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March Edition 2020

Cloudistics– Transforming the Cloud Experience with composable on-premises infrastructure


Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of Cloud computing offers a competitive edge over your competitors. It helps you to access the latest and applications any time without spending your time and money on installations.

Cloudistics is an on-premises cloud computing company that delivers a complete public cloud experience with composable on-premises infrastructures to medium and large enterprises. Its software-defined technology natively converges network, storage, compute, virtualization, and management into a single platform to drive unprecedented simplicity in the datacenter. Cloudistics resets expectations for private cloud, providing bare-metal performance, unlimited scalability, true multitenancy, government-compliant security, and automated management and updates, all with incredible affordability.

Why Cloudistics?

Organizations choose Cloudistics because of its agility, innovation, infrastructure elasticity, and simplified IT service delivery. The firm accelerates its clients' business while cutting operational expenses by 6o percent. Cloudistics reduces the training and specialist costs by 40 percent, also delivers new applications in minutes along with TCO advantages. Other advantages include:

Everything is Included: No need for additional software or multiple specialized management tools for infrastructure and resources, it's all included. Cloudistics software includes application orchestration, resource management, enterprise-grade virtualization, network virtualization, enterprise storage services, and physical resources for all deployments.

Always Secure: The software is architected with security at the forefront. It includes powerful security features including two-factor authentication, role-based access control, true micro-segmentation, and FIPS-compliant data at rest encryption.

Automatic Updates Eliminate Unnecessary Downtime and Operational Risk: No more risk of incompatible software updates. The platform updates are pre-tested and certified to keep the system up to date and protected. It doesn't waste resources on upgrading individual components, hypervisor, storage, compute, hardware, and network resources will never absorb time or effort to maintain when utilizing Cloudistics.

Award-Winning and Built-In Proactive Support: Cloudistics service monitors its client's system 24×7, alerting helpdesk for application warnings, hardware issues and resource constraints arise. The company's technicians will attempt to remediate the issue and advise the customer of the next steps.

Simple and reliable products furnished by Cloudistics

Private cloud software

Cloudistics private cloud software is purpose-built to deliver an all-inclusive composable infrastructure that's ready for use out of the box. With a premium implementation, deployment, operations, and management experience, users can expect that it's easy, powerful, and able to accelerate applications, all in minutes and without requiring major planning and expertise to deliver the exact business needs.

Composable infrastructure

Cloudistics composable architecture eliminates the need for excessive investment in unused resources to deliver Storage, compute, and computing resources. It can be used without compromising uptime, reliability, and data protection. Storage, compute, and network resources scale independently of each other and are deployed effortlessly regardless of scale and/or business requirements.

Migration Manager

Cloudistics Migration Manager is a point-and-click live migration service included free in the application marketplace.  It gives you a way to migrate virtual machines from VMware™ environments to Cloudistics with no VM preparation and no post-migration reconfiguration. Migration Manager takes the hassle out of your migration.

Cloudistics Security

The private cloud platform is architected with security in mind. The firm completely upfront its security capabilities, giving a comprehensive feature set including authentication, authorization, availability, audit, confidentiality, security monitoring, incident response, policy management, and regulatory compliance for a platform that's safe, secure, and successful.

Cloud Controller

The cloud controller orchestrates all Cloudistics sites, applications, application deployments, compute, network, and Virtualization deployments all from 1 console. Cloudistics eliminates trips to the data center from anywhere without touching the hardware. Since everything is software-defined, all of the components from the application to the hardware are accessible remotely by the cloud controller.

The formidable leader behind the success of Cloudistics

Najaf Husain is the founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Cloudistics. He is an engineer and serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience in building companies.

Previously, he was the founder and CEO of AppAssure Software, which became the world's fastest-growing storage software company according to Inc Magazine. AppAssure revenue grew 2.4x compounded annually from inception until Dell acquired it in 2012. Prior to AppAssure, Mr. Husain was the founder and CEO of WQuinn Associates, a storage management system, which was acquired by Precise Software (PRSE) and subsequently acquired by Veritas Software (VRTS) in 2003. He is also a venture investor in many enterprise companies, including Solarwinds (IPO), Network Intelligence (acquired by RSA), Dynatrace (acquired by CA), and SevOne.

"Cloudistics is a transformative rethink on how IT infrastructure should support application provisioning or services while delivering groundbreaking operational efficiencies other platforms can't match."