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March Edition 2020

Commercial Capital Ltd., FL – Furnishing “best in class” solutions for commercial money with better options, rates, and terms


According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the top cash flow struggle for small business owners is irregular revenue streams. With this type of small business loan, though, irregular revenue streams don’t have to be an issue. A commercial loan provides the cash you need to invest in new equipment, meet payroll, or afford anything else you don’t have cash on hand for. If your business operates in a highly seasonal industry or has long payment cycles, a commercial business loan makes it possible to grow your business all year round. The small business administration (SBA) loan works with lenders to provide loans to small businesses. The agency doesn’t lend money directly to small business owners. Instead, it sets guidelines for loans made by its partnering lenders, community development organizations, and micro-lending institutions. The SBA reduces the risk for lenders and makes it easier for them to access capital. That makes it easier for small businesses to get loans.

Commercial Capital Ltd., FL is a Florida-based direct private money lending firm and a one-stop-shop for your commercial loans, including real estate mortgages, SBA business loans, fast business loans and more. The firm is originators for several of its funds, and an extensive network of over 300 affiliate investors includes banks, REITs, private equity funds, C.M.B.S., and life insurers. The company’s reputation has been built on taking the stress out of the commercial loan process, by providing the best solutions for commercial money with better options, rates, and terms than any other firm.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Every commercial real estate loan under the sun and the expertise to find which one is perfect for your needs. That makes us Commercial Capital Ltd., FL your ultimate commercial money source. Smart investors understand that the right commercial real estate loans can make all the difference.  The firm has earned a reputation as one of the “Nation’s Top 500 Lenders” by providing a virtual universe of commercial real estate loan programs with rates, terms, and features for every type of investment, including:

  • All CRE property types
  • Bridge, preferred equity and short term solutions
  • Permanent senior loans with a choice of rate, term, and amortization

The SBA Loan Specialists

SBA Loans are great for small businesses because the Small Business Administration (SBA) created them to encourage lenders to finance entrepreneurs like you. By meeting certain criteria, the SBA guarantees a portion of your loan, which lowers the loan’s risk - getting you the best commercial loan rates and terms available.

The firm calls itself an “SBA Loan Specialists” because it closes more SBA loans than any other firm in the country. By utilizing in-house funds and relationships with the strongest SBA “PLP” lenders available, the company makes the SBA loan process easier. Trusting the firm to close your SBA loan will ensure that the application and closing process will run smoothly, without ever having to start the process over from the beginning.

The pre-eminent leader

Brian Peart, Founder also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Capital, Ltd., Previously. In 2000, Mr. Peart established national publishing divisions specifically for the mortgage industry called Top Producer and went on to create a top-selling mortgage broker training manual and CDs under the same title.

He has consistently lobbied for integrity in the industry and founded the Christian Mortgage Brokers Association. Brian is frequently a national keynote speaker at many industry functions, published author of “How to Make 6 figures in the Mortgage Business” as well as 5 Steps to “Buying Your Dream Home”. Throughout his career, Brian has closed and, funded over $1 billion in residential and $1 billion in commercial loans. He is surveyed weekly about interest rates by Bank Rate Monitor and has been quoted extensively by CNBC. Brian is the leader of the Men’s Ministry at his local Church. Currently, he is the top producing commercial broker in the country with an average of 6-8 closings every month.

“Whether you’re a private investor, commercial developer, or small businesses seeking growth our firm is dedicated to finding and securing the best loan for your unique requirements, faster than anyone else.”