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Consiliant Technologies – Delivering exceptional IT experiences to solve business challenges with modern technology and consulting expertise


Founded in 2002, Consiliant Technologies is a premier provider of data solutions and technology services delivering digital transformation. The company helps clients use technology as a competitive advantage by leveraging the latest data center, public safety, security and hybrid-cloud solutions to drive their business forward. Consiliant Technologies was founded on the belief that organizations should realize greater business value from their technology investments.

The expert team at Consilant understands that the business drivers that influence technology decisions and how important they are in choosing the right technology. Consilant’s technical Services team leverages a consultative approach and enterprise engineering in assessment, design, implementation and management of all projects. Its engineers come prepared with a wealth of practical experience gained through years of service delivery and project management at notable enterprise organizations.

Modernizing IT Infrastructure

Having an actionable cloud strategy for your IT organization (and business) to deliver digital services to its consumers is the foundational requirement to meet the needs of the on-demand generation. Cloud environments are playing a larger role in business operations, they offer value, including flexibility, agility, reduced costs and increasing revenue. Businesses that need to innovate and pivot quickly often turn to cloud services. At the same time however, companies may have many data center assets that they can’t move to the cloud. Some applications can’t be easily migrated. Legacy infrastructure holds back many IT organizations from reaching their business potential. The solution is typically a lot more complicated than ripping out and replacing hardware. Demands within the digital world are ever-increasing, workloads expanding, and speed of change required to keep up with these demands are only getting faster.

If your IT organization is concerned about meeting the evolving business requirements of the new digital age, Consiliant can help you modernize your IT Infrastructure by:

  • More for Less – Increased computing power and storage capacity at reduced costs.
  • Increase Business Continuity – Improve network and system availability
  • Cloud-based Solutions – Get the performance and storage you need, when you need it.
  • Enhanced Network Security – Reduce security threats and improve data security.
  • Let Experts Handle It – Let your employees focus on core business issues, instead of mundane tasks.

Networking & Automation

Networks are the backbone of your IT organization, but in today’s interconnected world, they have become the lifeline of your business. Many businesses find that the agility of their network determines the agility of their business. Partnering with the industry-leading network providers, Consiliant brings the cutting-edge networking infrastructure solutions to your business.

Your networks need to be cost-effective, reliable, fast, and dynamic. If your IT organization is not getting all it wants (and deserves) out of your existing network, Consiliant’s Networking Practice can help, by providing the following services:

  • Networking Assessment – Consiliant’s Networking Engineers will audit your network, monitor performance levels, and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Network Device Integration – Integration of leading network devices to support your growing business and growing demands.
  • LAN/WAN Integration and Optimization – The company’s network engineers make sure your LAN/WAN integration is scalable, reliable and efficient.
  • Virtual Server Solutions – Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure combined with the industry-leading server virtualization platform.
  • Network Hardware – Consiliant provides cutting-edge networking hardware and intuitive management tools to ensure your network is agile, scalable and secure.

As networks become more complex and complicated to manage, the need for Network Automation is crucial. Consiliant’s Networking Engineers can automate previously manual processes for onboarding, configuration, provisioning, and maintenance to simplify network operations and drastically reduce configuration errors.

Data Protection, Backup & Recovery

In today’s on-demand world, your data is growing exponentially and so is the threat of data leaks, data loss, and cyber-criminals. In terms of frequency, volume and sophistication, cyber threats and cyberattacks are on the rise with no signs of slowing down. Keeping your business-critical data safe and protected has never been more important. Your data resides in a variety of locations; database servers, multi-hybrid clouds, edge computing appliances, remote locations, etc. It can be a very complex task to manage the objectives of multiple business workloads with specific SLA requirements; however with the right cloud-based solution your business can overcome these challenges.

Consiliant Technologies offers a variety of data protection solutions to meet your specific SLA requirements, with robust interfaces, end-to-end resilience, and faster recovery options. Your business can save money on capital hardware and human capital expenses with predictable consumption-based or monthly cost pricing. In addition to reducing risk and controlling costs, having specialists manage and protect your data can free up your existing IT resources to focus on core projects.

Dave Cerniglia | Founder and CEO

Dave Cerniglia founded Consiliant Technologies in August of 2002 after over 15 years of business development and sales leadership experience in technology. Prior to starting Consiliant, Dave was instrumental in the development and growth of the Western Region for two start-up companies: TrueSAN Networks, a pioneer in storage infrastructure and virtualization software, and the managed service provider S4R, Inc.

Before that Dave served as the Director of Western Regional Sales at Softworks, Inc., whereat he successfully managed its transition when acquired by EMC. Dave’s career in the data storage and storage management business began with MTI after he spent a number of years in the banking industry working for Citibank. His experience in start-up organizations, dependent on fast growth and market penetration, was the catalyst for his decision to start his own company.

Mr. Cerniglia received a B.B.A. in Business from Loyola Marymount University.

“Consiliant understands this, so when you work with Consiliant, you will get a plan, a design, ROI, and cost savings as well as state-of-the-art technology solutions.”