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Confluera – Leveraging Industry's most accurate visibility of cyber attacker movement with real-time mitigation


Threat detection and response is the most important aspect of cybersecurity for IT organizations that depend on cloud infrastructure. Without the ability to recognize network intruders or other malicious adversaries in a timely fashion, IT security analysts have no hope of responding effectively to security events and effectively mitigating damage.

Confluera is the leading provider of Extended Detection and Response (XDR), that delivers autonomous infrastructure-wide cyber kill chain tracking and response by leveraging ‘Continuous Attack Graph’ to deterministically stop and remediate cyber threats in real-time. The users can prevent security breaches and data loss from modern multi-stage cyber-attacks progressing across their network with enhanced visibility, real-time story boarding, and unparalleled detection accuracy of Confluera.

Robust Threat Detection Products and Services Offered

Confluera CxDR Platform: The cloud has a larger attack surface, a more complex environment, and limited visibility by design. The cloud requires a purpose-built security platform. CxDR represents the next-generation detection and response solution purpose-built in the cloud for the cloud, designed to address its unique challenges. It brings together the best security capabilities from the otherwise siloed category of solutions; threat detection, threat analytics, and cloud security. It offers the industry’s only cloud-native detection and response solution that reduces the time to detect and respond to threats from months to days.

Cloud Native Threat Storyboarding: Real-time Threat Storyboarding delivers real-time causal execution narratives as they take place and autonomously surface the ones that exhibit suspicious behaviors on their trails. You'll see the entire activity narrative precisely number of hosts and containers trailed by the adversary, suspicious activities within them, the amount of time spent in each workload, across any number of workloads, and any amount of time. Threat storyboarding is often considered a post-breach exercise to piece together a series of events to make sense of how a breach was executed and what assets were compromised. With Confluera, threat storyboarding is made real-time enabling organizations to monitor the attacker’s every move. They now have sufficient forewarning to stop the attack before it can lead to a breach.

Run-time Container Security: Confluera delivers real-time discovery, threat detection, and observability for container environments by combining behavioral detections and anomaly analysis to detect a broad spectrum of container exploits in real-time. Its unique ability to storyboard lateral movements between hosts and containers enables faster interception of run-time threats navigating across container environments. Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology uses a fundamentally new approach to threat monitoring. The SecOps team is alerted only when a combination of IOCs and weak signals form a cohesive chain of events indicating malicious intent.

Cloud Native Signal Integration: Confluera CxDR combines signals from diverse cloud native tools with Confluera native event stitching to deliver the industry’s most complete and accurate Cloud native XDR solution. Unlike other XDR platforms that only integrate with their portfolio solutions, Confluera follows the best-of-breed approach, integrating detections and events from your security tool of choice. Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology constantly stitches every signal from different tools and escalates the threat storyboard when a combination of weak signals indicates a malicious pattern.

Proactive threat hunting: Confluera continuously gathers granular events on workloads spanning VM instances, containers, user, network, and authentication activity enabling powerful searches for malware, IOCs, or hidden attackers. Confluera lets you go further to the storyboard of all other suspicious and benign activities to assess the full impact that happened in the context of that event. In other words, threat hunters only need to point to a thread, and Confluera will pull it and unravel the yarn for you.

The Leader Upfront

John Morgan serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Confluera. He is executive product leader with a focus on the customer, business growth, innovative products, and a strong organization. Mr. Morgan has proven success across security, networking, mobile, and internet services within consumer, enterprise, and government markets. He is an excellent communicator, strong leader and mentor, passionate, self-motivated, and decisive.

“Confluera provides patented Continuous Attack Graphs to connect isolated findings across the infrastructure and across any length of time —presenting precise attack narratives in real-time.”