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Cool Life CRM Leadership Speaks to The Silicon Review: ‘We Shall Remain the Experts in Data and Process, and Never Shall We Cast an Opinion on a Customer’s Core Beliefs’


“We have experienced what a dinosaur looks like when the king and his jesters decide who shall be permitted to remain on their platform based on a company’s beliefs and opinions.”

The customer relationship management (CRM) market is dominated by complex, rather expensive practices that hinder the smooth deployment of solutions. Besides, third-party consultants’ requirement to implement and maintain these solutions is hurting millions of small to mid-size businesses across several industries.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Cool Life CRM—a cloud-based CRM solution. It enables small to mid-sized businesses to manage and market to their customer base as bigger businesses do. The company provides a dynamic system with a cost of entry and a reasonable monthly subscription fee.

Cool Life is easy to install, maintain, and tailor to a company’s specific business process, without the need for extensive ongoing programming.

The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Central North Carolina.

Interview Excerpt: Cool Life CRM Leadership

Rewind: How it All Started

After the Cool Life CRM founder, David Cummings, spent over two decades in several business using various CRM platforms and found most to be lacking necessary reports, the functionality needed by everyday users, and when available, required excessive costs for custom programming, intermediaries, and consultants. In summary, the value proposition was lacking, and there needed to be a platform designed by a businessperson, not programmers.

The collaboration of concept, needs, and frustration drove the exploration of providing businesses with a marketing platform coupled with a robust CRM.

“It was a careful process evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and several other industry competitors. Drawing from this evaluation, we designed the data structure, the best of required features that also provide a valuable user experience and having a highly scalable platform to accommodate businesses from start-ups to enterprise.” Mark Lingerman, CMO

Educating Business Leaders in Real-Time

Cool Life CRM enables clients to unify their business aspects to streamline the process flows and integrate emerging and conventional technologies. The company goes beyond traditional CRM into the realm of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), integrating with other systems and service providers while improving the user experience.

Among the features offered include Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) compliance, unique client-specific database, advanced database management, project management, customer relationship management, an eMarketing suite, to-dos and action management, email integration, reporting (canned, custom, user-generated), a secure client-facing portal screen manager, and expanded API integration documentation.

Combating Competition the Right Way

Bringing any product to market is always about brand recognition, exposure, and delivering a clear message on how the savings of time and resources will enable a company to focus on revenue opportunities that will surface when your data, digital footprint, and pipeline management work seamlessly in a single environment. Growing the company reputation has been built with the customers’ philosophy, which will always be the priority and may always reach a live body to detail needs and assistance, including training, data imports, and configuration.

“Our primary competitors are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Although the older, large CRM’s may present themselves as Goliath versus David (Cool Life) has the advantage with agility, best of users’ success for both product and customer service. We have also recently experienced what a dinosaur looks like when the “king and his jesters” decide who shall be permitted to remain on their platform based on a company’s beliefs and opinions. Thankfully, Cool Life shall remain the experts in data and process, and never shall we cast an opinion on a customer’s core beliefs.”Ashley Mendoza

Influencing and Meeting Post-COVID Market Standards

With the change of work environments to remote employees, companies are searching for seamless tools to allow all-inclusive communications that will complete customer records and keep departments current in real-time, Cool Life continues to increase the workforce to meet the growing demand. Besides, the company is introducing fully integrated applications such as Microsoft Office, SMS, voice, chat, and video applications to engage its customers.

“We have released rich features recently, yet are always seeking to create the best user experience at all times.” Bernie Fitzgerald, SVP Sales

The Spirited Leaders at the Helm of Cool Life CRM

Mark Lingerman, CMO: Mark has been in traditional and digital sales & marketing for his entire career. Whether it is direct mail or sophisticated digital automation, his focus is helping prospects to purchase the right product for their business requirement.

Bernie Fitzgerald, SVP Sales & Investor Relations: Bernie brings expertise in selling service products to enterprise-level clients and motivates decision-makers. His professional leadership experience plays a crucial role in building successful sales teams.

Ashley Mendoza: VP of Customer Success, Ashley has led cross-functional teams with aggressive business goals, managed product design. She served as a key player working with programming teams to execute development with close attention to budgets, timeframes, quality of the products, etc. She also managed all testing and developing Q&A with product specifications and has identified and capitalized on new growth opportunities through market analysis and keen business instincts.

“Our primary competitors are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Although they may present themselves as Goliath, David has the advantage with agility, best of user experience for both product and customer service.”