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Conduent Incorporated– Delivering mission-critical services and solutions


Regardless of your business or industry sector, every successful operation is dependent on multiple interacting systems. Computer systems, electronic systems, and mechanical systems are some of the systems used by modern organizations every day. While each system has an important role to play, some applications, processes, and systems are more fundamental than others. Mission-critical systems are defined by their expansive scale or deep integration, with the management of these systems integral to the very survival of the host organization.

Conduent Incorporated is one such firm that delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments – creating exceptional outcomes for its clients and the millions of people who count on them. Through people, processes, and technology, its solutions and services automate workflows, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enable revenue growth. It's why most Fortune 100 companies and over 500 government entities depend on it every day to manage their essential interactions and move their operations forward. Conduent's differentiated services and solutions improve experiences for millions of people every day, including two-thirds of all insured patients in the U.S., 10 million employees who use its HR Services, and nearly nine million people who travel through toll systems daily.

Why Conduent

As a business process services industry leader, businesses, and governments rely on Conduent to drive process efficiencies, cost savings, and long-term revenue growth. The company's solutions understand their clients' operations and  create a strong partnership to provide essential services to millions of people every day. As a business process services industry leader, businesses and governments rely on Conduent to drive process efficiencies; cost savings, and long-term revenue growth.

Industry-Leading Business solutions and services offered by Conduent

Business Operation Solutions

For businesses and governments, the company transforms business processes by automating and streamlining mission-critical operations through the latest technology solutions – driving efficiencies, improving security, and enabling revenue growth while creating seamless end-user experiences. On behalf of businesses and governments, the firm helps transform finance, accounting, and procurement processes by automating and streamlining mission-critical operations powered by the latest AI, ML, and blockchain technologies to reduce costs, drive efficiencies, improve quality, while creating a more personalized end-user experience. Conduent establishes, enables, and drives payments. While they are "payment agnostic" meaning they can expertly handle all types of payments, including paper-based ones their focus is on helping their clients create and offer digital payment channels for their customers, scheduling those payments, and helping them gain better control overpayments that are due to them.

Healthcare Solutions

Data inaccessibility and process inefficiencies are roadblocks to improved care quality and patient experience. Conduent'shealthcare solution help remove obstacles so you can focus on improving lives through better, more affordable and more accessible healthcare. Streamline healthcare solutions with the company to effectively care for your people and your business. Healthcare payers need to help members navigate through healthcare choices and connect to care teams through automated business processes. Conduent's innovative solutions help healthcare payer organizations transform their businesses and achieve goals across all channels.

Customer Experience Management Solutions

Conduent is dedicated to creating exceptional customer engagement, accelerating the digital transformation across industries including banking and financial services, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, technology, telecom and media, travel and hospitality, logistics, and utilities. CXM delivers human-centric, connected, omnichannel customer experiences, throughout the entire customer life cycle. The industry-specific solutions ensure personalized, predictive, and tailored customer service across regions and languages. The firm helps its clients scale-up their operations, grow revenue, and reduce costs while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Human Resource (HR) and Learning Solutions

The future of work is about supporting rapid change, responding to market dynamics, increasing employee engagement, and improving efficiency. It's about bringing HR costs down and lifting ROI. Conduent executes the future of work across 80 countries and for one-third of the Fortune 100. The firm delivers outsourced mission-critical solutions across health & wellness, wealth & retirement, learning & development, payroll, compliance, recruitment, and HR management with remarkable results.

The mastermind behind the success of Conduent

Cliff Skelton serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Conduent Incorporated. Mr. Cliff Skelton is focused on leading Conduent in its pivot to growth and long-term success. He is driving Conduent's strategy to deliver best-in-class services and advancing technology enablement to manage mission-critical digital interactions at massive scale on behalf of their clients – helping global businesses and governments stay ahead of rapidly evolving expectations.

He has significant experience in large-scale operations and enterprise transformations, as well as deep knowledge of technology. Cliff is a former Navy fighter pilot and served in the Navy for over 20 years before joining corporate America. He is also a Board member for the Blue Angels Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to supporting wounded veterans. Cliff holds a Master's in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California.

"Conduent's vision is to become the leading business services partner for companies and governments worldwide."