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December Edition 2021

Cohen Schneider Law, P.C. – A Law Firm for Entrepreneurs and Pioneers in Business, Education, and Not-For-Profit Venture


Cohen Schneider Law, P.C. is the hub for innovation and its creators. Its dedicated lawyers, professional, and support staff counsel their clients by devising sound legal strategies that form the foundation innovators need to build their growing companies, socially-impacting organizations, and schools on the cutting-edge of education and education reform. The firm stirs their clients through legal and regulatory matters big and small, and the many pivots they experience along their dynamic needs. Their practice and lawyers cover a wide range of disciplines from internet law and e-commerce law to small business law, real estate, family, and education law matters. 

The firm provides best practices and lawyers for various sectors. For individuals, that means protecting your property, your lifestyle – and your wallet. For businesses, that means taking the time to translate hard-and-fast legalese into English-for-entrepreneurs – enabling you to make rapid, well-informed decisions. For schools and educational services providers, it means swinging the door wide open to pioneering charter school education and other educational endeavors.

Supporting Innovation through Best Practices and Forward-Thinking Lawyers

Charter School Legal Team: With attributes of traditional schools, not-for-profit corporations and innovative start-ups, NYC charter schools face a myriad of legal issues that call for the involvement of lawyers with a combination of legal skills that cross over many areas of the law. Its NYC charter school attorney team’s unique experience and skill set distinguishes the firm and sets us apart as one of New York’s leading charter school law practices. They are proud to provide counsel to over 100 (and counting) NYC charter schools and related organizations.

Business Startup Lawyers: Its startup law firm in NYC regularly advise entrepreneurs in the New York City area and beyond on a wide range of matters. This includes helping them select and implement the proper legal structure from which to launch their startup business, working towards an exit (sale) and everything in between. As entrepreneurs and NYC startup lawyers, they appreciate the fast-paced, around-the-clock schedule that may be required to take a project from the drawn-on-a-napkin idea stage to launch and beyond, and will roll up their sleeves along with you every step of the way.

Not-For-Profit Organizations: Consistent with their firm’s focus on working with individuals, businesses and schools that are innovating in their respective fields, their NYC not-for-profit lawyers provide counsel to not-for-profit organizations pursuing a variety of charitable and social purposes that contribute financial support and/or services to the constituencies they support.  Not-for-profit organizations have many similar needs to their for-profit counterparts; however, they also have unique needs, too, given and their non-profit attorneys in NYC have the broad experience needed to provide not-for-profit NYC organizations with the legal strategy and services they require. Its team of non-profit attorneys in NYC works with the founders of not-for-profit organization to incorporate draft and adopt policies and procedures to comply with legal requirements, meet the organization’s needs and to provide the foundation from which they can launch their charitable endeavor. The firm also drafts first-generation agreements and other legal documents that a new organization may require to begin to fulfill their mission and purpose.

Leadership | Cohen Schneider Law, P.C.

Cliff S. Schneider is the Managing Partner of Cohen Schneider Law, P.C. He focuses his practice on advising individuals and organizations that are innovating in the areas of education, business and the non-profit sector. Whether it’s a school, a start-up business, existing business or a social enterprise, Cliff guides his clients through projects big and small and the many twists and turns experienced along the way. Drawing from 15 years of experience in which he serves many as their outside general counsel and close trusted advisor, Cliff’s cross-disciplinary approach to practice spans a variety of areas of law to provide clients with a team member that possess the depth and breadth required to implement legal strategies that support clients as they pursue their passions, purposes and interests.

Michael M. Cohen is the Co-Founding Partner (Retired) of Cohen Schneider Law, P.C. He has been practicing law in New York City for a period in excess of forty two years. He has represented clients in their personal and business transactions and advocating on their behalf before Courts throughout the New York City metropolitan area, including Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties. His practice focuses on the representation of clients concerning the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, the probate of wills  and  the  administration  of decedent’s estates, adoptions, guardianships, the creation of wills and trusts and related estate planning documents, all Family Court matters, including custody and visitation, support and enforcement, as well as matrimonial litigation.

“As New York City lawyers for over 40 years, our experience is unparalleled. And we pair it with an even more powerful tool: patience.”