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Comprehensive Software Solutions for Your Clinical Trials: Cytel


Cytel was founded in 1987 by Cyrus Mehta and Nitin Patel, both Fellows of the American Statistical Association, and both active with the company. The company is led by senior people with extensive experience in clinical development and expertise in biostatistics, operations research, SAS programming, medical writing, data management and software development.

It works hard to create successful careers with significant professional growth for its employees, as a result of which they work hard to make Cytel successful. This, in turn, enables us to make sure Cytel’s customers are highly satisfied with its software and its services. Its people know it means it when it says that the customer comes first and profits second. Cytel’s customers know it, too.

The clinical development of drugs and devices is crucial for human welfare and Cytel’s mission is to improve success rates in this endeavor. It does this by improving the design and implementation of clinical trials through the innovative application of statistical science, operations research, and information technology.

It provides unrivaled biostatistics and operations research knowledge to Cytel’s customers. Its knowledge is available in the form of both software and services. This knowledge, supported by Cytel’s trial implementation capabilities, is what makes us different. Cytel is the leader in the design and implementation of adaptive clinical trials.

Cytel’s USA, European and India teams have developed a well-integrated way to work on both software and services. As a result, Cytel does work to the highest standards of quality at a cost significantly lower than its competition.

Cytel is a place where talent, experience, and integrity come together to advance the state of clinical development.

Quality First: Premier Biometric Services from a Team As Dedicated As You Are

Cytel provides Strategic Consulting on the statistical design of individual trials as well as development programs. It offers innovative approaches to clinical research. In particular, Cytel is leaders in the design and conduct of adaptive trials. All Cytel’s customers believe and understand this once they've worked with us.

Cytel’s dedicated team of professionals is here to help you address an array of challenges when conducting drug development. Whether you face a complex statistical issue or the need for knowledgeable collaborators to handle biometrics and trial implementation, Cytel has skilled professionals available when you need them.

Cytel offices are spread over 5 time zones so it can be close to its customers and offer around the clock support. It provides a modern approach to resourcing, based on the simple premise that every customer deserves the “A” team. Whether you’re a global pharmaceutical company or a virtual biotech, Cytel will provide a team with the experience to ensure that work is done accurately, on-time and on-budget.

Cytel has developed a partnership model that allows the Sponsor to select the best vendors based on their core competency. It will help you establish standards in data management, statistics and programming to be used across multiple studies. 

Software: Award-Winning Statistical and Predictive Software Solutions

Cytel’s statistical software for designing every type of trial, including adaptive designs, is the industry standard. It also provides software for supporting Data Monitoring Committees, monitoring patient recruitment, and for implementing adaptive clinical trials.


  • Design fixed and adaptive Phase 1 - 4 trials with the industry-leading trial design platform.
  • Construct the optimal dose-finding study using Frequentist or Bayesian adaptive methods.


  • Access the world's most popular exact inference, a non-parametric statistical software package
  • Experience logistic regression analysis at its fastest and most accurate with its 11th edition
  • Add Cytel‘s non-parametric exact inference tests and procedures to your own SAS software.
  • Access East’s design, simulation and monitoring tools including Multiple Comparison Procedures within a SAS environment.


  • Facilitate secure DMC interim analysis communications and data access in compliance with regulatory guidance
  • Conduct efficiently centralized randomization in real-time: improve balance while reducing bias.
  • Forecast Clinical Trial Enrollment with Confidence. Reduce Unpredictability to Maximize Clinical Trial Success Rates.

CEO, Joe Avellone’s Take on Values and Beliefs

“We value excellence in implementation, with an emphasis on obtaining the maximum useful information for the money spent and enabling the best decisions to be made about the candidate drug or device.

We are committed to a collaborative style of working. Clients come to us because they want us to give them our best advice, and not just follow orders. We are not just another CRO.

We are committed to helping our customers uphold the highest standards of scientific rigor, statistical validity, and data quality in all our engagements.”

Greet the Leader

Joe Avellone, Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Joe Avellone is a former Executive Vice President at PAREXEL, a $2.5 billion global clinical research organization. He was responsible for managing their core business, the Clinical Research Services Division, including the development of new services and the growth and development of large-scale client strategic partnerships. He was a member of the senior management executive committee, called the Business Review Committee. Prior to joining PAREXEL, Joe was CEO of Veritas Medicine, a healthcare technology company supporting clinical trials. He also served as COO of BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts.

Joe received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and completed his General Surgery residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and Master’s degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Joe is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.