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10 Fastest Growing BYOD Solution Providers 2017

Combining industry-specific business applications in one Software driving increased business performance: ReadiNow Corporation

thesiliconreview-jude-jacobs-ceo-readinow-corporation-17Cloud computing has marked its territory in the technology space. As technology continues to broaden, the demand for cloud based services is also increasing significantly. Cloud technology is based on three models i.e. IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. Every single model has its own significance and demand.

Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS); Cloud’s utility-based computing model provides virtualized resources to easily and efficiently scale on demand. It has become the preferred choice of both mature and growing companies looking to reduce the cost of infrastructure, maintenance and manpower resources whilst demanding increased performance and profitability.

Software as a Service (SaaS). Adopting cloud technology to offer tailored solutions is not an easy feat. Cloud technology solutions are a mandatory requirement in today’s business world. Whilst there are still several organisations that still manage certain aspects of their business on in-house managed applications, the vast majority have operationally made the shift to OPEX consumption and have chosen Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery as the default starting point. This approach naturally lends itself to a cloud delivery model which in turn has constrained traditional software solution providers. These traditional software applications limit the business user in its ability to interrogate and innovate to meet the changing demands of their business; they struggle to embrace and deliver the client’s requirements.

ReadiNow recognised that there was only a small number of providers that offered true online, cloud-based, software services that permitted the customer any noteworthy degree of customisation over the client’s own data schema. However, it also recognised that those already existing were still fairly limited in many respects and still required some degree of development coding for rendering those applications to mobility.

Insufficiencies in the industry with existing systems and technologies has led to the design, development, and build of new technology as no identified systems or technologies exist today in addressing this business requirements.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) with (SaaS). One of the key goals of ReadiNow was to devise new ways to allow its clients to intuitively modify, extend or develop their own applications through a drag and drop interface, which instantly renders to any mobile or tablet device. Using the RIE patent pending Intelligent Engine Technology, ReadiNow clients can turn their ideas into business applications ‘on the fly’ with Zero coding, zero infrastructure, zero maintenance, together with the ability for the business user to configure and customise within the SaaS & PaaS delivered model without vendor dependency.

With a desire to meet the fast-paced business needs of organisations, ReadiNow are in a unique position to fill this gap in the market worldwide and to be a part of this amazing digital business era.

ReadiNow Changing the Game: The Fastest Way to Transform Your Ideas into Reality

After investing over 5 years in R&D to develop the patent-pending (RIE) ReadiNow Intelligent Engines Technology, ReadiNow has delivered a pure cloud-based automated Software and Platform service, (SaaS with PaaS), delighting its customers with its in-built innovative intelligent engine technology and mobility capabilities.

Underpinning the Capabilities

In today’s world, businesses are looking for solutions that are easy to manage. If a business analyst can wield a spreadsheet and understands the business requirements, then they should be able to drive the ReadiNow solution. ReadiNow’s Intelligent Engines technology removes the complexity of the programming and coding requirements from the users’ experience and activities to configure the solution.

ReadiNow seized the moment and adopted cloud technology and today ReadiNow is a world leader with its unique ‘SaaS with PaaS’ service. By using ReadiNow’s solutions, customers are continuously rolling-out new enhancements and features in relatively short time frames to meet the needs and expectations of the business. The company believes that the future will bring more innovation and capabilities that will further enhance and expand the RIE technology in the underlying platform, making it easier and faster for business owners to achieve their desired outcomes.

Intelligent Technology to help you lead the Digital Disruption in your Industry

Today, ReadiNow is one of the best cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers with out-of-the-box solutions to address various Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) use cases. The company offers patented, easy to configure, automated workflows, forms, reports and charts that help businesses to manage their business processes more effectively and intuitively.

ReadiNow’s GRC core solutions include Operational Risk Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management, Incident Management, IT Risk Management, Loss Events, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Obligation Management, and Regulatory Compliance Management, Vendor Risk Management, Audit Management, Health & Safety and other resilience use cases. All these capabilities are built using the patented code-free intelligent engine builders which are inbuilt for clients’ tailored configuration and uniquely delivered by ReadiNow as a ‘SaaS with PaaS’ service.

ReadiNow’s CRM, Services, HCM, Contract Management, Asset Management applications are all delivered on the Intelligent Engine platform as a ‘SaaS with PaaS’ service.

ReadiNow ‘SaaS with PaaS’ service is driving a new era of mass innovation and business agility. It is simple, scalable and reliable. With absolutely zero coding, zero maintenance, and zero infrastructure and, is helping organisations automate, collaborate and innovate at a fraction of a cost.

Driving Innovation in every industry

With the size of the global market for Application Software set at US350 billion this year, and forecasted to grow steadily to 2021 organisations are looking for smarter technology aimed to improve productivity and efficiency, fulfilling the needs of one more core business processes via a single piece of software architecture as reported in the Statistics Portal 2017.

ReadiNow’s investment in building what is being seen by its customers as a game-changing solution on a game-changing platform is a key aspect to success. The company’s go-to-market capability and partnership approach allow both ReadiNow and its partner base to extend the offerings on the ReadiNow platform to achieve this vision.

Customers’ Delight

“After evaluating multiple top international selling vendors, ReadiNow was our choice for a complete ‘Governance, Risk and Compliance out-of-the-box solution. Not only is it fit-for-purpose, it helps position us as an industry leader, on how we manage risk.”

- Leading Financial Solutions Provider

“ReadiNow is a system that stood out. It is truly a complete GRC out-of-the-box solution that is configurable and can diversify across our company.”

- Leading Funds Manager

“Without this type of intelligent technology, we wouldn’t be able to achieve an integrated risk management system.”

- Leading Financial Provider

“We are very impressed with how ReadiNow have saved us valuable time and can do what other leading applications vendors have not been able to do for us”

- Leading Corporate Risk & Security

Meet the key executive

Jude Jacobs is the CEO & Founder at ReadiNow Corporation. Jude has over 35 years of experience in business. Prior to ReadiNow, Jude was the CEO of Enterprise Data Corporation for over 15 years which was sold in 2015 to ASX listed Vocus Communications. Jude’s passion for understanding business challenges and devising ways to defy the ‘status quo’ has led to the innovation of the ReadiNow technology.

“ReadiNow is more than just an application platform; ReadiNow drives innovation across all industries, giving organizations a genuine competitive advantage. One Software for the entire Enterprise.”