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Connect With Your Customers through Revolutionary Cross-Channel Marketing Solutions: Yes Lifecycle Marketing


Yes Lifecycle Marketing offers marketing technology that's so much more than just technology. It helps brands connect their cross-channel customer experiences every step of the way, as their single, go-to partner. The company is committed to delivering this via its cross-channel platform, Yesmail360i, award-winning agency services, robust data, and database technology management.  Yes Lifecycle Marketing listens to its customers to better understand their needs and collaborate with them to create a vision, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap that sets their path to success.

Approach: Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing is the approach brands use to engage with their customers in a relevant and meaningful way by recognizing the different stages of the customer journey. Lifecycle marketing entails different types of communications based on where a customer is in their journey and informed by customer data derived from preference centers, purchase and browse history, email activity, and more. It’s designed to provide the best experience for every customer with each brand interaction.

Key Drivers of Lifecycle Marketing Approach

People: Its people are what truly set Yes Lifecycle Marketing apart. The experience and longevity of the team mean the clients can count on Yes Lifecycle Marketing to deliver. That is Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s difference. That is what makes the company unique.

Services: Aligning award-winning creative services with insights and strategies for clients, its agency services connect all communication touch-points to help clients deliver relevant marketing communications via email, SMS, Push, social, display, and direct marketing.

Insights: Without a strategy rooted in data, marketing becomes a guessing game that’s as unpredictable as it is wasteful. Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s goal is to ensure the clients' marketing budget delivers maximum impact with each initiative by identifying, analyzing, and catering to their most valuable customers and prospects.

Technology: Its technology consistently delivers the solutions marketers demand. When consumers evolve, marketers evolve, and so does its technology. It provides its clients the tools to have a consistent view of their customers, better enabling their cross-channel lifecycle journeys.

Customer Marketing Solutions

The customer marketing solutions orchestrate cross-channel communications to drive engagement and revenue throughout a customer's lifecycle. Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s solutions leverage technology, data, analytics, creative, and strategy to deliver insights-driven, real-time, relevant communications.

It provides:

  • Technology that is reliable, scalable, and affordable
  • Real-time analytics that enables train-of-thought analysis and is highly actionable
  • Data-driven insights based on a single, consistent view of the customer
  • Cross-channel strategies focused on improving results and revenue
  • Content and creative that are relevant, engaging, and goal-oriented
  • Flexible service models that facilitate a true partnership and marketer growth

Key Channels:

Cross-Channel: Map, develop, segment, implement, and measure campaigns across email, social, mobile, and web channels from a single platform and in real time.

Database: Have your customer data at your fingertips with a scalable, custom, and flexible database solution designed to fit your needs as your brand and customers evolve. 

Email: Harness the power of email by creating instant targeting, implementing sophisticated testing, incorporating dynamic content blocks, and crafting various triggers. 

Social: Manage your social media campaigns, generate new customers through existing subscribers’ social networks, and monitor your competitors’ digital channel performance through innovative tools and integrations.

Mobile: SMS garners a near-perfect open rate. Reach consumers through mobile apps and SMS to guarantee optimal response rates for your mobile campaigns.

Web: From registration pages to preference centers, build an excellent opt-in and subscription management experience to keep your customers happy. 

Data: Clean, rich, and accurate data is essential for marketing success. Manage, maintain, and enhance your customer data to keep your marketing objectives within reach. 

One Brand, One Mission, One Partner.

Words from Jim Sturm, President of Yes Lifecycle Marketing:

“We are uniquely positioned to integrate the core disciplines that marketing has relied on traditionally but failed to coordinate, bring together, and communicate. We find ourselves consistently disrupting traditional thinking, and pushing our clients to think differently. It is our passion to drive change, inject ideas, and always encourage our clients to ask for more. This makes me proud to be part of what is uniquely us.”


“The Year in Review campaign was the best execution of a campaign we have done since I have been at Marriott. Their in-depth insights, meticulous planning, innovative communication strategy, and exceptional creative storyboarding were at the helm of our success in Q4.”

  • Senior Manager, Member Marketing

“Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s full-service offering ensured we had technical, strategic, and account support every step of the way. Their expertise enabled us to eliminate excess spend and increase revenue. It made a world of difference that our needs were met by a single partner.”

  • VP, Marketing & Business Development

The Key Executive

Michael Iaccarino, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Infogroup Parent of Yes Lifecycle Marketing: Mr. Iaccarino has served as a Director of Infogroup since 2010. In 2011, he assumed the role of Chairman and CEO. Mr. Iaccarino served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Messenger from 2009 to 2011, establishing the company as one of the dominant mobile technology players in North America.

Prior to joining Mobile Messenger, he was Chief Executive Officer of Epsilon from 2001 to 2009, transforming Epsilon into one of the United States’ leading database marketing companies. Epsilon achieved a more than threefold growth in revenue and a sixfold increase in EBITDA under his leadership.

He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions activity and in turnaround situations. Mr. Iaccarino holds a B.S. in Accounting and English from Boston College where he graduated magna cum laude and is a former Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Iaccarino currently serves on the Audit Committee and Board of Directors of Affinion Group, a multi-national, publicly traded marketing services company.

“With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cross-channel marketing technology space, we at Yes Lifecycle Marketing drive the vision and execution of best-in-class technology and services that help our clients achieve their goals and exceed the demands of their customers.”