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September Special Edition 2020

CloudMade – Global leader in the development and delivery of artificial intelligence based solutions for automotive industry


Autonomous cars have been recently hitting the headlines and dominating tech-talks. Autonomous vehicles are starting to become a real possibility in some parts of the industry. Many of the operations that vehicles have to perform are based on sensor information and some AI algorithms. Vehicles need to collect data, plan their trajectory, and execute the trajectory. These tasks, especially the last two, require non-traditional programming approaches and rely on machine learning techniques, which are part of AI. When talking about autonomous cars, it is almost impossible not to discuss artificial intelligence. AI is used to enable the cars to navigate through the traffic and handle complex situations. With combined AI software and other IoT sensors, such as cameras, it becomes easier to ensure proper and safe driving. Depending on the level of automation, the definition of autonomous varies. The right use of data and connectivity can transform your customer experience and make every journey a more personal one. This brings direct brand value and loyalty, critical factors in today’s innovation-led environment. But the use of Artificial Intelligence has made this field look fascinating and exciting.

CloudMade is one such firm mission to create the building blocks and business logic that help the automotive industry connect the dots on every human journey. The firm consists of a team of product thinkers, doers, and storytellers united in one purpose; to make every human journey delightfully simple.   Its product is an intelligent mobility solution used by carmakers to transform their car and mobile user experiences, making them simpler, safer, and more profitable. The firm has built a machine learning solution uniquely suited to automotive and mobility use cases; run hundreds of programs with car makers; and delivered cars, apps, and concepts that have defined intelligent mobility. CloudMade has been at the forefront of automotive learning software development for over ten years and has composed a team led by software industry veterans with experience learned from product success worldwide. It makes your vehicle more appealing to digital-minded consumers and increases brand loyalty.

Industry-leading products and services furnished by CloudMade

Frameworks: The cloud and SDK product for collecting and analyzing automotive data sets. CloudMade Frameworks address the complexity of deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence in automotive. Its architecture allows you to deploy CloudMade components within your solution, leveraging your vehicle or smartphone sensor network and then computing onboard and in the cloud to deliver predictions back to the device.

Intelligent Vehicle: The future of automotive lies in connectivity and smart use of driver data to improve the user experience. CloudMade has been developing use case solutions to address this future for over ten years. The current Intelligent Vehicle package contains all of the above use cases in production, pre-production, or ready-for-testing status. Intelligent Apps deliver great digital user experiences to drivers and passengers by integrating high personalization, modern technologies, and state of the art design. CloudMade is ready to work with you to embed the relevant use cases and technical package that enables your brand to create a brilliant companion app for your brand or integrate new intelligent features to your in-vehicle web-app platform of choice.

Intelligent Apps: Intelligent Apps deliver great digital user experiences to drivers and passengers by integrating high personalization, modern technologies, and state of the art design. Data from mobile usage, blended with that learned from vehicle use, creates a total experience for the user wishing to make a journey or find out more information about previous journeys. It is streamlined interfaces that predict the driver's next destination, maneuver, or route. It also simplifies communications through calendar and contacts integration to journeys. Trip history and categorization, both from mobile only-data and vehicle data, are available. The app furnishes a holistic information experience with driver profile, weather, and traffic integration with GDPR Compliant data collection and privacy controls. The company’s starter kit offers a ready-to-deploy suite of components that allow you to start creating driver profiles out of the box, and analyze the data on smartphone or web.

Juha Christensen, Chief Executive Officer

"Our mission is to create the building blocks and business logic that helps the industry connects the dots on every human journey."