50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2022

Unique products and solutions providing gateway for digital innovations: CONTUS


Digital transformation equips companies to embed technologies across their businesses and bring about fundamental change. The benefit of digital transformation varies from increased efficiency, greater business agility and, ultimately, the unlocking of new value for employees, customers and shareholders. CONTUS is one such company which is bringing about transformational change.

CONTUS started providing digital transformation solutions and services since 2008, even before the actual digital transformation era came to existence. Today, after a proud 11 years of successful existence, CONTUS is consciously driven towards the future of digital tech, rather than focusing on the current trends or legacy techs. The solutions and services of CONTUS have connected millions of devices, people, and hearts across the globe. CONTUS has redefined various sectors with its digital recourse from Heartbeat monitors, Televisions, Automobiles, to being the brain behind entire Smart cities, with its Over The Top (OTT) Video on Demand, messaging solutions along with its full stack IOT enablement services.

CONTUS, leading Software as a Product (SaaP) Company. CONTUS has been delivering innovative SaaP solutions through CONTUS’ products and services for its clients in more than 40+ countries since 2008. CONTUS operates from India (Chennai) and USA (Sunnyvale) which allows its clients to work with them effectively and at ease. CONTUS has a strong team of 350+ highly-talented engineers and experts, which provides a great advantage to its clients on scale, cost, and geography

MirrorFly is one such app developed by CONTUS and is the world’s leading chat API that allows you to build or integrate chat features for any devices. MirrorFly has uses in diverse areas.


CONTUS develops Flexible APIs for Easy Access to Healthcare. CONTUS developed a top-notch connectivity between healthcare professionals and patients in a secure environment. No more paper juggling! Track patient records effortlessly and foster quality healthcare management within your app. Provide personalized digital care with CONTUS’ in-app toolkits comprising chat, voice and video features. CONTUS makes it easy to develop your medical app with interactive features to improve doctor-patient communication. With CONTUS’ API integrations, you will be able to build your app as an invaluable tool for patients to chat with doctors conveniently. CONTUS’ End-to-End encryption provides complete security over the personal health information shared between patients and medical experts. This secures every message from potential vulnerabilities and prevents intrusion of any third party access. CONTUS’ dedicated Cloud Servers gives you a devoted chat infrastructure that can significantly help you achieve zero down-time and improve the quality of every healthcare communication that takes place within your app.

Online e-learning

MirrorFly helps bridge the gap between students and teachers through virtual interactions like face-to-face calls, group video calls, & voice conferences to make learning sessions more interactive. Leverage distance learning as a part of new-age digital learning by connecting trainees & learners from any device. With interactive Whiteboard, replace traditional learning into a virtual classroom experience by demonstrating solutions, math problems, biological diagrams and more. Turn every online session into a more engaging session with whiteboard & reach students & trainees on any device. Stream live classes and lectures to multiple participants irrespective of device and screen sizes. Broadcast live video chat sessions to multiple numbers of channels, closed and open groups simultaneously to reach a wider audience. Make live broadcasting more engaging with real-time chats, polls, etc.

Social and communities

MirrorFly was developed to engage and retain your Online Community Apps and grow your community’s users with In-app Multi-chat channels. Add a real-time communication possibility to your online communities to chat & interact privately or group instantly over text, live video calls, and voice calls on different live streams regardless of time and device. Engage your users by sending real-time push notification and let them stay connected. Notify your users on every discussion update taking place in community & increase the online community app’ retention rate. Expand user’s count without any limitation in accessing your social community chat app. Enable your users to participate in the conversations and discussions to reach out to users right from any device (Android, iOS & Web) and anytime.

Financial Services

Personalize & refine collaboration between your off-site and on-site employees to get the clients’ fund updates, status of applications & other account-related updates in real-time and instantly. Connect your customers and sales employees in one loop through text, video and voice call APIs to enhance the quality of your customer interactions. Personalized interactive mediums increase customers’ banking experience and organization growth. Allow customers and employees to share sensitive files, images and make the conversation more clear and effective. Store and share classified information (files) under a secure cloud infrastructure.


CONTUS’ MirrorFly is a leading real time chat APIs and SDKs that can be easily integrated into any gaming app.  CONTUS’ solution helps you to increase your in-game chat engagement by connecting your offline and online players together by sending event alerts in real time, converting them into active players. You can experience a great consistent audio and video quality with CONTUS’ live streaming despite hosting a gaming league or sharing the actions of your social gamers. Deliver exciting real-time game experience by providing a live virtual playground for players with real time chat features enabling one-to-one or -many player interaction by engaging social gamers globally. Build unity in your video game chat app with a multiplayer chat system that enables your players to have live video chat interaction with text messaging options, to send and receive messages to one another in real time. Enables you to record your live broadcasting gaming events to document the memories whenever needed, allowing your players to access the recorded sessions across any device, any time.


“We readily furnish your OTT platform by integrating with flexible deployments either on cloud/ on premises with 50% rate much faster.”

“World's most Scalable Communication Infrastructure with Highly Secure Chat Functionalities”