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ColoSpace: A leading provider of Data Center, Cloud and Managed IT Services


Data Center Outsourcing (DCO) is the allocation of all or portions of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing servers to a specialist third-party service provider. The DCO may be an annual or multi-year contract in which the data center service provider offers professional and product support services to ensure that the customer’s data center runs efficiently. Outsourcing a data center allows an organization to free up resources, reduce and control costs, and access resources not available internally such as equipment, processes, expertise, space, power and cooling. The ever-changing computing and data platforms, and the integration of numerous functions, require companies to implement flexible data centers capable of accommodating all these requirements. This, in terms of infrastructure and support measures, can be challenging to organizations without the capacity.

DCO allows a company to realize its business value at ready-to-run, cost-effective computing power and capacity, which can be customized to meet the company’s business needs as well as accommodate any changing needs. ColoSpace is a leading provider of Data Center, Cloud and Managed IT Services in New England. Founded in 2001, ColoSpace operates a network of four Internet Data Centers (IDCs) in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and is the largest regional provider of outsourced data center, cloud and managed IT services in New England. ColoSpace’s service offerings include, but are not limited to Disaster Recovery, Managed Bandwidth, DNS, Application Hosting, Security, Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, as well as a wealth of Cloud Services. ColoSpace's customers include some of the largest firms in the Financial Services, Healthcare, High Technology, and Professional Services industries. Headquartered in Rockland, Massachusetts, ColoSpace is led by a team of industry veterans and has followed a path of exceptional growth and continuous innovation.

Cloud Services

ColoSpace provides businesses of all sizes with expertly managed cloud services and infrastructure to meet their specific needs and industry demands. Cloud computing is a scalable method of optimizing IT resources while reducing overall cost. Additionally, a move to the cloud enables an organization to increase application and data accessibility, collaboration, and workplace flexibility without compromising security. ColoSpace offers its clients an enterprise-class solution to meet their most sophisticated IT needs. Services are delivered with virtual machines deployed on highly-available VMWare clusters. As data storage requirements continue to grow, organizations face greater challenges with keeping up with the growth, meeting the performance requirements of their end-users, and cost-effectively deploying a scalable, yet affordable data storage solution. ColoSpace's Cloud Storage Platform meets all of those challenges and delivers customers with a highly available, highly scalable storage solution delivered with an industry leading performance-based SLA, all with a flexible utility pricing model.

Enterprise Cloud Services

ColoSpace's Enterprise Private Cloud services is built on industry leading technology from Dell, HP, EMC and VMWare to ensure a best-in-class solution for your Cloud needs. The ColoSpace model includes all options for the necessary infrastructure to power any customer environment. By combining the resources that you need, the ability to scale almost limitlessly and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model, ColoSpace can deliver an overall lower total cost of ownership with a solution that is more reliable and secure than running servers in private Data Center. Cloud services are 100% dedicated to the client’s needs and are designed specifically to satisfy all HIPAA, PCI, or other compliance needs.

Cloud Backup

ColoSpace's Cloud Backup offering provides organizations with a highly secure, scalable data backup solution to protect their production data. Disaster recovery has become increasingly more important to every business and now advanced solutions are attainable for any company. ColoSpace offers flexible "pay as you grow" Cloud DR solutions that provides a customizable solution for specific business requirements at an affordable cost. And it includes services like

  • 15 minute SLA for complete disaster recovery and business continuity solution
  • Fast time to recovery with dedicated servers pre-configured and certified for failovers
  • Bi-monthly testing and system availability up to 1 week
  • Sold in conjunction with Cloud Backup with Local Appliance
  • Local Appliance for fastest RTO
  • Compute resources on Local Appliance for limited DR, test, and dev
  • Priced per physical and virtual servers to be protected
  • Sold in 1 TB increments of data storage
  • Additional fees for declared disasters

Wayne Sawchuk, President and CEO of ColoSpace,

Wayne Sawchuk is the Co-founder of ColoSpace and has more than 25 years' experience in executive-level roles in the Construction and Real Estate Development industries. Wayne oversees all aspects of the business, but focuses much of his effort in designing and expanding the company’s network of Internet Data Centers. In previous roles, Wayne has overseen the development and renovation of more than 200 ILEC Central Offices, Hospitals, and similar mission-critical facilities. Wayne earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

“The Always On commitment is an experience. You have peace of mind knowing your infrastructure and data are safe, secure and available.”