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Connecting the People, Process, and Technology to Solve Your Business Challenges: Canon Business Process Services

thesiliconreview-joe-mariciano-president-ceo-canon-business-process-services-2017We make it our business to help you grow yours.

Canon Business Process Services is a leading provider of managed services, dedicated to helping clients build stronger and more agile businesses. The company combines experience and domain knowledge to design, manage and continuously improve business processes.

Canon’s approach has yielded several innovative programs that have garnered recognition from clients and industry organizations. Canon has been named to the Leaders category of the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) Global Outsourcing 100 List for the past 11 years in a row. One of the innovative Canon programs that has received industry recognition is the company’s corporate campus logistics services. Canon created the program because when corporate sites grow to thousands of employees, the number of services, requests for services, employee amenities, materials, and suppliers grows exponentially. A new approach incorporating both logistical expertise and smart systems is necessary. The Canon corporate campus logistics program offers a solution for the daily running of large, multi-building corporate campuses. Key tools and technologies that comprise the program include warehouse and facilities management systems, accountable mail and parcel tracking and more.

Unique Strategies Assuring Success

Canon Business Process Services has evolved a unique approach to delivering services. Primary approaches include:

Customized Solutions:

Canon’s goal is to help clients achieve operational excellence. This could mean saving money, paying invoices faster, reducing risk and much more. One way Canon delivers operational excellence is by providing a greater level of customization than competitors; integrating more tightly with the client’s culture and technology when implementing a solution.

BPO Value Cycle: Canon’s approach to delivering operational excellence spans five steps along what the company terms the business process outsourcing (BPO) value cycle: assess and analyze, design process, transition, manage operations and improve and control. On this path clients journey from an assessment of their current state to a desired future state, which includes continuously improving their business processes.

Quality Management: 

Canon clients can realize significant business benefits via the company’s expertise in quality management methodologies and tools. Hundreds of Canon specialists have completed Six Sigma training. These trained professionals monitor outsourced document processes in order to uncover and eliminate waste and defects as well as continuously improve performance.

Integrated Service Delivery: Canon’s integrated global service delivery model enables clients to run their business processes more efficiently. Canon can deliver document capture and other data processing services onsite at the client’s location; offsite in Canon U.S. business processing centers; and offshore via Canon’s Asia-based operations.

Nurturing a Client-Focused Culture 

Canon listens to its clients to develop the optimal process and technology solution customized to achieve the desired business outcome. The Canon team of certified experts gather the requirements, assess the current state and future desired state and provide the client with a clear view of the implementation, change management and communication plans to ensure that the client’s expectations are met and results are realized. To quote a happy client: “We selected Canon Business Process Services based on its depth of technical expertise and innovative approach to reducing costs while increasing document process efficiency,” says the director of an Am Law 100 firm.

The Future Looks Bright for Canon

“These are a few examples of how our services can provide solid business value,” says Joe Marciano. He further adds “We are also implementing new solutions designed to help our clients better prepare for the future.” As Marciano points out, “Accelerating technological innovation is disrupting established business practices across industries and driving enterprises to transform their business processes.”

Canon is starting to implement and promote awareness of new approaches that include robotic process automation to aid organizations to become future-ready. The company is also launching offerings such as the Canon Digital Intake Center—a hybrid mailroom and scanning service that uses specialized mail scanning technology and workflow techniques to convert physical mail into digital information immediately upon receipt.

That information is then delivered to employees or into business workflow electronically—anywhere at any time—allowing employees to receive information quicker and enabling the business to move faster and smarter.

In the robotic process automation (RPA) arena, Canon is implementing solutions for clients. Canon is also teaming with industry experts to share insights about RPA as a relatively new method for process automation and application integration that can reduce process costs and cycle time. “Through our services and industry thought leadership programs, we plan to continue helping companies leverage technology so they can focus more resources and money on their core business. That’s what fostering growth and innovation is all about,” concludes Joe Marciano.

The Leader

Joe Marciano, President, and CEO: Joe provides the vision for driving improved processes and business transformation that enable clients to become future-ready enterprises that are agile, efficient and customer-focused. In 1980, Joe joined Arkwright, Inc., a subsidiary of Océ USA Holdings. Arkwright manufactured and marketed digital imaging supplies for Océ and other brand owners. In 1998, when he was named President and CEO of Arkwright, Joe integrated the manufacturing, logistics, and R&D of Océ Imaging Supplies with Arkwright. Joe was appointed President and CEO of Océ Business Services, Inc. in 2004. His leadership helped drive the company’s rebranding as Canon Business Process Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA, Inc. on January 1, 2013. Joe continues to lead the growth and evolution of Canon Business Process Services as a premier provider of managed services and technology.

“Our managed services and industry solutions help you redirect internal resources to the strategic core.”