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A Game-Changer: Conversa Health’s Automated Virtual Care Platform was Built to Support the Hybrid-Care Model of the Future


“We quickly and correctly assessed market needs, hired more great Conversans, and made smart decisions to work closely with our key customers to develop and launch programs most needed during the pandemic.”

Even though healthcare had embraced digital transformation pre-Covid-19, it continued to exist on the fringes of the system. During the pandemic, virtual health has transitioned into the mainstream. Virtual care is fast becoming a core pillar of care delivery, and automated virtual care will play a key role in enabling safe, high-quality, accessible, equitable, and affordable care to help improve health for everyone, everywhere.

In light of the foregoing, we’re pleased to present Conversa Health — a leader in automated virtual care. The company’s platform utilizes its proprietary patient profiling and health signals engine paired with a library of evidence-based, automated care pathways to help healthcare organizations remotely manage patients across the care continuum.

To further understand how Conversa is making a dent in healthcare, I sat down with Murray Brozinsky, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Below is an excerpt of our discussion.

“Our Automated Virtual Care platform is designed to complement and extend the trusted relationship between care teams and patients. We automate aspects of communication and care that can be best performed by computers, enabling highly-trained, precious healthcare professionals to practice at the top of their licenses.”

The platform enables health systems to more effectively and efficiently manage their patients across the care continuum—for chronic care, post-acute, ER, perioperative, oncology, OBGYN, pediatrics, and many other use cases.

“Simply put, we automate care where possible and triage patients to higher-levels of care when necessary, e.g., phone calls, telehealth, e-visits, or in-person consults. We accomplish this by collecting and analyzing patient-generated health data to assess the risk of the patient at every step along their care journey.”

CB Insights issued a new report ranking Conversa Health tops in the “leader” category of its analysis of companies providing AI-Enabled Chatbots for Self-Triage in Healthcare. Conversa scored highest in CB Insights’ analysis on both “ability to execute” and “market strength.”

Automated self-triage chatbots save time for physicians and call centers, engage patients, and more accurately route them for care, CB Insights said in its report. This need became even more critical during the pandemic.

Notably, Conversa was one of the first companies to develop a suite of COVID-19 Virtual Care Solutions, helping hospitals increase capacity by automating the outreach to and monitoring of, vulnerable patient and employee populations. CB Insights reviewed hundreds of healthcare technology companies to define the category for this report.

“To say 2020 was an unusual year would be an understatement. As a business, we faced every challenge imaginable, and some we didn’t imagine. However, guided by our mission and values, we quickly and correctly assessed market needs, hired more great Conversans, and made smart decisions to work closely with our key customers to develop and launch programs most needed during the pandemic”.

Conversa is designed as an enterprise solution supporting needs across a health system and addressing diverse patient needs. To that end, the company has a growing library of automated virtual care programs and integrates with other critical systems, e.g. Electronic Health Records (EHRs), telehealth, remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, etc.

A market proven solution, the Conversa platform is being used by prominent health systems such as Northwell Health, UCSF Health, UNC Health, University Hospitals, Prisma Health, SCL Health, and other healthcare organizations around the country.

“At the end of the day, we’re focused on helping front line healthcare workers expand access to care for their patients, enhance the care experience, and improve health outcomes.”

Clients Speak

“Our partnership with Conversa has proved invaluable. Northwell has been expanding its work with Conversa over the last few years as they are a critical component of Northwell’s vision for virtual health, further strengthening the provider-patient relationship through personalized, insight engagement. Conversa has become a key collaborator helping Northwell to engage, monitor and manage patients more efficiently than ever before.” —Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health

UCSF partnered with Conversa to rollout a virtual care platform that works on a patient's mobile device. This allows UCSF to monitor lung transplant patients regardless of where they are living... ‘It provides extremely high quality of care that appears to be even more effective than if they were going to laboratories to get testing.’ —Michael Blum, MD, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, UCSF Health

The Leader Upfront

Murray Brozinsky serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Conversa Health. Previously, he co-founded and served as Chief Strategy Officer of Talix Inc, a risk adjustment SaaS company, and was Chief Strategy Officer of Healthline, a leading digital health education company, which he and the management team sold to Summit Partners in 2016.

Prior to healthcare, Murray co-founded Loyalty Matrix (sold to Responsys/Oracle), Lypro Biosciences (sold to Cerenis Therapeutics), and Cambrian Technologies, a strategy and business development firm. Murray was president of Netcentives, a pioneer in digital loyalty and currency programs, which he helped take public. He started his career with stints at Boston Consulting Group and Morgan Stanley.

Murray speaks and writes frequently on innovation in healthcare. Recent keynote presentations include: World Medical Innovation Forum (Partners HealthCare), CEO Healthcare Roundtable; and Harvard Business School’s Annual Healthcare Conference.