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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2022

A community dedicated to connecting families looking to repurpose durable medical equipment, whether buying, selling, or donating: LittleWins


In the highly fast-paced world we live in, why do you think there is a need for recycling durable medical equipment? The question will seem single and straight, but the reasons for the same are many. When it comes to refurbishing equipment, there are various processes involved, like accepting the donated item, checking for repairs and sanitization, and then making sure that the item is made available to the right person in need. Globally there are various companies involved in repurposing medical equipment, but LittleWins stands out from the rest. No company existed that resembled what Lexis Serot, Founder and CEO of LittleWins, wanted to create. No online service was available on a national basis to connect families – regardless of their location in the U.S., their income, or their level of insurance coverage – to help them obtain the durable medical equipment and supplies their kids required. Lexis designed to go beyond the services provided by local and regional organizations, eliminate the ‘middleman’ and facilitate person-to-person equipment transactions directly between individuals. Serot designed as an easy-to-use marketplace for people to post used durable medical equipment, browse equipment by category and location, and connect directly with buyers and sellers through the site’s messaging app. LittleWins also provides a community in which people across the nation now have each other for support, help, resources, and experiences.

Along with the online marketplace, Serot hosts a podcast in which she starts conversations on living with disabilities and navigating life. She also joined forces with another woman entrepreneur, Hotsy Totsy Haus CEO Christi Leonardi, a deaf single mother, to create LittleWins-branded, natural ingredient bath bombs that are now sold on the LittleWins website. These bath bombs are made to fully relax your muscles and provide healing, rejuvenating bath. LittleWins also launched a line of compression socks for kids designed by Serot and her own children. These socks offer fun colors and patterns, along with a chance to color your own socks while providing compression relief to your feet. At the beginning of 2022, LittleWins also launched version 3 of the online website, offering a premium membership that allows users access to a list of resources and sponsors we have partnered up with and a discounted shipping rate through FedEx. Serot also helped plan the first music festival for people with disabilities this past summer called SHINE. This festival offered a chance for the community to come together and celebrate each other during these hard times.

Leader behind the success of LittleWins

Lexis Serot actually has no formal education in the medical field. She was a high school graduate from Columbine High School and studied photography at Flagler College. Unable to financially afford to finish college, Serot became a model at Ford Models for 14 years. Serot became a mom in 2013. Her daughter Ava suffered a skull fracture during a C-section delivery, and as a result, Ava has triplegia Cerebral Palsy. At the time, as a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, Serot was shocked at how unprepared she was. She tried to familiarize herself with the many forms of care, equipment, and therapy. She realized quickly how broken the system was and became obsessed with trying to find a solution. So, Serot decided to start a company. Someone asked Serot in an interview last year why she started LittleWins. She said because I recognized that life was giving me an “at-bat” to create a better world for my daughter.

It is truly her daughter that inspired her to become the leader she is today. Serot did not just want to create a better world only for her daughter but for others that also have a disability and to create a community in which they could come together and help each other.

In February 2021, LittleWins was named a Top 100 Healthcare Visionary by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare, previously known as the Smart Health Conference. Serot received the award at the IFAH Global Healthcare Conference in June 2021. Just recently, in March 2022, LittleWins was awarded one of the Best Companies by the Health 2.0 Conference in Dubai. Lexis also gave a keynote speech while attending the Health 2.0 conference in Dubai. Serot was also awarded Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas in both 2021 and 2022 and was recently recognized as Top 10 Most Influential Women in Business 2022 by INC magazine.

Lexis privately funds LittleWins, which she has spent a large portion of to protect the users on the site. is a gated website in which users are required to make a login. In order to do so, they must provide an email address, valid zip code, and a password to which they only have access to. Serot has provided a service and truly relies on the community to uphold the privacy policy on the site.

Path ahead for LittleWins

Lexis is always looking for new ways to help the community and offer products that will provide support and care. Currently, we are working on launching a LittleWins medical supply subscription box. Users are able to sign up for a monthly subscription of needed medical supplies specifically catered to them. Supplies such as bandages, gauze, antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide, and other daily supplies are often reordered. Serot wants to help make it simpler to gain access to these needed materials at an affordable cost. Serot has also been working on creating braille labels. She sees the importance of these labels for not only those who are visually impaired but for everyone. 8.1 million People have vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration; as we grow older, our eyes grow weaker. Serot believes that these labels can make everyday life easier for everyone and can help improve navigating your home as you get older. These new advancements are not only helpful to those with a disability but to the general population as well.

Besides the upcoming subscription box, this will allow users to get a monthly restock of needed medical supplies. The subscription box will make it easily accessible for users to get the daily supplies they need right to their doorstep. LittleWins is also working on partnering up to provide transportation services for users. Serot wants to make it accessible for those within the community to get a ride on-demand for command. Users find it difficult to make it to places such as wellness checkups and therapy appointments, especially if they are all on their own. Not all members of the community have the ability to drive a car or ever will. This should not stop them from accessing the possible care they need; instead, Serot wants to allow users the right to get where they want to when they need to. Serot is currently consulting her financial advisors and legal teams as she tries to secure a partnership to make this dream a reality.

“We strive to foster a supportive, compassionate environment for people with disabilities”