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Connecting Southeast Asia to a World of Possibilities by Powering Deliveries: Ninja Van

thesiliconreview-lai-chang-wen-ceo-ninja-van-19Ninja Van came into existence out of the vision of its founder, Lai Chang Wen, whose experience with the online retail business madehim realize that there could be a more efficient way of delivering and tracking packages after he launched men's custom fashion brand Marcella. Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express delivery company providing hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Launched in 2014, Ninja Van started operations in Singapore and has become the country's largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company, with a network covering six countries across Southeast Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Why Ninja Van

Delivery options for every budget: Clients can choose from a variety of delivery options. Ninja Van provides same day, next day, express, and standard options.

Flexible parcel pickups: The company offers a variety of pickup options whether customers need its service to pick up their parcels, or prefer to drop them off themselves at its extensive network of drop-off points.

Cash-on-delivery service: When it comes to collect payments, it is a hassle for many companies. However, with Ninja Van, they need not worry. It offers cash-on-delivery services in all areas that the company covers.

Highest service coverage in the region: Ninja Van is the only last-mile courier with almost 100% service coverage in Southeast Asia. Clients can expect consistent, high-quality service across all countries it operates in.

Powered by industry-leading technology: Technology is at the heart of Ninja Van. It offers API integrations, bulk upload of orders via CSV, customized routing solutions, and a complete logistics management system tailored to clients’ needs.

First-class customer support: The company’s goal is to make every delivery experience a delightful one with free redelivery attempts, one-click delivery rescheduling, and self-collection services, customers’ satisfaction is assured.

Hassle-free solutions for shippers of all sizes

Social Media Seller

  • Clients can buy prepaid packaging and enjoy flat-rate shipping
  • Customers can be allowed to opt for self-collection at any of the company’s Ninja Points

Small Business

  • On-demand pickups can be arranged whenever clients have parcels to ship
  • Cash-on-delivery service available in all areas that the company cover


  • Profits can be increased with omnichannel and direct-to-consumer solutions
  • Clients can enjoy negotiated bulk-pricing discounts


Ninja Point

  • Collect parcels: Customers can choose to collect their parcels from any of the company’s Ninja Points when they shop with its partner merchants
  • Return parcels: Customers can return their parcels at one of the company’s Ninja Points with ease
  • Send parcels: Ninja Van’s extensive networks of Ninja Points are an easy and accessible way to drop off parcels for the company to deliver

Ninja Packs: Following are some of the reasons to choose Ninja Packs:

  • Hassle-free and convenient: All a customer has to do is pack his items into the Ninja Pack, create orders in Ninja Van’s system and drop it off. It will take care of everything else
  • Cash-on-delivery everywhere: The company provides cash-on-delivery service wherever it delivers so customers never have to worry about cash collection again
  • Seamless real-time tracking: With pre-generated tracking IDs on Ninja Packs, clients will always know where their parcel is and when it reaches their customer
  • Free delivery reattempts: The company provides up to 3 delivery attempts to ensure clients’ parcels arrive safely in the hands of their customers

International Deliveries: Ninja Van offers seamless end-to-end cross-border deliveries. It will remove the hassle from customs clearance, Cash on Delivery, and customer returns for clients.

Meet the Visionary

Lai Chang Wen, Co-Founder, and CEO: Chang Wen continues to play a leading role in growing Ninja Van to serve Southeast Asia's e-commerce industries and provide a seamless logistics experience for shippers and shoppers alike.

Chang Wen graduated with a Bachelor of Finance from Singapore Management University and worked as a derivatives trader at Barclays before setting up men's custom fashion Marcella. With a focus on taking the hassle out of the parcel for customers, Chang Wen and his team are dedicated to ensuring that delivery is a simple and seamless affair for their business partners and consumers.

With plans to continue expanding in the current Southeast Asia markets the company operates in, Chang Wen's vision is for a ninja to be within the reach on any consumer in Southeast Asia and cater to their logistical needs.

“Whether you're a big e-commerce platform, a local blogshop, or simply a casual seller, we take delight in delivering for you.