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An Interview with Chris Osborn, Coach Training Alliance CEO: ‘Our Training Programs are the Best in the Industry and we Continue to Use the Co-Creative Process to Develop Future Talented Coaches’


“We create a safe environment where those new to coaching can begin taking their first steps and receive constructive feedback to improve their technique.”

An executive or leadership coach is an external, qualified professional who works both individually and with teams to identify areas for improvement, clarify goals, hone leadership skills and act as a confidential sounding board to refine ideas.

Leadership coaching, once reserved for rehabilitating poor performers, has evolved as a way to develop high-potential talent, ease the transition of a new leader and even provide a much-sought-after perk to highly valued employees.

In light of the foregoing, we’re pleased to present Coach Training Alliance — revolutionizing professional coaching. As a leading, global coach training organization, Coach Training strives to help students maximize their potential through life coaching, professional coaching, and personal coaching by enriching their lives and creating better, profitable opportunities.

Chris Osborn, Coach Training Alliance CEO, spoke exclusively to

The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Whom do you give credit for your business success? Why?

I credit my business success to a handful of awesome mentors for both the sage and opportunity they gifted me with.

Q. Explain your training programs in brief.

We offer classes for new and emerging coaches, graduate-level training and customized programs for leadership coaching. Our programs develop both your ability to coach as well as your confidence as a coach. We create a safe environment where those new to coaching can begin taking their first steps and receive constructive feedback to improve their technique. We use hands-on, live coaching so that students step into their role more quickly. Instead of inundating students with massive amounts of new information all at once, our training takes place over time so that they naturally progress and develop mastery.

Most importantly, we help students integrate and apply what they learn in the classroom to their lives outside so they may move towards the change they see for themselves personally and professionally.

Q. Tell us more about your coach training accelerator. Can anyone become a coach?

Coaching is a skill set that helps address complex situations, creates opportunities, and develops people. This skillset can be integrated into existing positions (leader, consultant, volunteer, HR business partner) or it can be offered as a stand-alone discipline. While anyone can develop their ability to coach, only some individuals will choose to pursue a career as a professional coach. The Coach Training Accelerator is a comprehensive program for developing the skills and techniques required for coaching; the program also offers a structure for designing, marketing, and implementing a coaching practice. The Coach Training Accelerator can be used as a self-study quick start guide for getting started as a coach; it is also the supplemental course material for the live training program. Do you have what it takes to become a coach? Take our quiz to find out.

Q. How efficient are your coach training programs?

In just six months, our Certified Coach Program will develop your ability to confidently and competently coach clients.

Q. Developing a skill requires understanding themselves, seeing the need for change. How do you make an individual develop a new habit that solidifies the change?

Students are coached throughout the program. Each week they experience first-hand the power of coaching via one-on-one coaching sessions and group coaching formats overseen by an ICF credentialed mentor coach.

Q. Behavioural skills are basic psychological human aspects and are difficult to measure. What is your approach to measure and compare?

We ensure each student is educated and has a working knowledge of the International Coach Federation (ICF) eleven (11) Core Competencies of coaching. Students demonstrate their competency in each category during live coaching sessions, observation exercises, and feedback sessions. While coaching is never about performance, our mentor coaches track a student’s progress towards mastering each of these Core Competencies to ensure each student we certify can competently and confidently coach others.

Q. There are other reputed companies in the market which are offer coaching and mentoring. What makes you an expert?

Coach Training Alliance has trained and certified over 10,000 coaches in over 45 countries. Our training programs are the best in the industry and we continue to use the co-creative process to develop future talented coaches.

Q. Great coaches are also great learners. Are you one of them?

Learning is a passion, a passion that rewards the seeker with more learning opportunities. Lifelong learning is a commitment of every team member at Coach Training Alliance and we ask the same of our students. Having the opportunity to continually learn, grow, and give back is by far the most rewarding part for me.

Q. How do you keep your service standards up and running?

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and maintain strict adherence to the industry standards established by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a Six Sigma Champion, we at Coach Training Alliance are continually updating and improving our offering. On-going continued education in both the fields of coaching as well as instructional design ensures our programs are relevant and effective. In addition to external reviews from third-party providers, we receive survey feedback from each of our students and mentor coaches.

Chris Osborn: A Vibrant Leader

Chris Osborn is the Chief Executive Officer of Coach Training Alliance. Chris is a serial entrepreneur, executive, and executive coach. His passion lies in growing businesses that aid in personal growth or business expansion of others. He has been widely recognized for his ability to lead change through organizational growth and strategic planning.

Chris currently serves as both a board member and in executive capacities of numerous organizations in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds. His experience varies widely from distance education and healthcare to e-commerce and financial services. He periodically authors material for the Coaching Compass and is the visionary and co-author behind the Human Capital Accelerator. In addition to his work at CTA, Chris is licensed both as an Opposite Strengths® Executive Coach as well as a New Money Story Coach. Chris is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of California at Berkeley.

Instead of inundating students with massive amounts of new information all at once, our training takes place over time so that they naturally progress and develop mastery.”