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Henry Cortes, Core Development Group: “We envision a thriving and diverse economy led by responsible businesses that are powered – and empowered – by clean energy.”


Various companies are delivering excellent renewable energy services globally, but Core Development Group (www.coredevusa.com) stands out from the rest by inspiring clean energy. The company’s mission is to power businesses into a new renewable era – by actively listening to its customers’ needs and applying expertise and positive energy to create clean energy projects that improve people’s lives and communities. Core Development Group envisions a thriving and diverse economy with responsible businesses powered – and empowered – by clean energy. As a trusted partner with seasoned leadership, the company knows how to tackle complex challenges with energy solutions that yield measurable savings to its customers, communities, and environment. Core Development Group drives business growth by embracing decarbonized, clean energy in the new renewable era.

In conversation with Henry Cortes, Founder and CEO of Core Development Group             

Q. Can you explain your services?

Our main products are Commercial solar, battery storage, and EV charger installation. Commercial solar makes great business sense, and demand is skyrocketing. Businesses can lower current operating expenses, provide peace of mind against rising energy costs (a hedge against inflation), and gain environmental benefits. Solar and government incentives combined with recent decreases in solar equipment prices (increased solar efficiency) make the investment in commercial solar power systems a smart financial decision for businesses and government organizations. Investment in solar power has great ROIs, generate quick paybacks, and long-term savings.

Q. What about battery storage?


Battery energy storage systems (BESS) improve control over electricity use and increase reliability. Storage can be used as a hedge against the rising costs of electricity, providing some customers with annual savings while expanding the security of backup electricity for critical power loads. While storage can be installed as a standalone asset, financial benefits are maximized in several ways when combined with a commercial solar energy system.

As Americans are transitioning from petroleum-based engines to electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for EV charging is increasing. We help our clients define forward-looking solutions and ultimately achieve client EV transportation electrification goals. Our specialized EV charging station installation division offers custom EV charging infrastructure services and resources for companies and organizations across the United States.

Q. How does the installation of EV charging stations work?

Our experienced EV team can help plan EV charger selection, infrastructure needs, and installation from start to finish – including site verification and feasibility through permitting and city approvals, inventive maximization, local utility coordination, charger, and software selection, commissioning, and final installation. Our team focuses on providing companies with the confidence to meet their EV charging station design and development goals without adding costly staffing, regardless of supplier. Core Development Group has a wealth of EV charging experience to help businesses and organizations plan for the future of charging EVs.


Q. What are some key technology advances that are helping your customers? 

Renewable energy sources paired with battery energy storage systems have emerged as a beneficial choice as it gives organizations control over their energy production to meet higher loads at a given time. To strengthen energy independence, Core Development Group offers complete turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for various sustainable energy production projects.

By pairing renewables like solar with battery storage options, we enable organizations to hedge against inflation and bolster energy independence. Leading the way in renewable energy and battery integration, the company’s diverse expertise in the design, development, and installation of energy systems offers clients trusted guidance and reliable services toward a sustainable energy future.

Q. How have your solutions altered the dynamics of energy management?

Utility companies often impose potentially costly “demand charges” based on a commercial business’ highest electricity usage during the billing cycle or peak usage time of day. Commercial users can “shave” their maximum utility power electricity demand and reduce demand charges by using stored battery energy to supplement the electricity generated by their solar system.


While energy efficiency or solar can reduce total electricity consumption, these benefits do not always coincide with a building’s peak use. Commercial battery energy storage systems, especially those paired with intelligent software can track a facility’s load and reduce demand charges by dispatching battery power during periods of peak demand, effectively “flattening” the load. By reducing the peak demand, electricity users can save money on their electricity costs. With the expected increase in EVs and EV charging, we may see added focus on peak demand shaving to minimize risks and costs of increasing demand costs related to charging EVs during peak electricity times. 

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We can provide solutions for each client’s unique energy needs. Our approach begins with a conversation. We listen for the essential details – our customers’ needs but also innovative advancements in energy and changes in complex regulatory rules– to provide what’s most important.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers?


We are excited to celebrate our tenth anniversary, and we are also looking forward to inspiring clean energy for years to come. Since 2012, our group has been vigilant in giving back to the community, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint, and building renewable energy projects across the United States and beyond. Core Development Group is rapidly growing as the market shifts, and customer needs evolve. We are planning to spend the next 10-plus years guiding businesses to a cleaner and more sustainable future with customizable commercial and utility-scale solar development, all while energizing the lives of our customers and communities.

Meet the leader behind the success of Core Development Group

Henry Cortes is the Founder and CEO of Core Development Group and is responsible for the company’s strategic growth and daily operations across the United States and beyond. Prior to founding Core Development Group, he was vice president of project management BayWa r.e. Solar Projects, a global leader in the renewable energy market. He is leading the expansion efforts of Core Development Group in the renewable energy industry, with solar energy, battery energy storage, and EV charging solutions. Cortes began his career in the electrical construction trade in 1990. He later served as the owner/operator of a large electrical contracting firm focused on commercial installations and a general contracting firm focused on real estate development and investments throughout New Jersey. He is also experienced in project finance, construction science, business development, leadership team management, and operational processes across a range of industries. With over 28 years of general construction experience, he brings a significant amount of real-world experience to Core Development Group.

“We envision a thriving and diverse economy led by responsible businesses that are powered – and empowered – by clean energy.”