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ColoHouse – Delivering the highest quality IT managed services while and maintaining world-class customer support


Technology has come a long way since the days of break/fix IT, and the reality is that most internal IT services aren't equipped to keep up with the pace of innovation. As a result, many organizations find their IT to be reactive rather than proactive, and that their systems struggle to keep up with the demands of a growing business in a digital world. The need for managed services has grown exponentially in recent years. One of the benefits of managed services is that it frees up your employees to focus on the jobs they were hired to do. It also enables you to fill in gaps as needed.

ColoHouse is a leading provider of colocation and managed services. Focused on delivering quality infrastructure, services, and support, ColoHouse gives its customers the ability to allocate more resources toward their core business. The firm was incorporated in 2007, and it strives to provide world-class support and top of the line facilities to ensure the satisfaction of small businesses to global enterprises.

Why ColoHouse

Global Internet Backbone: At ColoHouse, you benefit from blazing fast network speeds with low latency, reliability, and fast, worldwide coverage. Their global network includes access to over 500+ networks and carriers.

Ready when you need them: The firm puts its customers in the driver's seat. They give you as much control as you request to manage your products and services. With most of their products and services, you can be up and running within a few minutes.

Customized for You: The company helps you design, install, and manage your IT infrastructure. Their team of experts is equipped to coordinate and implement your unique specification.

World-Class Support: The support team is available 24/7. Their Service Level Agreements ensure ColoHouse is being held to the highest of standards and annual compliance audits. The world-class Remote Hands offering will never leave you or your business unattended.

Innovative solutions offered by ColoHouse

Internet Connectivity: ColoHouse IP Transit service provides high performance & cost-effective internet connectivity. IP Transit is essentially a connectivity service that delivers IP Traffic between your servers and the rest of the Internet. The firm can offer three different types of IP transit depending on your business connectivity requirement: Blended, Tier 1 only, or Partial (peered prefixes). At ColoHouse, you benefit from blazing fast network speeds with low latency, reliability, and fast, worldwide coverage. Whether you want to take the wheel or let them manage your network, through their customer portal and API, you are in full control. The company puts its customers in the driver's seat and gives them as much control as they request to manage their products and services. With the majority of their products and services, one can be up and running within a few minutes through the customer portal.

Peering Exchange: ColoHouse is closely working together with the major Internet Exchanges Worldwide to provide efficient point-to-point connectivity. ColoHouse has access to over 40+ internet exchanges across its global network. The firm has partnered up with various major Internet Exchanges. As a customer, you will have direct access to the peering LAN, offering peer to peer connections to hundreds of members on a platform that exchanges terabits of traffic per second.

Cloud Connectivity: Cloud connectivity allows you to scale resources and deploy virtual machines in just a few minutes. ColoHouse team of experts can guide you through choosing, configuring, and integrating your cloud system. The public cloud is the perfect complement to your IT infrastructure. Private clouds provide the security you need for peace of mind with the added benefit of speed and flexibility. You are in full control of your cloud.

Data Center Interconnection: By having access to many service providers, the customers can exhibit a strong presence both domestically and worldwide. In turn, they can expand their customer base and enhance business operations. The flexibility of an interconnected data center allows providers to continually improve their services and offerings to meet their customers' expectations. Interconnected providers can establish a robust IT infrastructure that can be scaled indefinitely, and can accommodate the consumer demand for flexible, cost-efficient growth.

The Visionary leader behind the glory of ColoHouse

Paul Bint is the President and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ColoHouse. Mr. Paul is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of leadership experience impacting corporate performance. He is responsible for overall market strategy and growth. He joined ColoHouse from j2 Global Communications, a B2B Cloud Services, and Digital Media firm, where he directed the South East USA Region. Before j2, Paul presided over Global Accounts for British Telecom and subsequently spent 15 years leading teams in the US, EMEA, and Asia.

Mr. Paul received his MBA from Henley Management College and his Law Degree from the University of Buckingham.

"We are committed to creating a new standard in today's fast-paced world of technology. Our data centers and managed services are tailored to meet our customers' demands."