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COMPANY REVIEW: Putting wisdom to work in the marketplace: WISE MEN


Once upon a time, technology was considered an “Overhead”. But gone are the yester years eras when Entrepreneurs needed predictive modeling in the real time scenario analysis and today business is highly data driven.

Today, Entrepreneurs need predictive modeling and real time scenario analysis and some of the questions to think and act upon are: How fast can you process data to produce insights? How do you leverage the social media data for decision making? What are the right parameters from your data that need s to be fetched and analyzed? Do you have the talent, infrastructure and investments aligned to support those needs? The answer to all these questions is one, Wise Men Consultants Inc. Every business has an ERP, business intelligence, reporting, social media, etc and for every device, every online transaction or event produces even more data. It is with this belief of growth in the upcoming decades, or “Time to insight” that Wise Men aims to emerge as a differentiator for companies.

In the automation era, entrepreneurs have relied on traditional skills like sales, marketing, accounting, and finance. In such circumstances, the team at Wisemen has noted three situations for such activities:-

  • Adoption of Cloud and SaaS models to optimize what is spent on infrastructure, software and hardware upgrade. We estimate significant growth of Cloud environments for next 5 years
  • Increased used of mobile technology for improving internal productivity as well as interacting with customers. With everybody owning multiple smart devices, companies are building capabilities enabling employees to work remotely as well as 24/7 availability for key corporate functions.
  • Fortune 1000 companies are looking at In sourcing. Companies are now trying to bring back some vital functions in house which they had outsourced earlier. Demand for US talent is increasing; IT salaries are on the rise as US companies are getting ready to hire big time. Low cost cities like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Phoenix, will house large talent centers for corporate America.

Shaping the future lying ahead

In today’s era, entrepreneurs are adopting options such as Hadoop for Big Data solutions as well as devices to support the “on the go” economy, instead of age old services and techniques. In the near future, many software vendors will build industry specific ready for deployment on-demand software solutions and deploy them on public clouds. Besides, Firms are avoiding procurement of major hardware and software, while refraining from building and operating data centers of their own. On the other hand, some verticals like Utilities continue to store data within their firewall as it is still considered as a safer option, while exercising caution and these verticals may need more time to adopt emerging trends and solutions. Decentralization of hardware (storage and computation) for standardized software, and use of software as a service will experience tremendous growth. Therefore, the team at Wise Men sees decentralized functionality available to all through mobile devices, in order to enable workforce to work from various places at various points of time.