #1 cause of the breach in the cloud, according to Gartner.

Clients’ success is the key to growing your business

Cloudticity Healthcare DataView is a new service. With the rise in demand for Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub, one of their clients had told them that she really wanted a solution where she could submit her requirements for data analytics and visualization and have that delivered on demand. So Cloudticity launched Healthcare DataView in response to her request. Since then, they have seen HUGE demand from public health organizations dealing with COVID-19.


Leader behind the success of Cloudticity

Gerry Miller founded Cloudticity in 2011. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, healthcare fanatic, and professional investor in private ventures. From starting his first company in elementary school to selling his successful technology consulting firm in 1998, Gerry has always marched to his own drummer, producing a series of successes. Gerry’s first major company was The Clarity Group, a Boston-based Internet technology firm he founded in 1992. Gerry presided over seven years of 100% aggregate annual growth, and sold the company in 1998 when it had reached $10MM in revenue. He was recruited by Microsoft to become their Central US Chief Technology Officer, eventually taking over a global business unit and growing its revenue from $20MM to over $100MM in less than three years. Gerry then joined ePrize as Chief Operating Officer, where he grew sales 38% to nearly $70MM while improving operating efficiency, quality, and both client and employee satisfaction. Through his investment company Muse Holdings, Gerry actively works with portfolio companies to ensure success. His current muse is Cloudticity, where he focuses most of his time managing the day-to-day activities of bringing healthcare systems to life in the cloud.

“We love technology and changing people’s lives for the better, and deeply appreciate the need to change how people engage with healthcare.”