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March Edition 2020

Cohesity – Redefining data management by simplifying data centers and cloud


They say that companies that do not understand the importance of data management are less likely to survive in the modern economy. Your data is your most valuable asset. To create a truly data-focused organization, it is essential to understand the ins and outs of data management. Data is the foundation of a business’s information, knowledge, and ultimately the wisdom for correct decisions and actions. If this data is relevant, complete, accurate, meaningful, and actionable, it will help in the growth of the organization. If not, it can prove to be a useless and even harmful asset to a scaling enterprise. Therefore, data management initiatives should be taken to increase the quality of the data and information. Organizations have to manage the data cycle well because the data is created, stored, maintained, used and even destroyed. When data management occurs effectively, the data life cycle begins even before the data is acquired.

Cohesity is one such firm that is redefining data management from the ground up to solve critical challenges faced in businesses today. Most enterprise data like backups, archives, file shares, object stores, and data used for test and analytics sit in fragmented infrastructure silos that make it hard to protect, expensive to manage, and difficult to analyze. Cohesity consolidates silos onto one web-scale platform, spanning on-premises, cloud, and the edge, and uniquely empowers organizations to run apps on that platform making it easier than ever to back up and extract insights from data.

Simplified products and solutions furnished by Cohesity

Cohesity DataProtect

It provides end-to-end protection for virtual and physical workloads, databases, applications, and storage with a single, simple web-scale solution. It is simple and eliminates legacy backup silos and radically simplifies operations with a single UI. It has rapid recovery points and instant recovery to help meet your business SLAs and most importantly it is flexible and can be deployed anywhere, scale-out limitlessly, and eliminate forklift upgrades.

Cohesity DataPlatform

It helps in consolidating backups, file shares, object stores, and data for Dev/test and analytics on a web-scale data management platform. It has Multiprotocol support uniquely manages multiple workloads with NFS, SMB and S3 support, and IOs on SpanFS. Along with it, an accelerated development is present which instantly provides zero-cost clones for Dev/test and release higher-quality apps faster and eliminates unnecessary data copies.

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition

It consolidates and simplifies managing all data and applications over the hybrid cloud and converts on-premises VMs to native cloud format to support application mobility and Dev/test. It also replicates data from on-premises to the cloud and vice-versa using built-in replication protecting cloud VMs through integration with snapshot APIs of the public cloud providers.

Cohesity DataPlatform for Edge

It is an enterprise-class data management and protection for modern remote and branch office locations. It is simple and consolidates backup, recovery, files, object, and cloud archival on a single solution with at most flexibility and quickly deploys within a virtual environment or on certified Cisco and HPE servers. The platform is also agile as it is automated policy-based replication and archival to your core or the public cloud.

Cohesity Imanis Data

It is a radically simple backup, recovery, and data management for Hadoop Distributed File System and NoSQL distributed databases including MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchbaseDB, Hbase, and others. The Imanis Data is a fast, flexible backup, any point-in-time recovery, and disaster recovery to meet your business SLA needs. It has a simplified orchestration with seamless data migration for Dev/test, replication, and database migrations, across on-premises and cloud, with predictive automation that has automated-policy and machine learning for agility, ensuring compliance, and protecting against cyber-attacks.

Industry accolades

Cohesity innovation has been recognized by industry analysts, media publications, business influencers, and partner organizations. The firm has won several accolades. Some of them include:

Gartner Magic Quadrant-2019

A Forrester Wave Leader-2019

CNBC Disruptor 50-2019

Cohesity was named by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the ‘world’s 61 most promising technology pioneers’ in2018

Meet the formidable leader: Mohit Aron

Mohit Aron is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Cohesity. He has more than 15 years’ experience building scalable, high-performance distributed systems and has been attributed as the father of hyper-convergence. Prior founding Cohesity Mr. Aron was at Google as a lead developer on the Google File System engineering project.

Mr. Aron graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rice University with a focus on distributed systems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.

“Cohesity is committed to continuous innovation, consolidating, and simplifying the management of data centers and clouds. That’s how we are going to help change the world.”