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Cologix, Inc. – Building data centers of tomorrow by integrating hyper-scale edge capacity with robust interconnection


As the enterprise world continues speeding towards complete digitization, technologies like cloud and multi-cloud are leading the charge. Cloud offerings like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are changing how enterprises consume IT resources. Having cloud-grade infrastructure at an enterprise opens up opportunities that did not exist before. Perhaps the essential impact of the rise of cloud and multi-cloud is data center architectures. In years gone by, enterprise data centers were sprawling collections of sometimes eclectic equipment deployed in support of point applications or use cases.

Cologix is one such firm that is reinventing the edge, building the data centers by integrating hyper-scale edge capacity with robust interconnection. The firm has dedicated experienced local teams that foster industry-leading service and lend support to their customers through every aspect of your digital infrastructure journey. One connection to the company's ecosystem empowers your digital transformation, connecting you to the solutions and partners you need.

Why Cologix

The firm is on a roadmap of strategic growth, building new and power-dense facilities for hyper-scale computing at today's internet edge and in locations where we anticipate the need. We're not just providing real estate and data housing. Cologix is offering the ability to support complex, explosive, and new technology requirements. Its Meet-Me-Rooms enable you to connect with more cloud, content, and network partners almost every day. The company continues to set challenging goals, build its technical and industry expertise, and fulfill customer-experience commitment by hiring people who have a passion for the industry at every company level.

Customized and flexible services offered by Cologix, Inc.

Cologix Access Marketplace: Cologix's Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) platform offers a cloud on-ramp solution with private, reliable, self-service connectivity between you and your cloud providers, managed through the Cologix portal. With the Cologix Access Marketplace, customers can provision end-to-end Layer-2 circuits to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Each of these connections is built on demand through its customer portal. The company’s customers can manage their AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, IBM Direct Link, Oracle FastConnect, and GCP Interconnect circuits from any Cologix Data Center.

Cologix Interconnection Data Center Platform: The Cologix data center interconnection platform brings global marketplaces to local businesses and consumers. Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the importance of data center interconnection. It is used to replicate data from a primary data center to a disaster recovery site or backup datacenter; a data center interconnects now enables enterprises to load-balanced computing resources across multiple sites dynamically. Adaptive selection regarding the best network or cloud provider for your applications significantly reduces cost and risk, while improving service promoting future flexibility. Choice leads to fair pricing and innovation. Smaller customers with a presence in a carrier-neutral facility can exercise the same buying power traditionally reserved for the most significant customers.

Hyperscale Edge Team: The future of data centers

Cologix's trusted Hyperscale Edge Team builds customized, flexible, and provides efficient data facilities to solve unique requirements for data generation and storage for large-scale customers. Building highly responsive and cost-effective IT infrastructures, the firm deploys data centers for scale, speed, and efficiency across North America.

The company has two existing data centers and two on the way powered by Hydro-Quebec, North America's largest supplier of clean and renewable energy, only in Montreal. Their sites are designed and built to deliver excellent energy efficiency. They offer a low carbon footprint with a 99.9% clean energy source. The firm also benefits from the third-lowest electricity rates in North America and uses state-of-the-art green technology to reduce its environmental impact. Hyperscale Remote Hands team, an onsite, dedicated concierge service for hyper-scale customers, offers the expertise to support your infrastructure. Built with hyper-scalers in mind, it can customize specific services to answer your most stringent needs.

Leader behind the success of Cologix, Inc.

Bill Fathers is the Chairman and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Cologix, Inc. Over the past 20 years, Bill has held various executive leadership positions in the global communications sector across data centers, cloud services, and software. Besides, Bill also currently serves as a Senior Operating Partner, responsible for communications infrastructure investments at Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, a private equity firm specializing in North American infrastructure and the majority equity holder in Cologix. Mr. Bill was most recently Executive Vice President of Cloud Services at VMware and previously served as President of Savvis, a public data center and cloud infrastructure provider. He prior served on the Board of Directors of Ciena, euNetworks, and Telx, a leading cross-connection and colocation platform. He is a former British Army Officer and holds a Master of Arts in Engineering from Cambridge University.

"We design and operate the data centers of tomorrow, today redefining the boundaries of typical data center solutions by integrating hyper-scale capacity with robust interconnection ecosystems."