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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

CONTUS – Shaping the future of world with digital technologies, real-time messaging & streaming solutions


Nowadays many industries are beginning to look for new software to meet the demands of business in the 21st century. As of 2022, most of the technology world is focused on the Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Even though digital integration has become a more common place topic, there are still a lot of companies that are not familiar with the term SaaS. Given that many businesses, especially in industries like distribution and logistics, are moving away from on-premise commercial installations or pen and paper to SaaS solutions.

CONTUS is leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company. They have been delivering innovative SaaS solutions through their products and services for clients in more than 40+ countries since 2008. They operate from India (Chennai) and USA (Sunnyvale) which allows the clients to work with us effectively at ease. CONTUS has a strong team of 350+ highly-talented engineers and experts, which provides a great advantage to their clients on scale, cost, and geography. CONTUS ventured into providing digital transformation solutions and services since 2008, even before the actual digital transformation era came to existence. Today, CONTUS is consciously driven towards tech solutions that tackle pivotal industrial challenges, rather than focusing on the current trends or legacy techs. The solutions and services of CONTUS have connected millions of devices, people, and hearts across the globe. CONTUS has reinvented various sectors with its digital recourse from Heartbeat monitors, televisions, automobiles, to being the brain behind entire smart cities, with its over the top (OTT) video on demand, monetization, in-app messaging solutions along with its full stack IOT enablement services.

CONTUS MirrorFly

Say goodbye to regular chat APIs & instant messaging SDKs. Let’s experience CONTUS MirrorFly as an outstanding real time messaging solution. The powerful communication solution built by a team of dedicated In-house developers with highly flexible hosting possibilities that adds an extra mileage to build your chat app. It enables an easy and fast integration of standard chat features into new or existing client apps. Overall theme and individual components, such as colors and fonts, can be fully customized. Igniting the overall development of chat applications whether the choice is server hosting or cloud deployment, CONTUS MirrorFly delivers utmost computing adjustments to your demands with the ever best chat API. CONTUS MirrorFly’s team of experts understands how to utilize the ideal database, technology, server, and overall infrastructure to bring out the best chat app that blends with the real time messaging SDK & API features.

CONTUS MirrorFly ensures to provide pre and post-launch support for your chat platform development. Get your chat application up running in the market quicker & after-market functional service with the help of their support team. It is ensured with multiple layers of shieldings (end-to-end encryption, AES & 256-bit SSL) to proactively safeguard every conversation taking place over an online chat platform. CONTUS Mirrorfly ensures the validity, consistency and trustworthiness of your entire data life-cycle under a robust shield and records the exact data for later retrieval.


CONTUS VPlayed Is The World's Best Video On Demand Platform Having 150+ Streaming Features & 6+ Monetization Models To Create And Deliver A Truly Immersive Video Experiences Across Any Devices. Upload any number of videos in CMS at any time without worrying about peak storage. Make your unlimited uploads easy with the VOD software. Create stunning on demand video thumbnails within your VOD website & let your users know exactly what they can anticipate before watching your content. Schedule any number of videos in the best content management software. Simply drag & drop, with uploaded format of videos on demand content directly from personal devices or cloud-based third-party platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive. Customize your online video platform according to geo-based language. VPlayed supports multilingual configuration to reach local, regional, & global audiences. VPlayed supports all ranges of formats in video subscription platforms ranging from Mp4, m4v, avi, mp3, MPEG-DASH, H.265 codec, and H.264 codec.


Set up your own remote development team for the entire process right from engineers, solution architects, Quality analyst and a dedicated project manager to assess and get the project done. Leveraging the flexibility in designing creating dynamic web experiences using Angular js development, CONTUS develops a web application that enabled last mail delivery tracking through a web interface. From startup eCommerce stores to IoT automation for heavy-duty auto maker, CONTUS leverages source laravel application development framework to develop custom web solutions from ground up. The PHP masterminds at CONTUS take advantage of the scripting language's agility to do everything from constructing sophisticated server backend to php web pages development that churn dynamic web content. With the capability of integrating on any device, Contus urges the best possible technology to connect any automobile engine with your mobile devices to have entire control within your palm.

Sriram Manoharan |MD & Chairman

He founded & bootstrapped CONTUS in December 2007 with two people on board. After a decade, today in 2022, the company has grown to be the leading digital engineering & SaaS Product Company in the country.

"We've been delivering innovative SaaS solutions through our products and services for our clients in more than 40+ countries since 2008."