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A digital coaching expert offering holistic people development services to forward-thinking companies on a global scale: CoachHub


We live in a fast-paced digital world where employees are trying their best to catch up and stay relevant to the recent trends. Employers must understand the current situation and opt for coaching and development for their employees to boost confidence, strengthen relationships, increase retention, improve employee engagement, and help employees reach their highest potential. Business goals are generally known for prioritizing cost-saving plans and improving margin; however, investing in employee development is also equally important. Coaching should be developed in such a way that it must create a unique one-to-one relationship with individuals to help them overcome the obstacles.

Coaches provide the necessary individual guidance to help people as a sounding board and resources providing unbiased feedback, inspiring self-reflection, provoking thoughts, and sparking discussions. Globally there are various employee development and coaching firms providing excellent services, but CoachHub stands out from the rest. CoachHub is the digital coaching solution enabling personalized coaching and professional development for employees at all career levels. A pool of certified top coaches from all around the world and an application for web and smartphone allows live coaching sessions via video. CoachHub turns managers into inspiring leaders, boost team performance and help employees grow personally and professionally.

In conversation with Yannis Niebelschütz, Founder of CoachHub

Q. What do you credit to CoachHub’s success?

CoachHub’s immediate success is partly due to ‘being in the right place at the right time.’ We are providing a service that is highly in demand and customers value highly at the moment. This heightened demand can be attributed to the pandemic, which has forced workplace digitalization and a rise in virtual office solutions. Employees and managers alike need to be supported during this change, whether that be for soft skills development such as resilience and communication or general wellbeing. Therefore they are increasingly looking at professional personnel development, and CoachHub provides just that, virtual business coaching. My brother (co-founder) and I have a fantastic team. We wouldn’t be here today without the hard work, passion, and dedication of our employees to democratize coaching worldwide.

Q. How efficient are your coaching & training strategies? Explain.

We are passionate about the science behind coaching, and everything we do is science-based, thanks to our Coaching Lab, our in-house research and development team, consisting of world-leading behavioral scientists and psychologists, that contributes to the growing field of digital coaching and behavior change at scale. Together with our science board, we have developed a holistic business coaching approach focusing on the two key facets of successful leadership in the digital age - grow as a person and inspire as a leader. The ROI of coaching is very important for us, and it is a topic our Coaching Lab is constantly working on. Our coaching evaluation model includes four key areas - the reaction level, the learning level, the behavioral level, and the organizational outcomes - more details on this will soon be released in our latest whitepaper about the ROI of coaching, so keep an eye out!

Q. How do you manage to understand a company’s operational culture in and out before strategizing a training program?

We usually have a number of consultancy calls with an account manager and a behavioral scientist to help define how the coaching will integrate and align best with a client’s organizational goals. We are increasingly being approached on business and agile transformations, and it is an area we expect to see an increase in this year.

Q. There are other reputed and expert coaching and training institutes in the market. What makes you the best professional training and coaching partner?

There are plenty of coaching and training organizations, however, technology has revolutionized the coaching industry, and people are looking for much more digital and personalized solutions. We are currently the fastest-growing digital coaching provider in Europe. It is becoming an increasingly competitive landscape, but what sets us apart, number 1, is our Coaching Lab - we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the science behind coaching. Our AI matching algorithm and the ability to have as many chemistry calls with different coaches is also a differentiating factor; it ensures far greater success in the matching process and the coachee journey. We also have one of the most rigorous screening processes that includes certain criteria that has to be met - hundreds of coaches apply to be part of CoachHub a day, but we only accept the best to ensure our customers are getting the best.

Q. Great coaches are also great learners. Are you one of them?

I actually started this business because I realized the power of coaching. Although I am not a coach myself, I was and still am a coachee. I have always been very passionate about personal development hence why coaching has always been part of my career.

Q. What does the future hold for CoachHub and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

For us, quite simply, it’s growth and penetrating new markets, specifically the U.S. In order to meet our clients’ needs, we quickly needed to develop our internal infrastructure, so we have immediately hired new staff and massively expanded our network of coaches. By the end of this year, we want to bring in an additional 2000 coaches into our network and also offer coaching in even more languages.

Meet the leaders behind the success of CoachHub

Brothers Matti and Yannis Niebelschütz are definitely Founders out of passion. Because in the last ten years they have founded numerous successful companies, including the freelancer website ExpertLead and the online perfumery MyParfum. With CoachHub, a digital coaching platform was finally created in 2018, which enables a personal business coach for every employee. The Berlin startup is supported by Europe’s leading technology investors who have invested a total of $50million.

“CoachHub’s coaching and training approach has been developed in collaboration with leading experts in coaching and leadership development. It serves as a basis for close cooperation between HR, managers and coaches.”