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April Edition 2020

CooperCompanies is improving lives, one person at a time


Vision challenge has a significant impact on the lives of those who experience it as well as on their families, their friends, and society. The deterioration of existing eyesight can feel frightening, leaving those affected to wonder about their ability to maintain their independence. The health consequences associated with vision challenges extend well beyond the eye and visual system. Complex vision challenges and problems in general well-being can affect one's quality of life, and independence. In the light of foregoing, we introduce you to CooperCompanies.

CooperCompanies is a dynamic, innovative medical device company whose employees improve lives around the world each and every day. Through our two business units - CooperVision and CooperSurgical – we provide a wide range of products and services designed to advance vision care and women's health.

CooperVision is a world-leading manufacturer of contact lenses that addresses the most common and complex vision challenges, bringing a refreshing perspective that delivers real advantages for customers and wearers. CooperSurgical is committed to advancing the health of women, babies and families with its diversified portfolio of products and services focusing on women’s health, fertility and diagnostics.


CooperVision is a global leader in the contact lens industry, dedicated to helping improve the way people see each day. Since its beginning, the company has been advancing the industry by developing lenses backed by cutting-edge research and advanced materials and optics. CooperVision has become a trusted and reliable partner for eye care professionals and lens wearers around the world. Whether addressing common vision correction needs, such as astigmatism, or more challenging issues, such as irregular cornea and childhood myopia, CooperVision brings a refreshing perspective to vision care backed by the world's most complete line of spherical, toric, multifocal and specialty lenses.


CooperSurgical is a globally respected provider of more than 600 products, each with a focus on improving the health of women, babies and families. It has grown to become a trusted partner for health care professionals and patients and continues to invest in research and development and strategic acquisitions to bring new and innovative products to market. CooperSurgical’s portfolio includes key products and services used primarily by obstetricians and gynecologists wherever they practice — in hospitals, surgical centers and medical offices. Also included is a full range of fertility and reproductive genomics offerings that play important roles in fertility clinics worldwide.

Giving Back To Society

Corporate responsibility is part of the Cooper culture. We are socially and environmentally responsible, enhancing health and wellness for people and communities locally and globally. Our policies and practices keep the planet in mind while supporting important causes where we live and work. We’ve also aligned our efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) aimed at protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity and peace for all by 2030. 

Global Causes: The company has the privilege to work alongside organizations that make meaningful improvements in society each and every day. The company and its employees contribute funds, time and talent across many initiatives and programs, including two signature causes, Optometry Giving Sight and March of Dimes. Through its global charitable giving program, Cooper Giving, employees can donate year-round to Optometry Giving Sight and March of Dimes and receive a company match.

Optometry Giving Sight: More than 1.2 billion people are unnecessarily blind or vision impaired because they do not have access to regular eye care. Optometry Giving Sight transforms lives by offering eye care at little or no cost, in addition to training local eye care professionals and establishing optometry schools and vision centers. CooperVision is proud to be a long-standing Global Gold Sponsor.

March of Dimes: CooperSurgical’s vision of a world with healthy women, babies and families directly aligns with March of Dimes’ belief that every baby can have the best possible start. For 80 years, the organization has championed education on and advocacy for healthy pregnancy, prenatal care and other services to reduce risks such as premature birth and has provided support for families whose babies need specialized intensive care. CooperSurgical is proud to partner with March of Dimes as its corporate charity.

Meet the Expert

Albert G. White, President & CEO: Mr. White has served as President & Chief Executive Officer and a member on our Board of Directors since May 2018. Previously, he served as Chief Financial Officer from November 2016 until his appointment as CEO and he also served as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, positions he held from December 2015 and July 2011, respectively. From August 2015 to May 2018, Mr. White also directed our women’s healthcare business and served as Chief Executive Officer of Cooper Medical Inc., the parent company to CooperSurgical. Previously, he served as Vice President, Investor Relations from November 2007 through March 2013 and as Vice President and Treasurer from April 2006 through December 2012. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. White was a Director with KeyBanc Capital Markets for three years and held a number of leadership positions within KeyBank National Association over the prior eight years.

“At CooperCompanies, we are people helping people – applying our collective knowledge, experience and talents to improve lives, one person at a time.”