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Conquer the Unstructured Data Challenge: Cloudian

We’re a growing company of people passionate about solving big-data problems.

The English engineer, scientist, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee said, “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” This shows the importance of data. Data is pivotal for any business to run and sustain. It is the lifeline of all the enterprises and storing this data in any form­— structured or unstructured is one of the major challenges faced by organizations.

Cloudian is the innovation leader in limitlessly scalable enterprise storage systems. Enterprises and service providers deploy Cloudian storage appliances and software in their data centers to store and manage all types of unstructured data, including media, medical images, engineering files, backup data, and more.

Cloudian is a Silicon Valley-based object storage company specializing 100% native S3 API storage systems. With technology roots in the large-scale enterprise message space, the company introduced HyperStore. Cloudian products are offered by reseller partners including Amazon, Lenovo, and Quanta, and by strategic and reseller partners worldwide.

Inception of Cloudian

Cloudian was founded with a clear vision: to revolutionize data storage by bringing object storage to the enterprise. Unlike the expensive, complex, and proprietary object storage products which came before it, Cloudian’s technology allows all sizes and types of users to realize the benefits of object storage in their own data centers.

Cloudian’s founders saw that data center managers, broadcasters, researchers, and software developers needed solutions to help them contend with the explosive growth in unstructured data. Across all industries – from media, to medical, to industrial – new applications and technologies drove 50 percent annual growth of unstructured data, creating a crisis of storage cost and complexity. An affordable, highly-scalable, easy-to-use object storage system would clearly be the optimal solution to this problem.

First, the revolutionary new solution needed to be built on a widely accepted API which software developers would embrace. Amazon’s S3-API was rapidly becoming the de facto object storage standard.

Next, the solution demanded a highly scalable platform. Cloudian already had such a platform — the company’s genesis was in the world of large-scale wireless messaging systems with Gemini Mobile, an innovator in the design and deployment of the first mobile messaging platforms. Cloudian built a platform to meet these needs and requirements and launched the HyperStore object storage solution in 2011.

Cloudian’s most recent achievement towards the vision to revolutionize enterprise storage is the launch of Cloudian HyperFile®, the industry’s first object storage-based file solution to combine full enterprise-class NAS feature set and scale-out performance, saving companies 70% TCO vs traditional NAS.

Today, enterprises and service providers alike are building reliable, affordable, and scalable storage solutions with Cloudian, the leading 100% native S3 file and object storage solution.

HyperStore: Boost Interoperability, Data Durability, and Operational Efficiency

Cloudian® HyperStore® object storage solves your biggest storage challenges. Deploy HyperStore nodes wherever you need capacity storage, then scale seamlessly. Simplicity is built in. Nodes form a global data fabric that you manage within a single framework. With the industry’s most compatible S3 API and a proven, hyperscale architecture, Cloudian HyperStore is the antidote to storage complexity.

Clientele Reviews

“With Cloudian, DR became automatic. We store data to the archive and it’s automatically replicated to the cloud. That’s a lot simpler and more reliable than managing tapes.”

- Shane Miner, WGBH, Senior Director of Technical Services

 “We started out with eight nodes, including two for redundancy, and opted for a large number of small drives in each node to guarantee a high level of performance. Installation was uneventful and the system has continued to run smoothly. We expect to grow this installation and do not foresee any problem as Cloudian easily scales by simply adding new nodes.”

- Uwe Geier, Head Of System Operations, ProfitBricks

“Cloudian’s guaranteed compatibility with S3-enabled backup solutions like Commvault helps us and our partners expand our business with new services and new markets. Cloudian’s industry-leading S3 API interoperability is the ideal platform for us or any organization to build a cloud-based storage business.”

- Craig McLellan, Founder, ThinkOn

The Founding Duo

Michael Tso, CEO, and Co-Founder: Michael Tso is Co-founder and CEO of Cloudian. Prior to Cloudian, he co-founded and led Gemini Mobile Technologies, a pioneer in wireless messaging, providing mission-critical infrastructure software that today powers services at some of the world’s largest telcos.

At search engine pioneer Inktomi, Michael led engineering for an e-commerce search engine and designed a network congestion control system for KDDI which later became an industry standard.

thesiliconreview-hiroshi-ohta-co-founder-cloudian-18At Intel, he led the development of web acceleration technology and collaborated with Nokia on NarrowBand Sockets, commonly known as SmartMessaging, which enabled the world’s first SMS ringtone download service. Michael holds 36 patents. He graduated from MIT with an MS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, BS in Computer Science, BS in Electrical Engineering, and a minor in Economics.

Hiroshi Ohta, Japan President, and Co-Founder: Hiroshi Ohta is Co-founder and CEO of Cloudian Japan. As an innovative forerunner now and, before Cloudian, he led the development of a number of first-in-the-industry products and services in the mobile communication industry, including camera phones, photo mail service, and ringtone download service, to name a few, which became global-standard service and technology. He served as executive managing officer, leading product and service development, at Vodafone Japan and SoftBank. Recently in 2017, he obtained a patent as a co-inventor in the space of AI.

Cloudian’s limitless capacity, global data fabric, and a single management view lets you do more, at less cost, and derive more value from your data.