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Cloudinary: Feature-Rich Image and Video Platform for Developers


Cloudinary is the market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management platform. Cloudinary is being used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world, from small startups to large enterprises. We are here to cover your every image and video-related need. To free companies from the headaches of building complicated, expensive and time consuming, in-house image and video management solutions.

With Cloudinary companies can focus on developing their business logic while enjoying the most feature-rich platform available. Cloudinary was founded in 2011 by a group of high-tech veterans who have worked on a huge variety of web projects during the past two decades and got tired of implementing the same media management solutions over and over again. Throughout the years, Cloudinary has experienced the evolution in web development frameworks first hand, from crude tools to cutting-edge platforms. Nowadays, you can quickly build impressive, fast, scalable and affordable web applications you could have only dreamed of in the past.


Image Management for Developers

Images tell a story while persuading and engaging users. However, delivering the right version for each and every viewing context means having to create variants to suit all designs, layouts, and device resolutions while simultaneously optimizing performance. Manually undertaking such a task can be labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Cloudinary simplifies image management by automating the entire image lifecycle—from upload, storage, and management to on-the-fly manipulation for creating multiple variants and high-performance delivery through global Content Delivery Network.

Video Management for Developers

Whether you use videos for building a brand, showcasing a product, or telling a story, delivering videos that are suitable for viewing on diverse devices and varying bandwidths can be challenging.

Cloudinary makes it easy to integrate videos into websites and applications by automating the entire process—from uploading videos in any format, real-time transcoding, and on-the-fly manipulations to adaptive bitrate streaming, global delivery, and analytics.

Digital Asset Management

Managing a growing media library requires a central hub, in which teams can search and browse assets, tag and organize files, manipulate and distribute them, and track performance.

Cloudinary enables dynamic management of digital assets and optimized user experience by streamlining the entire lifecycle—from uploads, organization, and reuse to the rapid creation of multiple variants for optimized delivery across multiple devices and channels.


Manipulate images dynamically

Cloudinary offers a wide array of image manipulations through a URL-based API to apply artistic effects to an image or to simply scale it. With the simple system of chained transformations, you can crop, scale, transcode, filter, and optimize your original high-resolution images on the fly. Tailor transformations based on conditional parameters or the viewing context to deliver the most appropriate version to users.

Content-aware cropping

Images often require cropping to fit responsive layouts and diverse device dimensions. Cloudinary detects the region of interest in an image and crops it on the fly to fit the graphic design on any device without losing focus on the key content.

Visually enhance your images to meet the design requirements

Enhance the visual appearance of images by applying a wide range of effects and filters for desired effects. Dynamically add text or image overlays and easily modify the font, style, location, and other attributes.

Add watermarks and overlays

Whether you need to protect images with watermarks, personalize them or create memes, you can dynamically add text or image overlays and easily control the font, style, location, and other attributes.

Apply “if ... then ... else” conditions for transformations

Every image has different characteristics. With Cloudinary, you can dynamically manipulate images according to their characteristics and viewing requirements to ensure an optimal visual experience for users.Simply specify conditional “if ..else” parameters with the associated transformations to manipulate an image, depending on the viewing requirement.

Automatic Video Transcoding

Video formats significantly affect the start time and streaming experience, but manually determining the optimal format and encoder settings for every video can be time-consuming. Cloudinary dynamically determines, transcodes, and delivers every video in the most efficient format and codec based on the viewing device and browser, without having to manually re-create all the variants.

Automatically Fit Videos to Any Resolution

Leverage AI to dynamically create multiple variants of every video in different aspect ratios, including vertical and square videos, for mobile, social, and other channels. Cloudinary’s content-aware cropping identifies the most important content in a video through advanced AI and machine-learning techniques to automatically crop and adapt the content.

Apply Effects and Filters

Enhance videos by adjusting the contrast level, brightness, or saturation, regulating the gamma level, and applying artistic filters and effects with simple parameters.Easily adjust the video volume, change the playback speed, remove small motion shifts, control the looping, and adjust the audio properties.

Create Video Thumbnails

Easily create thumbnail images for videos by specifying the frame from an uploaded video or automatically grabbing the video’s middle frame by specifying the required image format. Additionally, resize, crop, and enhance thumbnails to match your graphic design and layout.

Deliver an Adaptive Streaming Experience Across all Devices

Start videos faster with fewer buffering interruptions and with the bestpossible quality. Effortlessly leverage adaptive bitrate streaming to adjust the quality of video stream in real-time according to detected bandwidth and CPU capacity.

The genius behind the success of Cloudinary; Itai Lahan, CEO

Itai has been managing software teams for the past 18 years, holding executive positions in VC-backed startups. Itai founded several technology companies including Ndivi, a boutique Israeli-based dev shop.