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September Special Edition 2020

Colt - Connecting organizations around the world


Network technologies have always been evolving from the past few decades now. While earlier it was simple telephony, the technologies have evolved up to VoIP Calls, internet bases OTT services. Colt is an established company that has expanded from basic networks to all the managed services a company may need for building its infrastructure.

Colt was founded in 1992 by Jim Hynes with funds provided by Fidelity Investments as City Of London Telecommunications. It started constructing telecom networks in London. Later it got a license to compete with British Telecom and Cable and Wireless in voice and data transmission.

Colt now has voice services that support “transition from traditional to next-generation voice services with a particular focus on Enterprise Voice, including IN services and IP Voice opportunities”. Colt strives to transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity. The Colt IQ Network connects 900+ data centers across Europe, Asia, and North America's largest business hubs, with over 29,000 on-net buildings and growing. It has offices in 22 European countries, the US, India, and Asia, with the company's network reaching 51 metro areas globally, with headquarters in the United Kingdom.

The Colt Advantage

Colt is big enough to deliver and small enough to care. With a global reach but a deep local presence, they enable the digital transformation of businesses through their intelligent, purpose-built cloud-integrated network, known as the Colt IQ Network. They have their own fiber network end-to-end, from building to building. This means, they don't depend on external partners for service quality and deliver competitive pricing. They also offer services globally, with “consistency” and have enough experience and R&D to lead the way in innovation, free from restriction.

The award-winning network

Their industry-leading network has consistently won awards & recognition for its quality and consistency. Joining the Colt IQ Network benefits you with:

  • Simplicity: Colt is the single partner, leaving no need for multiple suppliers and various network contacts
  • Resilience: They offer a variety of tiered redundancy and diversity options according to your needs
  • Cost reductions: You can choose from our multiple service options to ensure you get the best service for your budget.
  • A seamless service: It gives a consistent level of service excellence across network and voice services in all countries

Colt’s technology ecosystem

Colt works with some of the biggest technology companies in the world to ensure you always receive a reliable experience, no matter your connections. They have been investing in newer technologies like SD-WAN, 5G, uCPE, etc. They also own and connect many data centers in Europe and Asia than any other network provider. They are growing at a good speed to expand into more major metropolitan areas than ever before.

Industry-leading customer service

They have built intelligence into everything they do, from the network through to how they deliver, which makes their Net Promoter Score one of the best in the industry. But they are investing not just in our network, but also in the service and support that goes with it, to ensure that they constantly exceeding expectations.

Colt lets you easily manage your access bandwidth, telephone numbers, and routing policies on-demand with our customer portal. They are always adding capacity, introducing new technology, and getting to problems before they arise.

Their service level agreement provides targets for service delivery, availability, and time to settle payments - all supported by competitive guarantees. As a Colt customer, you can expect a personal service, including a personal email from one of their Directors within 24 hours of you joining, a welcome call, and a dedicated order owner. Colt provides a contractual delivery date within three working days, cutting down lead times by working more closely with their suppliers.

About the CEO

Keri Gilder is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Colt. Appointed to the role in May 2020, Keri is responsible for executing Colt’s strategy which centers around transforming the way the world works through the power of connectivity.

Before becoming CEO, Keri was Colt’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), leading global teams across sales, presales, and marketing, as well as working closely with the wider organization to ensure Colt delivered for its customers. Keri is passionate about promoting Inclusion and Diversity, also leading Colt’s Diversity Council, to ensure Colt is a business where everyone feels they can bring their true selves to work. Keri brings this passion to the wider industry, also supporting external mentoring and coaching initiatives. Keri has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management Information Systems (MIS) from New Mexico State University.

“We strive to transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity.”