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November Special Edition 2021 (Vol- I)

The complete people management platform that employees love to use: Lattice


It is often said that people leave bad managers however is the questions ever asked if those managers where provided with the support, skills and knowledge to be set up for success? The main challenge for any People Manager is: How can we improve ourselves to become better people managers and leaders enabling higher employee retention, performance, motivation and engagement? Any costs involved in the training, development, health and well-being of your staff should be considered an investment. Why? Because the people within an organization or business should be recognized as essential assets, contributing to growth and development in the same way those physical assets such as machinery, equipment and money do. It is therefore impossible to ignore People Management as an important skill for any leadership role within your company. Lattice transforms how companies approach people strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement and employee development in one unified solution. Lattice works with any HR technology solution that offers SFTP integration. If it doesn’t have a one-click integration with your HRIS, often times you can still automate your user management using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Rather than you having to update your employee data manually, you can set up a recurring data dump of your employee information that Lattice reconcile with your current user information. For organizations operating in a new or different region, that can mean surveying employees, doing research, and consulting with regional experts, like consultants with expertise in multinational workplaces or those who have real-world work experience in the cultures in question, to develop a plan for how employee feedback will be given and goals will be assessed — and being open to modifying the approach as more is learned from the employees themselves.

Hybrid Performance Reviews

As we near the end of the year and annual performance reviews loom on the horizon, many managers are facing a newfound challenge: They’ve never met their direct reports in person. And as teams continue to work remotely or transition to a hybrid model as the pandemic continues, managers have to find a way to share meaningful feedback and career advice with employees they don’t have the luxury of sitting next to in the office every day. But even without this in-person time, the show must go on. Performance evaluations are a vital part of an employee’s career development and overall success at your organization, but sometimes unfair perceptions of and biases against remote and hybrid work can affect how employee performance is assessed. One Stanford-led experiment from 2015 found that while remote workers were more productive and worked longer hours than their in-office counterparts, they were only promoted about half as often as in-office employees. In order to ensure bias doesn’t make its way into hybrid performance reviews, companies need to consider and implement a few guiding parameters so reviews are both fair and valuable for all employees, regardless of their location. While there’s no substitute for face-to-face time, here are a few ways your company can give managers what they need to conduct meaningful performance conversations with their hybrid employees.

Performance reviews bring a lot of anxiety for employees and human resources. Giving peers feedback can be hard because you don’t want offend anyone, and writing your own review can feel like it has big implications on your career. In fact, 78% of employees are dissatisfied with their performance review process. In recent years, this has led to a number of companies ranging from GE to Deloitte to Adobe, to revamping their traditional performance appraisal process and move away from old school software solutions like SAP's SuccessFactors.

Performance Management Software Reimagined

‍At Lattice, they have found that when you completely remove performance reviews (also known as performance appraisals), and just move towards a system of only real-time feedback you’re making the process less transparent and more chaotic for employees. Employee performance management solutions need the combination of real-time feedback and employee-performance reviews. So Lattice set out to build an end-to-end performance management process that makes the process easy for employees, transparent for everyone at the company, and adaptable to different cultures. When implemented, this process will drive employee productivity, improve employee engagement, and ultimately increase your company's bottom-line. Lattice is a holistic SaaS performance management software that aligns all your HR management software needs, including: goal setting, employee engagement, performance appraisals, HRIS & HCM integrations (such as BambooHR), check-ins, mobile app, 360 degree feedback -- all in one user-friendly talent management HR solution. Lattice strives to be an employee performance management system that's easy to use for human resources, managers, individual contributors and executive teams.

Jack Altman - CEO and Co-founder at Lattice ‍

“Lattice works with People teams across the globe to turn employees into high performers, managers into leaders, and companies into the best places to work.”