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Increase productivity and improve cost-efficiency by automating essential back-office tasks and financial transactions with Constrafor’s construction-first suite of SaaS tools and financial services


As a SaaS and fintech innovator purpose-built for construction, Constrafor is setting new standards of productivity and cost-efficiency for the way GCs and subcontractors manage essential back-office tasks and financial transactions. For GENERAL CONTRACTORS, Constrafor’s robust cloud platform streamlines and standardizes subcontractor procurement & administration, including contracts, COIs, invoices & payments and diversity procurement – all in one place. For SUBCONTRACTORS, the platform offers fast and cost-effective receivables financing, including an Early Pay Program (EPP) that shortens the revenue cycle, frees up cash and allows them to take on more projects.

Efficient subcontractor prequalification plays a vital role in risk management and project success in the construction sector. To improve this process and motivate subcontractors to participate, it's essential to focus on nurturing relationships, embracing automation in the prequalification process, refining your questionnaire, and onboarding subcontractors effectively. 

Nurturing Relationships with Subcontractors:

Establishing and maintaining solid relationships with subcontractors is fundamental to promoting collaboration and motivating them to engage in the prequalification process. Keep communication channels open, promptly address any concerns, and offer continuous support to demonstrate your dedication to working together as a team.

Embracing Automation in the Prequalification Process:

Utilize technology to automate and enhance the prequalification process. By adopting a digital platform, you can minimize manual work, save time, and ensure a more effective process for both general contractors and subcontractors.

Refining Your Form:

A complicated and extensive form can discourage subcontractors from completing it. Concentrate on gathering critical information, removing redundancies, or unnecessary fields. A well-organized and user-friendly form will encourage subcontractors to partake in the prequalification process.

Effectively Onboarding Your Subcontractors:

Guarantee a seamless onboarding experience for your subcontractors by providing precise instructions, deadlines, and expectations. Offer assistance and support throughout the prequalification process, addressing any questions or concerns they might have.

How to leverage Constrafor's Prequalification Solution to achieve higher submission rates?

Constrafor's prequalification solution offers a comprehensive platform designed to simplify the subcontractor prequalification process. With features such as customizable forms, automated workflows, and smooth integration, general contractors can save time and resources while ensuring subcontractor compliance. With the help of Constrafor’s prequalification solution, you can increase efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure the success of your projects. Experience the advantages of automating and enhancing your prequalification process with Constrafor's prequalification solution today

Subcontractor prequalification software has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry, yet some companies remain hesitant to adopt this new technology. 

 Concern #1: The Learning Curve

Many companies worry about the time and effort required to learn how to use new software. However, most subcontractor prequalification software is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and comprehensive training resources. Additionally, many providers offer dedicated customer support to assist you during the transition and beyond.

Concern #2: Integration with Existing Systems

Another common concern is how the new software will integrate with existing systems. It's important to choose software that offers robust integration capabilities with common construction management software. This integration allows for a seamless flow of information, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

Concern #3: Cost

While it's true that implementing new software involves an upfront investment, it's also important to consider the long-term savings. Subcontractor prequalification software can reduce administrative burdens, minimize the risk of costly errors, and improve overall efficiency, often leading to significant cost savings over time.

Concern #4: Data Security

Protecting sensitive information is a priority for any business, and some may worry about the security of cloud-based prequalification software. Reputable software providers prioritize data security, employing state-of-the-art encryption and stringent security protocols to keep your data safe.

Concern #5: Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is a common obstacle in any industry. To address this, it's essential to communicate the benefits of the new software clearly and involve all stakeholders in the transition process. Training sessions, demonstrations, and trial periods can also help ease this transition.

While adopting new technology can seem daunting, the benefits of subcontractor prequalification software - from improved efficiency and risk management to cost savings - are worth overcoming these initial hurdles.

Constrafor's Prequalification Software: A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

At Constrafor, the team understand these concerns and have designed subcontractor prequalification software with your needs in mind. Constrafor’s platform is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, and prioritizes data security. Moreover, Constrafor designed its prequalification process to save subcontractors time when filling the form by following an easy and efficient workflow.

Benefits of Contract Automation

Given rising inflation and interest rates, it's more important than ever for companies to find ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Contract automation is transforming the way companies manage their contracts, with research showing that businesses can achieve significant cost and time savings, reduce errors and omissions, and increase compliance.

  1. According to a study by the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, companies can reduce their contract processing costs by up to 30% by implementing contract automation.
  2. A report by Gartner estimated that by 2023, 90% of companies will use contract automation software to streamline their contracting processes.
  3. Contract automation can reduce the average contract cycle time by up to 50%, according to research by the Aberdeen Group.
  4. The same Aberdeen Group report found that companies using contract automation can see a 40% reduction in errors and omissions in their contracts.
  5. A study by the National Contract Management Association found that companies using contract automation can experience a 60% reduction in the time spent on contract administration tasks.
  6. According to research by Forrester, automated contract management can increase contract compliance by up to 55%.

Incorporating contract automation can have a significant impact on businesses, with research showing that it can result in reduced processing costs, faster contract cycle times, decreased errors and omissions, reduced time spent on contract administration tasks, and increased contract compliance. These findings from industry experts and research studies highlight the transformative potential of contract automation in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of contract management processes.

Anwar Ghauche, Founder and CEO

“Constrafor’s purpose-built financial services empower specialty contractors to effectively manage cash flow and grow their business.”