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30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2021

Confluera – Furnishing industry's first real-time attack interception and defense platform to deterministically stop cyberattack


Most organizations are struggling under a deluge of security data. While it is true that you can’t secure what you can’t see, being overwhelmed by too many low-quality security alerts has the same end result. In many cases, security teams are missing ongoing attacks because the information that they need is buried under a massive number of false positive alerts. Extended detection and response solves this problem by providing unified and integrated data visibility and analytics across an organization’s assets. Unification enables an organization’s security team to see data collected by all security solutions from all platforms (including endpoints, mobile, cloud resources, network infrastructure, email, etc.) within a single dashboard.  Extended detection and response (XDR) delivers visibility into data across networks, clouds, endpoints, and applications while applying analytics and automation to detect, analyze, hunt, and remediate today's and tomorrow's threats.

Confluera is the leading provider of Extended Detection and Response (XDR), that delivers autonomous infrastructure-wide cyber kill chain tracking and response by leveraging ‘Continuous Attack Graph’ to deterministically stop and remediate cyber threats in real-time. The users can prevent security breaches and data loss from modern multi-stage cyber-attacks progressing across their network with enhanced visibility, real-time story boarding, and unparalleled detection accuracy of Confluera.

The Confluera XDR

It protects workloads from file-less and live-of-the-land attacks and holistically integrates security signals from the environment. It also visualizes the cyber kill chain across workload infrastructure in real-time that responds to multi-stage threats before they turn into breaches and reduces threat hunting time from hours to minutes.

Advantages of Confluera XDR

Real-time Threat Detection: Modern attackers are able to use file-less attacks, zero-day exploits and living-off the land techniques to bypass traditional signature-based risk analysis. Confluera leverages a real-time multi-dimensional threat analysis engine that combines behavioral analytics and AI powered anomaly detections to detect a broad spectrum of threats in real time.

Run-time Container Security: The rapid adoption of containerized workloads and service mesh architectures has created a new attack surface that is dynamic, ephemeral and complex. Attack surface reduction in the pipeline stage still leaves the run-time vulnerable to a variety of attacks and prevention technologies are increasingly ineffective on immutable workloads. Confluera delivers real-time attack interception even if workloads are immutable and are getting deployed at cloud speed. Confluera achieves this by gathering deep telemetry from the container run-time at each layer (container, run-time engine and host OS) and leveraging its Continuous Attack Interception technology to analyze every activity graph for any possible attacker activity or anomalies independent of the vector or exploit used.

Incident Response Automation: In the event of a breach, every second counts. Confluera enables customers to rapidly intercept cyber-attacks in progress with a set of surgical response actions rather than disruptive big hammer approaches. Its core approach of accurate storyboarding with a causally linked event chain allows the platform to identify an accurate, minimal set of assets and entities (Ex. users, hosts, containers, processes, files, container, IP address) that have been tainted or employed by the attacker. Confluera’s automated policy-based remediation capabilities can rapidly dismantle the attacker’s apparatus and stops further expansion of the progression.

Proactive Threat Hunting: Identifying threats lurking undetected in your network requires much more than a powerful search interface. Confluera combines a real-time petabyte-scale search platform with a patented Continuous Graph platform that allows Threat Hunters to not only dig deep into suspicious events and assets but also to deliver curated storyboards of all other suspicious and benign activities in the past under the context of the same progression leading to these current events. In other words, threat hunters just need to point to a thread and Confluera will pull it and unravel the yarn for you.

Abhijit Ghosh, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Confluera’s recommendations are like a perfect run-book for incident remediation. It creates the entire attacker journey and gives a precise list of processes, files, and network connections.”