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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2021

One of Canada's largest privately-owned and operated IT service providers addressing complex challenges with real-world solutions in a uniquely customer-focused manner: Compugen


Businesses today need technology. It plays an essential role in any organisation, big or small. Technology is often one of the largest investments in a business. So you should also invest in looking after it. This is where professional IT support is required. If your technology fails the effects on your business can be catastrophic. But IT support is about prevention and compliance as well as solving problems when they arise. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the issues that business can face when they have poor IT. For many moving to remote working was easy. They had the technology and the plans in place. But for others it was almost impossible and has even led to businesses failing.  From a small operation in Toronto to one of Canada's largest IT service providers, Compugen has come a long way. The company has spent 35 years building strong and successful relationships with both partners and customers, and a lot of that success comes from taking the time to listen and delivering on the idea that a team of passionate and motivated experts can solve complex issues with creative solutions and simplify the business of IT. Humble beginnings. Harry Zarek develops an interest in computers while finishing his PhD in physics at the University of Toronto. He starts a business building PCs in the basement of his Toronto home and calls it Compugen, short for computer generation.

Simplifying the business of technology

In the current hybrid work environment, staff are not only working from home, they’re onboarding from home, changing roles, and switching between multiple devices to do their work - without ever entering the office. So how do you provide them with secure access to all the applications they will need, and provide them with the support they deserve? You take the devices they already have, and give them secure access and visibility to everything they need; with the knowledge that the data is still safely stored in your environment – not on their device. The key is virtual machines (VM). In Azure Virtual Desktop, applications are centralized within Azure in an environment optimized for Windows 10 and Microsoft 365. Staff can use any device – IOS, Windows, Mac, Android or HTML5 - as a window to their desktop environment. Their experience will be the same regardless of device or location, whether they are working in Outlook or collaborating with colleagues or customers in Microsoft Teams. From one location your technical team can upgrade or deploy new applications to everyone at one time while avoiding user downtime, ensuring compliance and maintaining your established security standards.

A leader both in and out of the technology community

The first step in your Cloud Adoption path, a migration assessment is an excellent option for organizations beginning their Azure journey, or those looking for confirmation of their work to date. Aligned with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework, this preparatory assessment provides necessary insight for a successful move from on-premise to Microsoft Azure. This service is designed to assist organizations with the most important step on the cloud adoption path – designing and building a strong foundation for the Azure environment as part of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. Foundation Design & Build can be successfully applied to a net new environment or an existing Azure deployment. Compugen will guide you through the Azure Landing Zone implementation options and tailor them to your requirements. Closely aligned with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework, Compugen’s most comprehensive Azure Migration service offering includes each of the elements necessary to help you move from assessment through to migration of a sample of targeted workloads. This service includes all of the deliverables in each of Compugen’s Migration Assessment and Foundation Build offerings, in addition to comprehensive planning and migration of 10-15 targeted workloads to the Azure Landing Zone.

Microsoft Azure is consistently rated as a top choice for workloads in the cloud. Agility, flexibility, reliability and security receive regular accolades. The only question? How to manage it all effectively to ensure that you have enough space… but not too much. Compugen created Managed Azure program to ensure that not only do you have the right amount of Azure, but also that it is up to date, secure, patched and managed so that you never have to think of anything more than how else you want to use it to move your business forward.

Meet the leader behind the success of Compugen

‚ÄčHarry Zarek is the President and CEO of Compugen. He first developed an interest in computers as an engineering student. In 1981, the same year IBM launched the personal computer, Harry started a small business in the basement of his Toronto home, building and selling PCs and setting them up for customers. He called the company Compugen, short for "computer generation". Under Harry’s stewardship, the small basement-based company has grown to become one of Canada’s largest IT solutions providers, with a track record that consistently exceeds the industry average.

“We've helped customers in a wide range of industries and professions, from healthcare to non-profit to energy and utilities, just to name a few.”